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Morton Grove, IL Cat Walks Like Human

A new wave of social media trends has been tirelessly coming from little known Morton Grove, Illinois. A town that few might ever have said "I know that place well" has finally made it on the map thanks to an upcoming celebrity.

A cat named Bruno

Bridgewater MA Resident Visited By Raccoon

 A disgruntled Bridgewater visitor notified police at around 9:45 pm of an unlikely visitor. What initially appeared, in the eyes of the visitor, to resemble a cat, was a 20-pound adult male raccoon. Although the individual appeared frightened

News To Come

We are currently re-vamping this website into the future. New news will likely begin to be posted after a two-year drought!

Controlling People’s Minds

Getting people to do your bidding might sound like something straight out of a science fiction movie. However, research has yielded that concepts such as hypnosis (which will be the target of our discussion today) are actually pretty freaking real.

Imagine having the power to manip

Making It Big On The Order Of The Iron Phoenix

Are you struggling to make ends meet on this website? Are you not earning enough points to buy sh&*?

The problem is not you; it’s your content! We currently support points for activities in the blogging, discussion and social media part of this website. Of course we will be getti

Paranormal Radio Host Kidnapped By Aliens

68 year old paranormal radio host Art Bell has mysteriously disappeared after only a few weeks of hosting his show on paranormal activities, conspiracy theories and aliens.

The 68 year old radio host apparently had a following of over one million people who are now pretty certain that

Naked Man Breaks Into Home To Eat Chips

An Indianan man woke up early last Friday to a very atrocious site. A naked man wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and some sneakers had broken into his home and was eating his chips.

The needy perpetrator, now officially released as 19 year old Andrew Wozniak, apparently broke in h

Raccoon Rides Alligator

There are some really cool things that pop up on the internet. Sadly, most of them end up being photo-shopped fakes. Every now and then, something genuinely cool pops up that makes your mind bleed in bliss.

Today, we found out that a man took an amazing photo of a raccoon riding his a

How To Optimize Human Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone is often attributed as the single most important and valuable amino acid when people (men in particular) attempt to lose weight (usually caused by estrogen increases in later years) and gain muscle (along with proteins).

Optimizing Human Growth Hormone or HGH for

Xenoverse DLC Pack 3 Released

The Dragonball Xenoverse DLC pack 3 was released late last week. This update included characters from “the resurrection of f” movie, new moves, new costumes and new masters.

The update also included emperor’s death beam, golden Frieza and a level cap raise from 85 to 99 (which should

The Conversion Of Body Fat To Muscle

How the f*** can you go from gaining weight to making muscle? Is all the hype around “converting fat to muscle” even possible?

Muscle itself is a tissue type that constantly feeds on and absorbs calories (whether you are working out or not). While fat simply stores energy until the bo

Using Your Own Body’s HGH To Build Muscle

Human growth hormone or “HGH” for short is an essential amino acid that aids in the production and maintenance of muscles. Without HGH, people can often wonder why the hell they keep exercising and there is quite literally no result.
People that do not naturally produce enough HGH turn to prot

Points For Everyone

The most major update to ocelot is coming soon. We have remastered the "point system" which will allow all of our users to earn points for activities on this website.
The primary (and also the largest) difference between this and some other websites out there is the incentive payment for pagev

Are Associates Degrees Worth Anything?

You might have recently finished an associates program because it was “the cheapest option”. Now you have been seeking jobs for some time and it finally hits you: your degree is completely worthless!
Speaking as someone that decided to do just that , my six months of searching for jobs have yi

Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty

The former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez will be put behind bars today with no possibility of parole. The 25 year old football star has been charged with the aggravated first degree murder of amateur footballer Odin Lloyd.
According to the jury, without a doubt, Hernandez acted out with g

New Law In Massachusetts Requires Headlights On When Wipers Are On

What the actual f%^&? Massachusetts has just introduced a new law that will punish anyone that does not utilize their taillights and headlights whenever their windshield wipers are being used.
Of course, there is a practical reason for this. You might have encountered one or two idiots in

Dragonball Xenoverse DLC Pack 2 Released

The second DLC pack for the very popular videogame “Dragonball Xenoverse” has finally been released early this morning. The DLC pack adds 4 new characters Eis Shenron, Nuova Shenron, Towa and Mira , new parallel quests, new story lines and even pan as a teacher (although who the f^&* wants th

The Cthulhu Portal

The Cthulhu Portal was and always will be an integral and vital contribution to what is now and from this day on the uncontested blueprint for the future development of "The Order Of The Iron Phoenix" network. As a hsitorical referance , below is the default descripti

Patriots Win Superbowl 2015

The New England Patriots pulled off an astoundingly close victory tonight against the Seattle Seahawks in a match that ended with a 28 : 24 score and a very dramatic final quarter (as it seemed that the tide of the game could easily turn the other way). And thus the 2015 superbowl held at the Uni