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New Orleans mothersday shooting

Police gather evidence in new Orleans shootingWe have many "reliable" sources pointing to another unexpected surge of violence; this time in New Orleans. Sources state that during a peaceful "Mother's Day" parade, a string of three individuals rushed the crowd, and poured them with lead.At least  nineteen people were injured. Four suffered "life-threatening" injuries, but don't appear to be in "unstable" circumstances as of this hour. No deaths have occurred as of this moment.Police indicate that this is most likely common "street crime" , probably over money. Not that it really matters, this is appalling.Under these circumstances just remember , future tragedies will occur, and panic or action against anything other than the perpetrators is improper.Likewise , the situation of "gun control" should not come up , because remember , even police offers pull guns on innocent people.

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Israel preemptively attacks Syria

Israel, the product of wester pity, has decided to (without reason) attack and bombard Syrian targets. It is not understood why they have suddenly become so "trigger happy" , as we have stated before , the civil war in Syria should be decided by Syria alone, no external forces. Israel bombards SyriaIt's kind of strange how a country has the nerve to enter another's airspace without a formal declaration of war , killing people and then the rest of the world does not turn on them. Sure , Syria is a mess. Of course, there are rumors that they are using chemical weapons against whatever in hell the "rebels" are.Remember, we thought Iraq also had these types of weapons, and they never did. Even though Israel is not directly being threatened by Syria, it is only possible to assume that they want to test their armed forces on a more modern...

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This lettuce died because of you

The image you are about to see is extremely shocking, it might bring you to an impasse about what you should eat for the remainder of your life.... This lettuce died because of you

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Boston Bomber older brother's youtube

The older Boston bombing terrorist ,Tamerlan Tsarnaev has a clear motive for what he has done. We have done some investigation work, and we have found his youtube channel. He has clearly taken an extreme liking to videos promoting anti-western Muslim action. The most shocking video he seems to have liked pictured a cameleon walking over a par of sunglasses , entailing that a true terrorist would be the most effective undetected , which we already posted as a possible reason why al-queda and the chechans would send these guys (with military training) over. Source : "Boston bomber motives" Tamerlan Tsarnaev youtubeHis video playlists included music by the extreme chechnan singer "Timur Mucuraev" , a compilation on the teachings of Islam and lastly, a play-list entitled "terrorism". Tamerlan Tsarnaev boxingAside from his islamic militarized views , this guy seemed pretty normal. He was a boxer , had friends (not American) , and...

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Boston Bombers Identified

The perpetrator of the Boston marathon bombing has been identified! After only two days, two men identified as Chechen youthes attending Boston University have been positively identified as the killers. Chechnan Boys Bomb BostonEarly this morning , one of them killed himself with a suicide bomb strike when the two men got into a gunfight with two police. Both police officers were killed , but one of the Chechen terrorists managed to escape,  apparently seeking refuge in the city of Watertown, a few miles south of Boston.And what are their intentions? Well, for now you need to just understand, and hopefully educate those around you , that these men are not Russian. These men are a racial minority that exists on the Russian border with Georgia, the people that inhabit it are Muslim. They have for over 200 years waged war with their Russian occupants, and every time , they have...

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Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi sent poision

senator roger wickerSenator Roger Wicker of Mississippi got a ton of (what he perceived) to be "fan-mail". At the end of the note, there was a small notice stating "the letters have been poisoned".Naturally, the senator handed the letters over to the authorities, which after careful testing, had revealed the presence of  ricin , a nuerotoxin. The senator is now on "high alert protection" from outside sources and everything is being investigated at a normal pace.If you want to know about ricin, it is a highly potent toxin that affect the human system diversely. First, much like other nueropoisons, it can halt or alltogether stop functionality of reception between nerves and the brain, causing numbness and paralysis.But ricin does something far worse, it blocks the human body's ability to form protein. As such, upon initial ingestion , there are no affects. But over time, the compromised areas afflicted will bubble up,...

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Two Explosions in Boston leave many injured

explosions bostonIn what appears to be an absolute horrific end to the Boston marathon, two medium-sized explosions have caused massive amounts of carnage. Multiple people have been confirmed to be in "critical" near-fatal condition.People in the surrounding buildings [above and below] appear to have also suffered damage. The surrounding buildings' structures may have been compromised due to the explosions, and access to the general public has been restricted at this time.The main cause of the explosion may be a gas line, but that was quickly ruled out because the warning sign prior to the explosion was white smoke, and natural gas is colorless.People have, as they usually do , just rampaged the hell away from the explosion.  We will continue to give coverage as the event continues to be reported publically. explosion in Boston leaves many injured aftermath The explosion -perhaps a gas leak-The Marathon website has stated "it is presumed...

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China And USA will deal with North Korea peacefully

China, the country that prompted the creation of North Korea ,after it's own post ww2 communist revolution , has stepped up today and dedicated itself to disarming North Korea of it's nuclear weapons peacefully.The United States' own senator Kerry met with consul Yang Jiechi , who acts as the secretary of state of china (international relations).  The two men discussed the most current issue in the easter Asian region : the two Koreas.Appropriately , China has promised to help keep it's ally , North Korea from utter destruction by taking and deporting all North Korean nuclear weapons. This would reach a diplomatic solution and end this "gathering tempest" in one swift and righteous move.If we think about it like a game of chess, north Korea would now have a king in between two kings, no matter where they move, they will be in check.Since china is still North Koreas ultimate supplier...

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Two people shot in mall near college campus , gunman in custody

Another shooting just happened, this time a deranged man shot two people, and then tried to undress himself. He did this in a mall that was part of a local community college campus.He submit himself without resisting to authorities, he will now be held there until whatever court will carry out his sentence will see him.Apparently , these two women were targeted at random, and local students now fear coming to school. Either the radiation in the drinking supply has gone up, or we are getting more shootings reported by the media -both appear to be true-. two women shot by naked gunmanHere is my hint to news agencies : stop freaking broadcasting this crap, it inspires other mentally ill individuals to do the same thing! N00b reporters! 

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Jonathan Winters Dies

At age 87, the all-American stand up comedian has died of natural causes. A man that could make even the rich elite of his day burst into laughter, Winter's is noted as one of the "funniest men" in American history.His mimicry and ability to improvise on the spot gave him a near uncontested status as the funny guy of his time. He would prove to be the inspiration behind hundreds of famous comedians today, most notably Jim Carry (who I personally don't think is funny).Jonathan Winters will be missed severely by all those that idolized him, and all those that loved him. May he rest in piece knowing that he has ceded his name into the history books :) Jonathan winters dies at age 87

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One Billion Cicadas To Attack The East Coast

For years and year, they have lain in the ground, dreaming. Since the dawn of time, they have slowly progressed ; from worms to worms with legs , to full grown and functioning animals. Today, it is my pleasure to announce that the eastern coast of the continental United States Of America will be attacked by a swarm of the most demonic bug known to man kind: the cicada! These are indeed the annoying bugs that wont stfu during the summer with their repetitive buzzing. And for years now, they have been gathering their forces deep underground, waiting for that "perfect moment" to pounce on humanity. And soon, these legions of sleeping cicadas will be storming into our backyards, in the BILLIONS! And truly, that's no joke or exaggeration. The fact that they have been training underground for 17 years to destroy our planet sounds sci-fi , but rest assured, this...

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Alien found in area 51

In what appears to be the worst display of secrecy, some guy found an alien in the area 51 are using google maps satellite imagery. Just wow.Just yesterday we were all thinking that aliens were a huge conspiracy theory crafted by crazy people, and today we get this!

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10 and 11 year old boys to be charged as criminal adults

In a shocking outcome, and something this is extremely rare, two fifth-grade students will be tried for conspiracy to commit murder as adults. The alleged defendants plotted to murder a girl in their 5th grade classroom that was "annoying".The boys went all out, plotting the area of overpowering, what would be used to tie her while stabbing her. And finally, a plot to use a handgun to deliver the fatal blow, carefully planned for the forehead.The extremely well thought out circumstances of this case are a cause for concern, stated the judge trying the case. The boys were noted to be exceptionally "remorseless"  during the hearing.As odd as it sounds, these boys don't sound too sane, so perhaps they need to be evaluated , just to see what is really the core-cause of this misunderstanding. It is rare to find anyone that is willing to kill at such an early age,...

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Buckwild star Shain Gandee murdered

Buckwild, a popular show on mtv , had it's hit star , Shain Gandee (age 21) missing for almost a week.Unfortunately, this morning police have found his body, along with three other unidentified men.What appears to be the case with "the cause of death" are execution style strangle marks and gunshot wounds. The car was found bogged up in a river , probably in an attempt to hide the evidence. No further information is available at this time.Shain will be missed by his adoring fans, and everyone close to him, such a tragedy is truly unfortunate.

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Korean war peace treaty nulled "A state of war now exists between North Korea and South Korea"

Korean war restarts 2013What are principles without a force to back them? That is what we must ask ourselves today, because we warned you that unless someone speaks to the north in a neutral but anti-war matter, the peace treaty of 1953 would be nulled.As of yesterday, the treaty has officially been crushed and obliterated by both the North and the South. That's right, the Korean war is back, for all of you Korean war veterans, you probably feel pretty dumb right now , right? Maybe Douglas Macarthur was right, the whole country should have been taken and made into one , its just too dangerous to allow two countries that claim each other as part of themselves to coexist, conflict is imminent.North Korea has noted such things as "any attempt by the South to threaten our existence will be dealt with in a war-time fashion"  "If the United States intervenes,...

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Stupid children kill infant and wound mother

A bunch of stupid, no good waste of life hooligans accordingly attempted to mug a woman early this week. The woman, unidentified at this time, was walking her 13 month old son in a stroller.These sick , disgusting and worthless scumbags stopped the woman, and forced her to pay up at gunpoint. The woman was poor, and told them she didn't have anything on her. At that time one of these sick, disgusting and worthless wastes of life pulled out a gun and told the lady they would shoot her child.She adamantly pleaded for her child's life , and told them she really had nothing [she really did not have any money on her]. So these sick boys age 14 and 17 began to fire upon this woman , grazing her head and kneecapping her.As she was lying in a pool of her own blood, the 17 year old scumbag went...

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6000 dead pigs wash up in chinese river

Ok, lets see here, a group of Chinese pig farmers decided it would be a peachy idea to use a local fresh water river to dispose of over 6000 dead pigs. Now, even in china microbial infection is looked down upon , although groundwater poisoning due to mines is not so commonly addressed.So, the people that threw these bodies into the river, which locals use to drink and irrigate crops, all got away. But there is a sick twist to this gruesome story , some people fished the dead pigs out, and sold the meat on the market. People actually bought and ate it , if properly cooked this shouldn't be an issue, but it makes you a bit sick huh?Although the dumpees were not charged, those that sold the flesh received from a week to 6 years in Chinese government-run prisons , was it worth it?I don't think so!Hopefully the...

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NASA claims aliens are approaching

Nasa's flagship telescope, Hubble, has unveiled what appears to be a space invader heading right for earth, and we all thought we were safe. This thing is traveling at 200 light-years a day, and it is on a direct collision course with the world.Some say it is an alien spaceship, some say it is a rogue planetless galaxy , whatever it is , it was nice knowing you all. Here is the image of our attacker: Aliens are coming says NASA

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Pakistani Christian disses Muhammad -Muslims burn down Christian homes-

Lets see here... a 20 something year old Christian Pakistani (rare mix there) was drinking with his Muslim friends.   I guess they were so shitfaced that they began telling him they would accuse him of blasphemy against the prophet Mohammad.Now we also know that this guy was indeed accused of this, and if proven guilty, will be executed by firing squad.  Yes, in Pakistan, you still get shot if you insult Muhammad.So yes, this peaceful bunch of Muslims wanted to take the guy in themselves, and stone him until dead. When the local authorities decided not to allow this to happen, they themselves were stoned by this crowd of angry Muslims , not to death thanks to their high-end American made riotshields. Here we see some of these peaceful peopleBut the crowd couldn't go without bloodshed, so they went to a town harboring a small Christian community. And being the peaceful...

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World says "no" to helping polar bears

Sadly, an international committee headed by the USA and seconded by Canada decided to shut down an international regulation on hunting, near extinct and critically endangered polar bears.WHY? WHY???? It's very sad to watch rich scumbags just disrespect an entire species like this to save a few bucks. Damn the human race, we aren't even giving them a chance, but on top of that we are hunting them just for their furs. It pains us to say this, but the Polar Bear will be another passenger pigeon. These poor polar bears, they will be no more in our own lifetimes.How can a world that is so scientifically motivated let this happen? The world is a sick and horrible place it appears, and no mercy shall be bestowed on those less fortunate. In the end the polar bear stands no chance. No matter our efforts, the will of many [corrupt] people shall...

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