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Another cannibal attack rocks the world

July 1, 2012, south east china: a crazed bus driver high of drugs and alcohol is said to have come across a youth driving a car , beat the car with a stick until the youth attempted to flee , and pounced on her, devouring her face, as she screamed for help. This is a very eerie scenario following the recent cannibal attacks in the western and mid-north united states. Perhaps it was not bath salts after all, perhaps something far more devious is solely responsible for recent cannibal attacks. The woman whom had been attacked and mauled should be ok , save the fact that reconstruction surgery will be necessary to make her look human again. The bus driver on the other hand will probably be put to death in accordance with Chinese law. The reason behind this attack seems to be alcohol (not that this has ever happened). To us, it seems like some new disease that behaves like rabies within the human body, something eerie and reminiscent of zombie Apocalypse scenarios. We will try to keep you updated on this matter as the story progresses.

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Attack near Bonne Island , Nigeria
We are now rigorously working on a Cthulhu movie

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I think china and America are covering up a zombie apocalypse. Keeping us all in the dark about the whole mystery bug thing. Man you just gotta hate secrets

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