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Tony Scott Commits Suicide

Tony Scott, 86, director of "Days Of Thunder", Beverly Hills Cop II" , and his most famous piece "Top Gun" , is said to have jumped off a bridge, to his death. It is confirmed that he committed suicide, although nobody can believe this because of the busy life he leads, and his upcoming sequel "Top Gun II" gave people the impression he was planning for the future. It is a sad day in Hollywood today, thats for sure. Tony Scott RIP August 19, 2012 

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Warning by GM to withdraw certian 2006 and 2007 models because they catch fire

Do you by any chance drive a 2006-2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer, 2006/7 GMC Envoy, 2006/7 Buick Ranier, 2006/7 SAAB 9-7x, or a 2006/7 Isuzu Ascender?Well, GM recently recalled 250,000 of them, yes quite a hefty sum. You know why? They spontaneously combust! This means that you might be driving down the good old highway, and bam!, your car blows up.The reason behind this anomaly appears to be faulty wiring where excessive sparking by loose spark plugs mix with gas outside the cylinders, causing a massive explosion, and certain fatalities.So if you have any of the listed models, make sure to see a professional immediately to see if driving it can be a safety hazard. Please, don't die  

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Gruesome video of police massacring coal miners in South Africa

Just now, we have received word of a massacre caught on tape, very gruesome and violent indeed. We received footage of 34 coal miners being massacred in a South African platinum mine. The images you are about to see are VERY horrific, bear in mind, we condone this. It's sickening to see this, but it is the sad reality of life. South African coal minersAccording to military police, the miners were on strike, and had fired live ammunition at the police prior to being massacred. We did not see any armed people in that crowd. And we strictly believe violence is not a way to solve issues.You have seen human brutality first hand, we are sorry to inform the dear readers of this incident. 

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Man dies at baseball game

Today, during a Chicago WhiteSox V.S. Toronto Bluejays game, a man sitting in the upper section of benches had a heart attack. In one of the few tragedies that have occurred in the MLB, the man was pronounced dead in the hospital. we have no word on what caused this sudden heart attack, but maybe his joy and excitement contributed to it? Stay tuned for more word on this developing story. Dead man 

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Last month's funniest story

So last month, on July 13th to be exact, a Canada man decided it would be a brilliant idea to kill a mouse with the butt-end of his hunting rifle. So, it turns out the gun was loaded, the man rammed the butt-end against the mouse, missed, and the gun misfired (appears it was loaded). Luckily, the man only grazed his forehead, this could have been fatal, and all because of one mouse. mouse 

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The third mass shooting in the past half month

Early yesterday, a landlord in Texas asked a mentally unstable man to be evicted from his home. The man , enraged , ran off with a gun in his hand. Minutes later, the landlord was shot, police responded to the call and a battle ensued.One police officer was killed, the landlord lay dead in a pool of blood and the shooter was shot semi-fatally by another police officer  , later he would die in the hospital. Three other police officers and a female by standard were also wounded, we have no work on their condition.The maddening part is this took place within 15 days of the aurora theater massacre and the Sikh temple massacre. Gun laws need to be changed, quickly. The serial killer 

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Naked man covered in cooking oil arrested

Early yesterday, neighbors sent in a 911 distress call to report a naked man running through a forest in central Maine.The man allegedly was running around, touching his genitals, and screaming. He was indeed covered in anti stick, buttery cooking spray.  He was also carrying around a pair of shorts in his left hand.Police apprehended the man, beat him until he surrendered, shot him with a tranquilizer and took him to jail. there they stated "meth" was found in his shorts.Neighbors say they woke up to the ruckus at around 7:00 am, as the man, in a narcotic coma, was screaming blasphemous things and touching himself.He is now facing charges of indecent exposure, resisting arrest and possession of illegal paraphernalia. The thought "said" brand of cooking oil the naked man was lathering himself with prior to being arrested.  

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Man Hacks Walmart

So some guy named Darnell (or that was his alter ego was) simply strolled into a WalMart in Canada, pretended to be a businessman, made friends with the manager, and had him give away all of his secret information. National Hackathon Members Courtesy of CNN Luckily, this so called "Darnell" was just another member of the hacking Olympics or the international "hackathon" where hackers break through various "secure" computer hub networks and show off in front of their fellow hackers at whom has the best hax.Anyways, this exploit was actually praised because he simply did it to show "he could". He never damaged anything, and people like him are praised for pointing out flaws in even the most powerful corporate computers in the world.Hacking has become a real threat in the past years, so something like this is not unheard of.

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Rare footage of North Korea

North Korea has experienced an extreme flooding recently , which has resulted in loss of crops, housing units and personal belongings of many of It's inhabitants. Luckily, only 400 have gone missing, which is fine compared to the half a million that now lay homeless. Our hearts and support go out to North Korea , we hope they can get by this quickly, with UN aid. As people, we must put our difference of creed aside during tragedies. Here is some rare footage courtesy of Reuters  :

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Man kills 6 people in Sikh temple then dies

It just so happens that all too recently, the aurora massacre was still a fresh story, and all of a sudden, another massacre happens. This time a "self proclaimed" neo-nazi" decided to walk into a Muslim temple and open fire.The gunman was  confronted by a police officer in the midst of the shooting, he opened fire on the police officer, but the officer sent him a fatal shot through the forehead, resulting in the end of the massacre.The brave officer is now in intensive care, word has it he wont make it.  Two other people also lie dying in a hospital with near fatal wounds. We, again, condone this action as another act of terrorism, like the aurora theater massacre.We are sad to see that the most powerful country in the world cannot regulate access to weapons of war (mgs, smgs , rifles etc etc) within it's own borders.We also believe...

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Possible Resurgence of Ebola in Uganda

After a week of secrecy , one of the largest hospitals in Uganda (Kagadi Hospital) has confirmed that the 16 people that died in the past week at this hospital have indeed died of the dangerous, and viral infection called Ebola.Ebola is a type of virus/germ hybrid that lives naturally in the African soil (for whatever reason thats the only place it lives). When strange conditions occur, the virus resurges and attacks apes and humanoids alike, nobody can quite predict these surges because they occur spontaneously. The victims will grow puss-balls, throw up, have high fever and diarrhea, then succumb to the infection and die.The largest problem is that Ebola is like a plague , when the germ enters one human, and it is deadly 90% of the time, It spreads through populations VERY quickly, resulting in exterminations of villages cities and possibly, entire countries.Should you be worried? The Hospital states...

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UN,Russia and China begin mobilization into Syria

UN,Russia and China begin mobilization into Syria

It might sound utterly absurd, but early today, a Russian cargo ship arrived in Syria carrying troops and weapons. We can’t say for sure what they intend to do there other than safeguard their major seaport. Furthermore, China is refusing pleas by the UN to come in and sort out the chaos. As people that are only speculating, it looks like a repeat of Vietnam-Iraq and Afghanistan -Syria. Tensions are certainly on the rise, despite lack of coverage by our news broadcasters, there is an uneasy feeling throughout the world, an eerie gathering tempest is just mobilizing to erupt in a violent storm of fire.

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Oregon man gets plague after taking mouse from a cat's mouth

Oregon man gets plague after taking mouse from a cat's mouth

You heard it right an Oregon man was trying to save some poor mouse from a cat's mouth and the mouse bit him. Hell, he was probably pretty smart because the cat also bit him (double penetration). And go figure, the man gets the 200 year old bubonic plague! All we can say about this is that clearly this man is a noob when it comes to handling a wild mouse (which is the deadliest animal on earth).Should you be scared? Well, considering the fact that 74% of Europe was destroyed by the plague, there is reason for you to believe that this could be an apocalyptic virus. So you should definitely be very afraid.

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Mysterious yellow fog covers Wuhan , China

Mysterious yellow fog covers Wuhan , China

Early this morning, the three million residents of Wahun, China arose to a grizzly site: the entire city had been engulfed in a yellow fog cloud. As people flee the city, young and old are asked to wear gas-masks and stay inside ventilated units. Chinese officials claim that the cloud was caused by farmers burning wheat (ha, because we have totally seen that happen). External references are pointing to a potential chemical plant melt-down. Anyways here is a video of the horrendous site: We have reason to believe that this might be a chemical explosion near the city.China has politely asked us to stop talking about this matter. Dearest apologies, we respect china and hope they can deal with this in a professional matter.

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Deadly crash in Dorchester, Ma results in 2 dead and 1 confirmed dead shortly after.

Early Tuesday, at 4:30 am, a car in the vicinity of Morrissey Boulevard skid off a bridge and hit the abutment. The two young men thought to have been under the influence of alcohol are confirmed to have been killed on impact. The young woman was confirmed dead shortly after being transported to the Boston medical center. No names have been released yet by authorities. The accident took place in a segment of the bridge with a fall more than 30 feet high. The burning wrecks of the vehicle were recovered by emergency personnel. For some reason, the vehicle never caught fire. This is a photo courtesy of the Boston Globe

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James Whitey Bulger Captured

James Whitey Bulger Caught

James Whitey Bulger was captured early this morning in Santa Monica, California on a tip given by an individual that seemed to recognize the now aged ...

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Woman Boiled To Death In Volcano

Woman Boiled In Volcano Woman Boiled In Volcano

Tragic News! A woman fell an estimated 500 feet into raw magma inside of the outer chambers of Mount Nyiragongo in the DRC (Democratic Republic Of Con...

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Victims Of Colombia Space disaster Remembered

Columbia Space Disaster Columbia Space Disaster

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida - The space carry Columbia has separated in the skies over Texas, murdering every one of the seven space travelers on board in...

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