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Alligator Gar

The alligator gar is one of the largest fresh water fish found in the lakes of the continental North America. The alligator gar receives the name "alligator" because it's frontal 'beak" is shaped like an alligator's mouth.

Alligator Gar Alligator Gar

The alligator gar can grow to be an astonishing 365 pounds(165.56 kg) . The Alligator's main food supply comes from algae and other passive plant-life. But the Alligator Gar is indeed carnivorous, so it will stalk and kill almost anything that lives in the rivers of North America. From stingrays to small alligators, nothing is safe.

Men have claimed to be bitten by alligator gars , this has never been proven, but it's an interesting thing to keep in mind the next time you go skinny dipping in the Mississippi, it might just bight off your crowned jewels :)

10 foot long alligator gar 10 foot long alligator gar

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