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Zimmerman emerges a hero

George ZimmermanYou would think that following the great riots post the acquittal of George Zimmerman under the "stand your ground law" in the Tryvon Martin case would leave Zimmerman in a relatively bad position. Just that occurred for the past few days, causing Zimmerman to go into hiding for the fear of his own life.Well, today this "public enemy" emerged, and ironically it was Zimmerman that pulled a man from a overturned truck (in serious danger of fatal injury). Yes, yes, after days of fearing for his own life, the very man we expected to get severe negative reps has emerged as a hero. Now what would have happened to the truck driver if Zimmerman got jail time?Well, this is certainly something nobody saw coming. Rumors state he saved three other people from the wreckage as well.Here is something absolutely ridiculous though , WND is stating the family was white, in an...

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Miguel Angel Trevino Morales captured

Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, a brutal Mexican drug lord (not more brutal than chapo guzman) has finally been captured. After years of slaughtering innocent civilians, and displaying the bodies for all to see, a few people will be able to sleep well at night.Regardless of the fact that the cartel leader is caught, his organization will quickly elect a new leader and the violence will continue. Miguel Angel Trevino Morales will be held in a prison for the rest of his life, but the Mexican drug war is far from over. Miguel Angel Trevino Morales arrested

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Cory Monteith found dead

Cory Monteith, a star on the hit tv series "Glee" was found killed to death in his apartment housing unit. Shortly after police arrived and probed the body, they concurred that Cory Monteith was not killed to death, but rather that a drug overdose was to blame. Cory Monteith deadAs is often the case with young stars, people's expectations and their ability to perform begin to conflict severely. The use of drugs to soothe pressure, stress , and the daily act that needs to be put on usually develops rapidly in such cases.Over time, the actor/star develops a dangerous addiction ; they can't quite be "themselves" without the drugs. Some will often seek help, but this is a feign because they will secretly always lapse.Eventually, regardless of expensive therapies, rehabilitation centers, and persona trainers, the lack of close familial support , and the inability to cope with the reality of "getting...

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George Zimmerman found not guilty

zimmerman not guiltyYesterday was a very tense moment, the families of dead boy Treyvon Martin , and the alleged shooter , George Zimmerman met in court to hear the verdict of a 6 person jury.The verdict came after over a year of trial and other court procedures. As anticipated, Zimmerman was found not guilty by reason/virtue of self defense. You see, when you are having your head slammed against pavement by anyone, regardless of race, color or religion , your instinct will always be to fight -- for if you don't you will die.Because it is very proper to defend yourself by all means necessary , sometimes people that go mad end up dead. As the old saying goes "its either me or the other guy". In a life and death struggle , there is no racial based fury, there is no hatred, only the will to survive.In response to the...

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Muhammad Morsi ousted, Muslim brotherhood arrested

When we spoke last about the demand by all Egyptian commoners to oust Muhhammed Morsi, the now former leader of the Egyptian government, we told you this would be " something to keep an eye on". Today we speak for a changed Egypt. Morsi was taken down from power by a democratic military , most high ranking members of the dangerous Muslim brotherhood have been arrested, and Egypt is now commanded by a high-ranking judge, age 83 to be exact. It appears that the efforts of the people of Egypt to rectify their wrongs during that failed uprising which partnered with the death of a United States senator overseas has finally turned "full moon". Egypt is now a more democratic nation , as it has been liberated from Morsi and his supporters. Egyptians will no longer live in fear , there might no longer be silencing of people that are "outspoken" ,...

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Egyptians revolt again

Egyptians protesting in 2013 against presidentWhen those Egyptians began setting fire to flags and killing each other on the streets to kill their current regime, we sort of predicted that a Islamic extremist would take the spot. What we never told you is that the "democratically elected" leader was actually using similar tactics to the previous leader to gain power :intimidation.Yes, people were threatened, polls were burned , people were killed etc. The usual chain of events ended when a new leader , and member of the dangerous Muslim brotherhood, was elected. All seemed happy as people were oppressed , and Egypt soon faded from the news.Now , millions of people are taking to the streets (I guess they think if you can do it once, why not do it again) , again armed with weapons and fire bombs, ready to topple the current "democratically elected" leader's regime. Can you imagine,...

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Australian oldman's carjacking scheme foiled

Old man arrested for jackingIn a very normal event *sigh* , an old man has been arrested for jacking it, no no no no! He was not doing the kony thing , no no. Much rather, this old man was jacking a car.In the middle of the day, in the outskirts of an Australian town , a 22 year old girl was driving about, doing her typical errands. Suddenly, as she was getting near a shopping center, a 64 year old raisin takes out a large knife and puts it to her throat.Being the wimp she was, the woman fled. Authorities arrived at the scene minutes later , only to find grandpa putting his walker and shopping bags in the trunk of the car. Busted!Grandpa will now be serving a short sentence in prison for grand theft auto and threatening a life with a weapon.

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Man killed with ipod

ipod killerA North Hampton, Ohio man was killed today in a bizarre killing. According to eye witness reports, a man was jogging around with an eyepod in his ears, probably attached to his utility belt. All of a sudden a "would be thief" grabbed the ipod from the man's rear utility belt.After over ten seconds of struggling , the thief finally grabbed the ipod and began running. The thief tripped on his own shoelace, which was untied, and the ipod owner tackled the thief to the ground.Following a bitter struggle , the ipod owner took his utility belt, put the ipod in on one end of the leather pouch , and began using it as a handle. He then grabbed the thief by the neck and began strangling him.As a crowd grew around the two men , the ipod owner got off and merged with the crowd. Paramedics would soon arrive....

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Justin Miller found dead

Justin Miller, the thirty five year old pro baseball pitcher has been found dead. The cause of death at this time is unknown, and foul play is not being ruled out. The location of the body is unknown and the status/state of the body is relatively unknown. Miller was a career-driven pitcher that played on several teams including the Blue Jays and Dodgers.He will be dearly missed by his adoring fans and fellow ball players alike. We hope we will have more news on this matter soon. justin miller dead

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Aaron Hernandez led from home in handcuffs

From his million dollar mansion , Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has been led away by by police in handcuffs. Obviously , this means there is significant evidence pointing to Hernandez , whom was questioned earlier by police, as the culprit in the resent murder of a young wannabe football player. Evidence suggests something drug related was the spark that began the entire confrontation.Recently, an unidentified woman was also questioned in regards to the case, as her car was seen in the dumping of the body of the dead football player Odin Lloyd who was found murdered earlier last week.No further information is exactly freely available at the time, but arrrests usually don't exactly signal "innocence" , which would explain why the body was found close to Hernandez' house...Hernandez has a five year multi million dollar contract with the New England Patriots, and well, he might have just blew it over some...

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Man killed to death at Lebron James sneaker debut

Of all things, the words "man killed to death" in headlines usually mean serious business. Today this business involved one bum, one "homie" and a pair of ultra-fancy sneakers marketed by locally famous basketball guru Lebron James.Lets see, according to eye witness reports, around fifty customers lined up at a local shoe store for the the debut of Lebron's signature sneaker brand. Although only about twenty one pairs were available, more than fifty patrons lined up outside the shoe store.Only half an hour before the store opened, a bum wielding a knife was asking for donations, or perhaps shoes (ambiguous). Perhaps the an wasn't wielding a knife at all, suggest police reports.Well anyways, things got bitter, people got harassed and one man pulled a gun on the bum , shooting him to death. Then , without a hint of remorse, the shooter got back into the line and waited for the...

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A new civil war on the verge in Turkey

turkish protester with Molotov cocktailThe nation of turkey is a frail imp compared to it's once vast empire. But, unlike most of it's neighbors to the east, Turkey (after it's defeat in world war one)  has practically separated religion and state. This in the general consensus is a very good thing , mainly because it has allowed Turkey to move ahead while it's Persian neighbors have been left in the stone age (no offense).Unfortunately, the new Turkish leadership has begun a regression to archaic things, such as separation by sex and emphasis of religious holidays over National holidays. The second thing is perfectly fine, it truly is because this is their country and they can make whatever they want more or less important. However segregating sexes in schooling is an archaic practice, sure there are all boy and all girl schools throughout the world, but public school segregation stopped in Europe...

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Actress sends ricin to Obama and Bloomberg

An actress has allegedly sent poisonous letter to New York mayor Micheal Bloomburgers and president Barrack Obama. After sending the letters, the actress dialed the nearest number for the CIA , and informed them of the  plot --claiming it was orchestrated by her husband.Soon, the woman was beaten to the ground by men in SWAT uniforms --apparently her scheme failed. The 26 year old actress could not be found a lawyer willing to work for her, and sequentially has been canned into a near-by prison until further notice.This only comes two months after the souther senator being sent ricin -- see that here: senator sent ricin letter. The actress will be held until further notice, and any new updates on the case will be noted here, on this post. actress sends president and mayor ricin

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Man killed by wasps

wasp stealing a poor cicada -ncsu (photo credits)According to coroner reports, a Minnesota man was stung early today by over 400 North American wasps , producing over 3,000 stings to the face, abdomen and throat, resulting in his premature death.The coroner noted that although the man was clearly not allergic to the dangerous insects (lack of instant reaction), the tremendous amount of poison injected into him caused a slow and painful death.When the poison from the wasp stinger is injected into the human bloodstream, the body reacts by clotting up around the poison , in an attempt to stop the poison from reaching the brain through the heart. This results in massive clotting, which usually will then be filtered out of the body , but as in this case, the sheer amount really made it impossible to prevent fatality.Coroners have claimed that the man probably knocked a huge wasp nest ,...

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Beaver kills fisherman

In a very strange breaking news story, there has been a report from Belarus where a fisherman attempt to take a photo of a beaver (probably female during hatching season). The fisherman leaned in for the photo , and that's when his life ended. The beaver ran at him , biting his leg.The man would later die due to blood-loss, simply because those sharp incisors tore apart a vital artery. Although the man's friends tried to stop the bleeding , the 60 year old native succumb to his injuries and died.Beavers , believe it or not, are as fast on land as they are in water. And those teeth that tear up trees can easily penetrate human flesh and bones. Not to mention, mother beavers, like all nursing mothers, are very defensive of their babies. Look at this harmful serial killer

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Snow slams Vermont and New York

Yesterday, what appeared to be just an average 30 second "rain to snow" sprinkle turned pretty intense. At around 12:00 eastern time , small little flakes of snow began to pounder in the areas of high elevation.What locals predicted to be "the final fluttering of flakes" of the 2012-2013 year quickly accumulated to more than three feet in depth. Highways in both states were shut down , and this memorial day, people will be left to shovel over three feet of wet snow.What can we say, perhaps this is a farewell gift from this rather bitter winter? Whatever it is, it was record snowfall for both areas , especially for this "last month of spring". The weather in this country is just acting up recently , isn't it? record may 2013 snowfall in new york and vermont

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Two women drown in San Antonio, Texas flooding

In a strange turn of events, torrential downpours in Texas have caused massive flooding. It's weird how all this doomsday weather has occurred, including the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma , sounds almost like 2012 all over again.Well , anyways, there has been tremendous damage caused to the infra-structure of San Antonio. Flooding has fell trees , damaged power-lines, water has sunk homes,destroyed automobiles, and even caused two deaths (maybe three).It is very shocking to see flooding in Texas , which is still one of this country's driest states. The flooding prompted local authorities to perform almost 300 "life risking" operations to recover stranded or "near-dead" persons. All of these ended pretty successfully, but two women were not so fortunate.A woman in her 60s was swept by the currents in her car. Authorities attempted to try to save her, but the car overturned and she drowned. Authorities were unable to flip the car or...

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Filthy terrorist chops apart British soldier in broad daylight

Early today two Islamic radical militants, residing in the U.K. , attacked and killed a British soldier with a meat cleaver. While screaming filthy blasphemy in their native tongues, they "chopped the man like a butcher does a piece of meat". The head was rumored to be removed as were a majority of all limbs.The men were confronted by armed enforcement, but they precoded to chop like the mad dogs they were, so like mad dogs, they were shot but not reported to be killed. This was an "ideology led craze" say British authorities , prompted by Islamic extremism, just like the Boston Bombers.The voracity of the attack and the extent of obvious hatred awakens us all to a grim reality : this "religion of peace" appears to be the root cause of recent attacks. Even with people that preached violence being killed  (bin laden and al zwahiri) , random radicals...

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Oklahoma tornado causes severe damage

A sever Tornado reported in Oklahoma has caused severe structural damage, destroying multiple school and shopping centers. The damage up to this point most certainly is not well documented.Some claim that "numerous casualties have been sustained". Although possible, these sources are heavily unreliable.Just a few miles away from Oklahoma City, images might speak better than words. Clearly the fact that the damage is being addressed hours after the storm has passed is not a good thing. destroyed townThroughout the afflicted area, citizens have taken and submitted images of the carnage to twitter. Luckily, we got our hands on two of these images. Oklahoma tornado 2013 Oklahoma tornado destroys townThere are still many horrific rumors of ongoing fires, trapped people and body counts. We can't confirm any of this, but we will do a more detailed report when we get more information in.Update 05/22/2013Death toll stands at 132 , mostly children. This...

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Female vigilante chases down kidnapper

A mother was out for a stroll at a local park in Albuquerque, NM early today. Unfortunately, she took her eyes off her child for less than one single minute, and her child was kidnapped.As oppose to what the average person would do, this clearly dedicated mother took things into her own hands. Thats right! She sped right after the alleged kidnapper!The chase ended when the mother allegedly crashed her car into the kidnapper's car. The kidnapper then took off on foot, official word does not disclose the condition of the child, or if the child was even located in the car. Perhaps the kidnapper took her with him?Anyways, the kidnapper ran as fast as he could into the surrounding woods. Police have set up a five hundred yard perimeter, and are using every man they can spare, and many dogs as well.The kidnapper is alleged to have conducted an earlier...

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