Ron Jeremy is a scam artist

Ron Jeramy, porstar, actor, sexpillguru, does this add up to you? He is a scam artist, rest assured. Even the sex pills we market here don’t work quite as you would imagine.

You see , Ron probably makes a few millions off idiots thinking his pills will instantly make your penis enormous.

Like we have stated before, Vigr X plus, our tested pill, will make you have a harder, longer erection, its like an organic viagra.

Now, we cant claim , or will claim that this all natural booster really actually enlarges your penis. Keep in mind, the penis is a muscle.

Now to enlarge it, you would need to combine enhancement pills with a bit of exercise.

As we have mentioned before, jelquing, pulling, and crushing may be required in combination with any pill you try.

There are also reputable penis stretechers , which will literally do the pulling for you, in combination with sex pills, you will see MASSIVE effects in a couple of days of perpetual use.

Like you could simply take some VigrX Plus and put the stretcher on while playing video games, or watching tv, it will simply grow passively.

But please , for the love of god, don’t listen to the sexpillguru, he is a scammer, his products wont help you, and they might even be carcinogenic, meaning you would be at risk of developing cancers from the pills!

We guarantee, and are currently testing VigrX plus to see the results. Rest assured , we would not tar the good reputation of our website with lies and scams.

We also want to encourage you to never buy other male enhancement pills before reading side affects, ingredients and finding out if they are all natural, even if they are not the ones we are marketing!

But yes, feel free to try VigrX Plus , and post below if you have a story to share, be it good or bad, your story helps us tremendously.

Also note some people claim “taking vigrX plus and having a ton of sex will gain you inches passively“. This is 100% true , because when you have sex, your penis is being stretched, you just can’t notice it all that well. So feel free to combine the pills with sex, and watch your puppy grow !

Ron Jeremy Scam

Ron Jeremy Scam



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19 Responses to Ron Jeremy is a scam artist

  1. JLofton says:

    But Ron Jeremy said that they were the scammers….who to believe gmail me ASAP!!!

    • admin says:

      Don’t worry, we are not scammers. We just don’t want people to fall for nonsence. Honestly, we haven’t even made one sale yet 🙂

  2. Suspect Reader says:

    Um… You’re sellin’ one of the pills on his website…
    How does that make you any different besides a cheaply made website, only one product, n’ a terrible way of marketin’ it? (By sayin’ “Oh it’s not as good as you think…” Who’s gonna buy it now?

    • Pro Admin says:

      He is a scammer for sure, unlike him
      1) We don’t market the same pills as he does, at least not to my knowledge
      2) Use your head, we are trying to be honest, there is no such thing as a “take this pill and get a larger penis” thing.
      Vigrx plus and The stretcher are seasoned veterans in the penis enlargement industry. You have to understand that he is scamming you and potentially harming you by telling you to combine various pills.
      Naturally, you shouldn’t believe his website because saying “jenny’s blog is a scam” already damns him. Jenny’s doesn’t exist.
      We are not here to make super amounts of sales, we are here to market safe, and working products. That is all.

      But please, bear in mind that there is no instant “do it yourself” penis pill that will make your penis grow without physical pulls.

      We famously use the term “dick steroid” , as in even if you take steroids, you don’t grow muscles. You still have to get to the gym and lift bro.

      If being honest loses us sales, so be it. Cheers mate.

  3. Gin Fight says:

    Wow, ron jeremy’s site is so convincing though, he provides the facts and explains why certain pills just won’t work. I really don’t know what to believe anymore, you can’t trust anyone on the internet…

    • admin says:

      Its called cohesive marketing. Just trust your gut, if something is new to the market, it’s experimental. If something has been used for almost 20 years, then it clearly is safe and effective (or else it would be shut down by governments worldwide). You don’t need to be paranoid or anything, just read reviews and do a bit of research before hitting the “buy button”. Also, like with other supplements, results vary drastically.

  4. Your blog is a joke says:

    I was calling myself an idiot for buying a bottle of VigrXPlus thinking that it might help me make my dick grow bigger and after a month of taking, it does work. I went from 5 inches (I know, a bit small) to almost 7 inches. After a month of getting the pill, I’d say this was a smart purchase.

  5. Myles says:

    I bought his stuff an now my cock is 11″! I have sex everyday at least twice a day..due to my job! So really its about taking chances an a chance I never regret! xD

  6. Jlofton says:

    How long did xD last??

  7. Alin Jones says:

    I was wondering if you guys could do a bit of research on a product that I found online that is NOT mentioned on the website – it’s called Vydox. They have their own website, & this stuff is EXPENSIVE!, as in $85/btl., or if you wanna save $$$ & buy in bulk, you’d pay $418.99 (free standard s&h) for 6 btls. They advertise it as a male enhancement/Viagra pill all rolled into one! & if this is true, then it’d be worth it – even at $85/btl., I just don’t wanna roll the dice purchasing this product in the event that their Money Back Guarantee is a total lie. If you could check this out & get back to me, it’d be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      We will look into it. It has a very short history on the market which means it could potentially be a scam. Luckily, they have a physical address listed in the United States (like VigrX has) which is a very positive thing when it comes to the hundreds of so called “miracle pills” you can find online. We will order a sample and have one of our guys try it 🙂

  8. Shah says:

    Does this mean all of Jeremy’s products are scams? Even the Revarex and Longinexx pills?
    Also, is there any way I can purchase your product without my family knowing?

    • admin says:

      We don’t sell the products , we just vie for them. Jeremy’s products are not exactly scams but they are nothing more than a “miracle pill” which physiologically is nonsense(as you need to physically and consistently pull the penis to have it grow). When you go to the websites for these manufacturers, feel free to email them regarding discrete shipping(and then hide the products somewhere but use them whenever you have time for maximum effect). To be honest , the stretcher is probably all you need to start.

  9. john doe says: .net or any pill that claim that will make your penis bigger is a fraud. It won’t help you getting 1 millimeter longer or larger. exercise is the solution and this olution wont make you very long. just a tiny bit longer thats all, and will cause you months of efforts and not worth it. this Ron jeremy guy is such a complete joke, I dont know where to beggin, this guy is a fucking *********.

  10. Khan says:

    Sex pill guru is a fucking game. Before their # 1 pill was longinexx. Then penatropin. Now its Rexavar. And i can’t find penatropin anywhere now.

    • admin says:

      Exactly , you have to be very careful and monitor for inconsistencies. Remember that some pills also change their names after legal issues.

  11. R Racy says:

    What do you know about Vaso-Prophin and Prime Force from Dr. Leonard’s, www(dot) ,? V-P is supposed to be a natural ED replacement. So is P F, but its main ingredient is Blood of the Mountain, the story behind which, if true, is intriguing. What is your opinion of the NorthStar Nutritionals products? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Loosely based on reviews , the results are super mixed. As we can never be naive about anything that people post on the internet, I would investigate the product for you.
      Kindest Regards

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