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Conflict between Japan and China on the rise

Early yesterday, Japan bough the Senkaku islands from a private owner. This, ironically was on the same day Japan originally took the island from china in 1933. Japan China DiplomacyIn response to this act of "absorption" , China decided that the Senkaku islands were their international lands, and thus a conflict started.Riots all across Japan , in defense of the fatherland have sprung up.Likewise, riots against "Japanese aggression" have arisen up in China.Luckily, in such a situation, Washington stands firmly behind Japan. As far as a military engagement, there is little to no possibility of such a thing. Japan and China are civilized nations, they know better than to wage nuclear war:P

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Man gets raped in Georgian jail with broomstick, public is outraged

So, accordingly the prison systems in the little country to the south of Russia called Georgia make ours look like kindergarten. In the Georgian prisons, men get beaten like animals, and one man in the video below is being sexually penetrated with a broomstick. Men protest after a prisoner is raped with a broomstick Accordingly, the people responsible have been brought to justice , but this does not fair well for their current president, as re-elections are coming up very soon in Georgia.

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Legalizing marijuana polls starting soon

So finally, people have realized that marijuana is neither toxic, nor does it really affect your ability to perform. As a result, Colorado, Oregon and Washington (state) are starting ballots on legalizing this substance.It is predicted that if it does become legalized, law enforcement costs on hunting it would decrease (naturally) , farming jobs would increase (another obvious answer) , and the economy would boom (much like Virginia did when tobacco was first discovered).As far as our opinion? Go for it chaps! As long as a law is passed (much like with alcohol)  where you cant operate under the influence, it should all be cool. There will be a happier population, less people in jail and lots of time to kick back and smoke a bong :) Marijuana - Legalize it! 

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Flowershop burglar found 12 years later in girlfriend's attic.

A woman from south Carolina, calling herself "Tracy" went up to her attic for the first time in almost 20 years. To her surprise, her boyfriend, whom broke ties off with her twelve year prior to today , was up there.He had robbed a flowershop, holding a Russian made "RPK" to the clerk's face begging for money. Police later apprehended him, and he did one year in prison for conspiracy to commit burglary, and possession of a lethal weapon (although it had no live ammunition).Well, it turns out when Tracy went up to her attic, apparently to instigate a sulfurous smell, she found her ex boyfriend, now 100 pounds heavier, surrounded by flowerpots of manure.Accordingly he had camped up there for 12 years, feeding off bagels and pepsi. He was arrested, and taken back to the big house for violating his parole and restraining orders. Burglar 

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Muslims continue to riot, coming closer to home

Following our initial story, where muslims in Egypt and Libya burned American flags and stormed the U.S. embassies , and subsequently killed the US representative in Lybia along with three of his crew, the protests quickly spread to countries like Yemen , Oman and Qatar .Well, now we have word of attacks in India, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Saudi Arabia , and even, Australia. You hear right, our beloved twin of America has been infested with protesters, hungry for blood, waving the flags of al qaeda and abu sayaaf (the al qaeda of the southern hemisphere) .Millions flocked to Sidney, and have been camping there since. They are throwing rocks at the poor Australian riot police, and are burning American flags. As a Christian country, Australia should suppress these riots with sheer force. Why? To set an example for these terrorists, if they don't do it now, they will spring up...

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Muslims continue to wage violence against westerners

As we have spoken to you before on the issue, Muslims are continuing to attack, and burn western property, primarily American. As of today, we have reports of attacks on embassies in Yemen, Oman, and Qatar.We have stories of missionaries, and political leaders being murdered, attacked and threatened. Buildings are being vandalized, a call to jihad has been issued by millions of Muslims.The usa is calling it an "international crisis". Here is a video from our buddies at CNN depicting the situation:The world appears to be in a huge crisis , and again over a Youtube movie called "innocence of Muslims" , where their prophet is called a bloodthirsty savage, to say the least.We have little information on why YouTube doesn't simply remove this hideous film immediately, but we see much more violence and bloodshed in the distant future. The U.S. embassy in Yemen burns   

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Muslims in Lybya and Egypt burn American flags

Today, a crowd of "ultra-conservative" Muslims went to the U.S. embassy, regardless of the fact that it was 9/11. and tore down the American flag. They attempted to burn it, to no avail, so then they simply tore it to pieces.They then raised a flag eerily similar to that used by al-quieda, a black flag of the acclaimed prophet Muhammad. The same thing happened later in the day in Libya. Surprisingly, government police and troops allowed this to happen, no opposition was given to the rioters.Accordingly , this was in protest to some Christian-Egyptian film producer that lives in the USA. We hear he directed some movie where Muhammad preached violence and had sex with animals.Regardless of the cause, this is an insensitive act of violence, and a direct result of allowing The Muslim Brotherhood to take over these two countries. Again, look at these examples before you support Syrian Intervention....

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Fox news makes a big deal about nothing

So we just read this article on Fox News about how Wikipedia is full of porno pictures and they don't want to remove them. For the love of god people, this is the 21st century, when you see sculptures, you cannot possibly affiliate them with pornography, there is absolutely no purpose in censoring these things. Fox news tends to do this to people a ton, it makes it seem like such a growing issue, and it's really not. If anyone thinks that paintings of naked people should be censored to smaller children, then god have mercy on man-kind for fearing his own image, that same beautiful image god sculpted him in from his own being.When you read garbage like this from fox, remember, its a bunch of bs. You heard it right, ignore the issue, fox probably have people with psychology majors writing for them, in a futile attempt to get idiots...

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People of America, don't allow yourselves to be brainwashed by the press!

Every news site we look at, including CNN , FOX and BBC (and we do love BBC) continues to propagate stories about how the people of Syria are getting tortured, and killed. We want to let you know that, although this may be true, this is nothing new.In times of war, people die. In times of modern war, children, and innocents die. This does not give us the right to go intervene, do not support militaristic journalists, ignore the issue. No country is being threatened by the event. We should not act the part of "god" and go force one side or the other to win.As we have said before, this is an isolated revolution. Even during the American civil war,  children died in indirect bombardment. It's nothing new, it happens!But for the love of god! Don't go out in the streets and demonstrate how demonic we are for not intervening, the people...

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Thai grandson of redbull owner hits and kills a thai police officer

Vorayuth Yoovidhya, grandson of Red Bull tycoon Chaleo Yoovidhaya (yes redbull is an Asian company), had accordingly hit a Thai police officer today with his black Ferrari, and fled the scene. Vorayuth Yoovidhya, grandson of RedBull tycoon Vorayud Yoovidhaya and heir to the company, charged with murder.  The officer was left dead on the scene, having responded to a call of burglary, he never made it to his destination.Other police officers in the area were told that a hit and run target driving a black "sports car" had hit the man and sped off. The officers followed a trail of leaking engine oil to Yoovidhya's home, and BAM! they found the Ferrari, airbags deployed.Yoovidhya was taken to prison on charges of gross negligence, second degree manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crime/accident. He simply claimed the officer had "cut him off".Yoovidhya would later be released on a 16,000$ equivalent bail. Nothing more is...

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Who will be the american president in 2013?

Well, lets just tell you something. We are not racists here at the order of the iron phoenix, nor is what we are about to tell you very certain. But after years of close study, we have come to a conclusion that there is really no contest in the presidential election this year.No, unfortunately , the chances are literally 92% to 8% in the favor of one man. Who might that happen to be? Well, it's Barrack Obama, again.Yes, you all know and dislike him, but he will be president, for another couple of years. And do you know why? Because he's black. Yes, thats all, hes black. Barrack Obama...... again =(

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Syrian commoners killed in line waiting to be rationed bread

We heard that recently, the Syrian government waited for a group of innocent commoners to create a bread line. As these commoners waited to get free bread, a Syrian jet gave them a shower of lead and napalm to cheer about, killing something like 20 or so. Here is a video from CNN to make it look like we actually care more: Furthermore, to keep ourselves in good hands with our readers, we condone this war crime, but we don't want to see the western world intervene, as we have stated before.Let them sort out their own problems, this is not a war of aggression, its a simple rebellion after all.

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Hurricane Isaac to blow over peacefully

So good news, the so called "Second Katrina" is going to blow over by the end of tomorrow. Although it has caused a bit of flooding and power outages, it was nothing more than an inconvenience to this country(because the more we wast on internal improvement, the more we will charge for gas, and we can add the recent drought in the Midwest to this concoction of issues. Leading economists predict the damage will stay at 1 billion $(US),again , a simple inconvenience.Rest assured people of the states, our only issues left are from the flooding , which has left residences drenched in a few feet of water, as hurricanes tend to do. Hurricane Isaac 2012 Here today, gone tomorrow- Marcus Aurelius.   

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550 pound bomb found in German construction site

Do you remember how back in early 2011 two bombs were removed from the river Rhine? Or perhaps you remember when we first started our website, we told you about how we would cover the whole Olympic Summer Games 2012 and how there was a German bomb from world war II in the stadium construction site?Well, another bomb was found, yesterday the 550 lb mark VIII bomb was  found under the soil of some building foundation in the shopping capitol of the world : Munich, Germany.  An old relic sent over by the RAF or USAF some 60 years ago.The bomb posed such a threat that thousands were evacuated from the city, like a herd of sheep.Luckily the bomb was successfully defused, and nobody was hurt. But, it is unfortunate to see the longer lasting impacts of war on the environment. We hope this will be the last bomb ever found...

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We strongly believe that Iran should stay in Iran, and the USA should not take any military actions against a nuclear power.

We received some enlightenment recently on the delicate struggle of power and the very real prognosis of a nuclear war in the middle east. In the final half of the year two thousand and twelve of our lord Jesus Christ, we believe that this "gathering tempest" can indeed lead to the final battles of human existence on the tops of mount mount megiddo ( Armageddon).Although it seems like destiny cannot be changed, and that nuclear war is unavoidable, we strongly believe that if these two countries can simply ignore each other, we can change destiny. All that is needed is one spark, that spark would lead to a great fire that could end humanity.Man's worst fear is on the verge of occurrence. There are two nuclear powers, armed with multiple nuclear weapons, pointed at each other. The difference between what might have been during the cold war, and what is now,...

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NYC shooting leaves nine injured , two dead

So, a 58 year old women's clothing designer (last name Johnson) came into his former area of employment, and emptied 9 rounds into one of his former coworkers. Johnson killed the man.Upon exiting the building , three police officers began volleying shots at Johnson, whom did not fire back.Well, they killed him ,but, they took seven commoners with him. All of these people are expected to survive, but the thought of them accidentally injuring 7 is a scary one. Empire State Building Shooter  

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Neil Armstrong, 82 dead

Niel Armstrong died early today from cardiovascular complications. He quickly became famous some fifty years ago when he landed on the moon -a feat thought impossibly by men of his time-. We are sad to see yet another great person die, but that is the sad way of life. RIP Neil Armstrong August 5th ,1930- August  25th, 2012. Neil Armstrong 

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Mark David Chapman dened parole for the 12th year in a row

Mark David Chapman, 57, the psychopathic murderer of former Beatle John Lennon,  was eligible for parole in 2000. Only ten years after gunning down the famous singer and song writer John Lennon. Nevertheless, he was sentenced to 20 years -life by the justice department of New York. After 10 years, he was eligible for parole due to "good behavior".He was denied in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007,2008,2009,2011, and now 2012 because it is a wise sentiment that releasing him in the public would not only endanger others, but more likely Chapman, since he did kill a worldwide sensation. Chapman will stay behind bars forever, it appears 

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Texas judge warns of possible American civil war

A Texas judge earlier today stated (for about the fifth time) that "if Obama is reelected, the people would have to revolt, and fight Obama's UN backed troop". He strongly believes Obama wants to cede america to the UN. Although it sounds paranoid, people agree with him in the masses. Now is that just a myth? We let you be the judge of that. You can read more about the initial "observation" here: Click here then you can try to piece that video together with the statement.

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Spam will never be allowed to roam freely on The Order Of The Iron Phoenix for as long as we live!

Dear spammers, promoting your garbage on our website has caused us to be labeled as a "blacklisted" website by google. This means any internal or outbound links will be considered links to spam sites, we congratulate you, way to get your pagerang back to 0! But in the process, you ignorant seo noobs took us with you.  Thanks to you, google has dropped all of our seo work to a state of purgatory (PR-0). We hope you are happy, starting with BurnOn, all of your sad accounts will be banished, your ips's blocked. There is nothing you can do to stop us, your backlinks will be gone forever. We are a clean site, we do not tolerate links to pornographic content and will not allow promotion of your garbage unless you pay us, have you idiots heard of adwords?  We will also dedicate ourselves to eliminating your spam backlinks off the...

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