Fallout 76 Is A Survival Game

Fallout 76 Fallout 76
​ Fallout 76 has strayed from the typical "player versus environment" formula of the series and moved towards "player versus player". Fallout 76 has b...
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Can You Eat Camel Manure?

Eating Camel Dung Eating Camel Dung
In a little-known fact that appeared on my desk today as a "trending topic", I was shocked to discover an inquiry regarding the edibility of camel man...
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Student Debt Can’t Find A Job. Should I Get A Refund?

Getting A Refund On Your Debt Getting A Refund On Your Debt
Accruing Debts: ​ Accruing debts in college is easy. You apply for financial aid through a FAFSA form, you are guaranteed (practically) approval,...
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How Did Whitey Bulger Die?

How Whitey Bulger Died How Whitey Bulger Died
Contradiction! Yesterday, the official announcements and, dare I say, rumors hinted that James Whitey Bulger, the 89-year-old infamous Boston mob boss...
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Fallout 76 Beta Goes Live Today

Fallout 76 Goes Live Fallout 76 Goes Live
 Hello, fallout fans! Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the fallout 76 beta to go live. Well, luckily for us it is about to happen in exactly tw...
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James Whitey Bulger Dead

Whitey Bulger Dead Whitey Bulger Dead
Bulger Dead In Virginia Prison Whitey Bulger has been found dead in his prison cell early this morning. Following a brief "checkup", examiners ob...
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5 Vegetarian Items To Barbecue

Barbecue Veggies Barbecue Veggies
Being a vegetarian can be tough. You go to restaurants and the menus are limited, you go to fast food places and all you can have is fries. Life is to...
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Honey Bee

Honey Bee Honey Bee
Honey Bees:Honeybees are a sub-species of insect (Insecta) commonly recognized in many parts of the world. One of their most predominant characteristi...
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Can Behavior Be Predicted Using Formulas?

Behavior Is Math Behavior Is Math
I came upon a few interesting studies recently. I wouldn't mind withholding the "interesting" since all this post will likely only attract certain typ...
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Eating Snake Meat

Eating Snake Eating Snake
Eating snake meat has once been considered utter taboo worldwide. Although some countries have partaken in the eating of snakes for thousands of years...
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Top 5 Things You Must Have This Fall

Fall fall
​ It's that time of year again folks. Time for pumpkin in everything, leaves, (and of course) more pumpkin! So what are the top 5 things you definitel...
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Honey Comb Honey Comb
What Is Honeycomb? Honeycomb is a type of hexagonal wax, geometrically designed by honey bees. Honey bee honeycomb is the most popular, noted for its ...
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French Gangster Escapes Prison In Burqa

Rédoine Faïd Rédoine Faïd
46-year-old French gangster Rédoine Faïd has escaped prison through the cooperation of a helicopter. Worse yet, the helicopter was unable to be found ...
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Apple Phishing Scam 2018

Apple Scam 2018 Apple Scam 2018
A recent string of apple phishing scams has begun to plague the country. This scam involves the reception of emails claiming to be from apple support,...
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Free Redbox Video Game, DVD, or Blu-Ray Rental October 2018

Redbox 2018 Redbox 2018
​The season of giving is upon us once again. As a special offer to commemorate the start of the fall season, Redbox is giving away one night of a free...
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How To Create A Multiple Phase Graph In Excel (ABA)

Multiple Phase Graph Excel ABA Multiple Phase Graph Excel ABA
Multi-phase graphs are used, as opposed to single phase graphs, when we want to demonstrate a change in a condition. These changes are considered "ind...
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How To Graph A Single Phase Or Baseline Graph In Excel (ABA)

Single Phase Graph ABA Single Phase Graph ABA
 Graphing a single phase in a baseline in excel is not the most difficult procedure you will likely learn. This reference is helpful regarding th...
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Skyrim Player Additem Full List

Skyrim Items Skyrim Items
The following is a long list of all of the items you can mod into skyrim using the console command (which can be opened using the (~). To use the command, type in:  [player.additem itemcode] [number]For example, if we wanted a daedric sword we would use this code:player.additem 000139B9 1For more help finding items, you can type “help name [not code] 0” to get a list of matching items by name (if you can’t did not find the code) Good luck, and happy modding!Here is the full list:Note/Warning: Entering empty values can cause the game to crash. It is advised to save prior to using any of these codes! 
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Honey Badger

What Is A Honey-Badger?The honey badger is a member of the Mellivora family, in the sub-family “Mustelid”. The honey badger is related to the American Badger, the European Badger, the Asian Badger, the Japanese Badger, the Chinese Ferret Badger, the Burmese Ferret Badger, the Javan Ferret Badger, and the Bornean Ferret Badger. It is also closely related to members of the Martin family, and less so to weasels and Polecats. A common misconception is that, due to their behavior, they are related to wolverines. This is only partially true, they are only distantly related to wolverines. Honey badgers are a type of badger, which are known for their abilities to burrow and their long claws.What Does A Honey Badger Look Like?Honey badgers are distinct from other badgers due to their sleek, two color design. From a distance, one can mistake the white stripe and black markings for a common skunk. Upon...
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Honey Spoon

Honey Dipper:A honey dipper, or honey spoon, is a wooden utensil made from grooved wood. Unusually, the handle is also wooden, but in some cases, it is made of iron, aluminum, or plastic. Some more expensive honey dippers/honey-spoons are made of decorative glass. These are, of course, fragile. In many counties where the instruments have been preserved, there is evidence that original honey dippers were made from baked clay with heavy iron content (giving them a red glow). In most modern kitchens and television ads, the consensus is that dippers are usually made of wood.Production:In many broadcast programs titled “how to make a honey dipper”, honey dippers are made using a single piece of hardy wood. Usually pine is not preferable due to its fragility. Most woodworkers prefer to use maple wood as it is resistant to concussive force even when molded down. The wood is treated with a resin prior...
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