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2012 summer Olympics London closing ceremony

The closing ceremony went over stunningly, everything was well executed, the performers did very well, and sadly, the torch was extinguished. This concluded the summer Olympic games , and will probably be the last in our lifetime to be held in England. Everything was stunning. At times like this, we can all see what the world would have been like if we had world peace, everyone coming together, no bias, racism, or violence. Just friendly competition. Everyone had a chance, some did better than others, but in the end, this was a pleasure for every country. Former enemies came aboard as friendly competitors. It's just such a stunning thing to see. We hope everyone enjoyed these Olympics, we know we did. And good luck to those whom will return in another couple of years ;) The final flame burns out -courtesy of foxsports 
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The final medal total results of the summer olympics held in London in the year 2012

 So, the Olympic totals are finally in. The USA finishes first with an astounding 104 medals total, followed by china with 87, Russia with 82, Great Britain with 65 and Germany with 44. All the other countries listed also did stunning, some tiny ones managed to pull off a few medals. We are happy to see another safe, and enjoyable Olympic games has happened. We are sad to see it end, but everything is "here today, gone tomorrow" - Marcus Aurelius.We will cover the closing ceremony, as we did the opening ceremony. Enjoy and cheers to all!
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Nick Delpopolo expelled for eating pot brownies and smoking a bong

Nick Delpopolo was expelled from the Olympic summer games after traces of  marijuana where found in his stool and urine.Delpopo claimed that he was given "bong brownies" prior to the game and therefore it was not his fault.He was expelled from the games and sent home to smoke more bongs and whatnot.Unfortunately, Delpopolo was the USA's best Judo fighter, and he could have brought us home some golds.Nevertheless, we should look at this incident as a joke by his fellow wrestlers, like in the locker rooms, but with higher consequences. Rules are rules, no matter how harmless marijuana is , Delpopolo broke intentional rules, and we are pretty sure he was smoking bongs in his locker room, but hey, now he wont have to get his hands dirty , wrestling foreign men. This picture really shows how out of his mind he is. 
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Olympic medal counts as of 08/08/2012

 Ok, so China is still leading the pack with 73 total medals, the USA is behind with 70, UK and Russia are still tied with 48 medals each. Then Germany lies in fifth with 31, Japan in 6th with 29, and France has 28. The Olympics are beginning to intensify, but we can already predict it will mainly be a clash between the USA and China.  Good luck to everyone!
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Olympic Medals As Of August 07, 2012

As the first week came to an end, we had a huge boost in medals. They are as follows: (top 20)So, as you can see, china is now solidly in first place with 67 medals, the Us is in second with 64 and Great Britain is in third with 43 followed by Russia with one less. We love how these numbers fluctuate and hope that you are enjoying the Olympic games so far, there is still over a week left, so we are excited to see what will happen next! 
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Top 20 medal counts (by country) as of 08/02/2012

 So as you can see, the USA has steadily increased in the quantity of medals, now beating china by 3 total,Japan clings for third for the second day as Germany now goes ahead of France for fourth place, tied with the new competitor in town: Russia. France is then solidly in 6th with 16, the UK is catching up with 15, followed by South Korea,Italy, Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania, North Korea, Hungary, Brazil , Mexico, Kazakhstan, and South Africa in that order, a ton of other countries have some medals, but we want you to see the statistics in a "number perspective" so we omitted 21-x. We are excited to see how this will all play out, but China and the USA seem to be dominating the first two places, as they did four years earlier in Beijing.
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Phelps wins first gold medal in the 2012 London Olympic Games

Phelps won the 200 m individual M (men's ) today and won his first gold medal of the year, he is now officially the first person in the world to have  22 medals, 16 of which are gold. We wish him a happy celebration for his amazing feat. Good job to all of team USA so far.  
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Olympic gold medals top 5 countries as of 08/01/2012

 As of now USA is ahead of China by one medal, china is in second with 25, Japan stole third place from France with 14, France is in tied for fourth place with Germany , both having 11 medals altogether.
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Olympic medal count as of the morning of 07/31/2012 Eastern Time

As of early this morning, the usa is in first with 18 medals followed by china with 17 and France with 7 (astonishingly France is doing great this year) here are the rest courtesy of 
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United Kingdom Wins First Medal

Lizzie Armitstead, a long time rider for the English cycling team, has won the first medal for the uk in the women's 140km bicycle race. The uk currently has 0ne gold, one silver and zero bronze medals. Hopefully, this will be the first of many medals for the nation hosting this year's Olympics.  Silver Medal
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Netherlands takes home the gold in the women's 140 km.

Marianne Voss takes the first gold medal for the Netherlands  in the women's 140 km road race. This now officially means the Netherlands has one gold and one silver medal. Voss did an excellent job and we are proud to see the Netherlands is doing better than they did in Beijing! Netherlands 
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Olympic medals as of 07/28/2012

The top for medal winning teams as of yesterday are as follows: Courtesy of the official Olympics website      
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Saturday, July 28th Olympic Schedule

So , the schedule is as follows today: Soccer/Football 4:00-9:00 (am) eastern time USA VS Colombia  (womens)Brazil V.S. New Zealand(womens) France V.S. North Korea (womens)Evening Matches (post 5:00 pm) et Japan V.S. Sweden (womens) Canada V.S. South Africa Great Britain V.S. CameroonWomen's Volleyball:China V.S. Serbia (between 4 and 9)Usa vs South KoreaMen's:Great Britain vs. CanadaUSA vs. South AfricaBasketballChina vs. Czech Republic Canada vs. RussiaTurkey vs. AngolaUSA vs. CroatiaBrazil vs. FranceAustralia vs. Great BritainHandball:Denmark V.S. Sweden (women's)Others will include archery, fencing, tennis, about four cycling races starting from 5 am and going until the end of the day, And much much more, stay tuned.    
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Olympics 2012 opening ceremony goes over stunningly

The opening ceremony, currently occurring in London, has gone along VERY smoothly. The firework extravaganzas, the trapeze acts, surprise appearances by stunning people of power, including the beloved queen, the crowned prince and his wife, and much more. We personally loved the jet pack extravaganza and the aerobic stunts with the purple fireworks. We are very happy to witness this first hand, live. Feel free to tune in at 8:00 eastern time, 6:00 western to view the spectacle. And happy opening ceremony to all! The beautiful lights of the opening ceremony  
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The Opening Ceremony For The London 2012 Summer Olympics

The opening ceremony will be held on July 27, 2012. We are currently unaware of whom will be holstering the torch to it's final destination, but we have reason to belove it may be the chairman of UN from South Korea. We are very excited, and honored, to be covering the entire thing this year, you can stay tuned to our section of coverage as the games progress. As far as whom we want to see leave with the most golds this year? We hold a couple of countries dearly to our hearts ;). But we do wish luck to all athletes of all nations.Cheers, The Order Of The Iron Phoenix Team
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