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Win a free car 2013! And Free microsoft points!

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

As you may or may not remember (we haven’t been around long enough ) , we announced a contest where anyone that followed us on Twitter Or Facebook¬†would be eligible to win a 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. Well, we have tweaked things around a bit. Recently Honda announced the release of the new model: the 2013 Honda Civic Fusion Hybrid. Therefore, we have changed the prizes to comply with the newest models.

As a show of faith, we also have added the chance to win 2100 Microsoft points every 500 likes or followers we get (just so there are smaller prizes).



The standings are as follows for the first three months:

15/500,000 Facebook

6/100,000 Twitter

We hope you will all participate, after all, there is really nothing you can loose. The contest might expire tomorrow or in a few years, based on user -end activity. ¬†Don’t be shy to invite your friends ;)



Regards, TheOrderOfTheIronPhoenix


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