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74 Responses to “How to get free zp in crossfire”

  • Youssef says:

    i buy 20k Zp only plz

  • elsayadpro says:


  • yodlees says:

    this works tnx!

  • amirov says:


  • wael says:

    is this realy work??

  • Shaggy says:

    CAn sm1 please mail a 1000points in points2hop so i can get a free gamecard please all surveys are closed in my ip please i have only 150 points can any 1 make me my Zp… gamecard please please

  • admin says:

    Yes everyone , it works. But in some countries , it takes more time, like in brazil. It’s very fast in the us and uk.

  • asilboy2013 says:

    yes everyone , it works. But in some countries , it takes more time, like in brazil. It’s very fast in the us and uk.
    Regards, 10000zp

  • asilboy2013 says:

    GM pro bigyan mo ako zp 1000000

  • amr says:

    does it work in egypt?

  • hungkey1997 says:

    i really need zp, i sad i dont have good weapon

  • heroboy1k500 says:

    i want get free zp plz! that i only want to take free zp and no money to buy zp

  • admin says:

    Yes, everyone, you are getting free zp this way with no money put into getting the zp.

  • mikeforzp says:

    how do you get 1000 points in Points2Cash so quickly in an hour its HARD!

    • Ferdinand says:

      It might take longer than one hour, but no more than one day :) I promise you, nothing here is fishy, if you get lucky, you might do it in one hour :) Good luck, friend!

  • player12 says:

    do u need a credit crad to make pawn account? or for any of this?

  • ahmedyahoo123 says:


  • ahmedyahoo123 says:


  • 666666666666666666666666

  • i want free zp pleas.

  • crossfire says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Came here by searching for crossfire

  • Ahmed says:

    where is the link please ???

  • ahmed medhat says:

    please i need if u send me your talk in yahoo messenger i will give you my e-mail and p.w in crossfire

  • mahmoud says:

    i want 100000 ZP ::) my ID skyoflove1 please if you can send me any ZP Thanks..

  • myahmed00 says:

    hi man i need 10000 zo

  • AhmedBisso says:

    i have zp

  • safafa says:


  • MOHAMED says:


  • medoto00 says:


  • Believe and you shall receive :)

  • Omar says:

    How can i revieve points ???

  • Omar says:


    • Hello, what I hate about this method is , as stated above, it definitely favors the US/UK. Its pretty much an English speaker priority, I apologize. You can still do it, but it would take much longer in say Egypt or wherever you live. If you live in the USA or UK it takes only a few minutes.

  • mohamedmo3m says:

    i need help! can not work

  • sur010 says:

    i want 100000000

  • aliloveali20 says:

    اريد zp free على cossr fier

  • zsllcskl says:

    ahkkcc ‘,ashfj jdoass

  • patrickk147 says:

    se ganhar pode ser uma boa

    • Ferdinand says:

      Unfortunately, you need to put a tiny bit of effort into getting the zp. Try doing “marketing research” , it pays anywhere from 1.00 -5.00$ /survey! Hope this helps!

  • mohamed says:

    fck you GM

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