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How to remove tree sap from your hands and clothing easy!

It’s that manly time of year again everyone. It’s time to cut dried out branches off trees to prevent termites. It’s time to trim those coniferous “out of shape” hedges that push in every direction. And , its also time to pick up all the pincecones that have collected all over the ground–also those pine branches.

Now as you may know from experience, all these plants leave their blood all over your clothing, hair and mostly, hands (and man it’s sticky!).

You probably tried the old “raw gasoline” trick , and therefore you know that it sort of fails. You could use all the hand-soap you want, and nothing will happen.

Surprisingly, there is an easy solution to getting rid of this messy sap! Just use Hand Sanitizer!

We don’t exactly know what is in hand sanitizer (maybe it’s better we don’t) , but it works like a charm! Just remember that when using it on your hair, never go to the root, it may kill the follicle and you can go bald!

Tree Sap

Tree Sap

One Response to “How to remove tree sap from your hands and clothing easy!”

  • trees says:

    I believe it’s the alcohol. Most sticky substances from plants is alcohol soluble!

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