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Federal reserve hacked

The federal reserve of the United States was hacked early today , following what they called "an exploit in our vendor product" which had subsequently "been patched". The product is now considered "impenetrable" , and all known threats have been treated accordingly. Nobody was made aware of what exactly was compromised, nor should we care , since the reserve stated any information leaked was "negligible". The US Federal Reserve Hacked 

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Ex cop wanted after killing cop : injures another

Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, once a cop for the Los Angeles police department has turned his attention to retribution on his ex colleagues, following termination for reporting "use of excessive force" by a fellow officer.Dorner took himself up on his promise of retribution before 2:00 am this morning. He allegedly shot two police officers, killing one, and maiming the other. Dorner Cop KillerDorner then fled the scene, but his letter has left a grizzly fear leaching from the Los Angeles police department, his words "I will have retribution without mercy on anyone that serves the LA PD be they in uniform or not" send shock waves , and cause popular support for a call to arms against this enraged cop killer.Now we don't know what exactly happened, and corruption does happen , but being violent is not the solution.

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Tug of war turns into amputation

A friendly tug-of war competition at a High School in California has ended in two seniors being shipped on stretchers to a hospital. Accordingly, the rope which was being used was f@#&ing possessed , grabbing onto the students' fingers. When the tug of war came to a climax, the rope snapped, ripping the fingers off both boys. Fingers amputatedThis was literally a gruesome amputaion that tore the fingers off, with a sound resembling that of "tearing wet cloth". At an instant blood and fingers lay everywhere.Both boys - Edith Rodriguez and Pablo Ocegueda - are expected to live, obviously. Doctors have not said how "repairable" the damage is.This is just plain horrible, words cannot describe how sickly ironic this is -_-

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Female prison guard arrested for having affair with cop killer

Nancy Gonzalez, 29, prison guard and pregnant. Nothing seems out of the ordinary here, until DNA tests have confirmed that the child is Ronell Wilson's ,a serial murderer.According to her lawyer, she is "mentally incapacitated" and a product of a "savage childhood". She appeared in court bitterly unprepared, and looking mentally unstable.Since she is almost expecting, the judge had some mercy on her and placed her on 150k administrative bond. The bond was paid, and she was released, lamenting.Gonzalez did not comment on the matter, nor did any of her friends/relatives. Nancy Gonzales - courtesy of yahooIt is actually unfortunate, but many female prison guards tend to form attractions with inmates. Some famous cases have shown that they could help the inmates escape out of "passion" , and in rare cases, they can be lead to kill or commit other crimes, such as smuggling contraband for their estranged lovers.  We cannot...

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Blacklabel ads 404 not found

Ok, so on February 01. 2013, the famous ad host network "adbrite" had decided to shut down. We were never made aware of this, and our main source of income, which we never collected was from blacklabelads and adbrite. blacklabeladsWe never even received notification, because we were a publisher, not an advertiser. All emails we have sent to adbrite, and blacklabel have come back as "server could not be reached" errors.We cant even tell you, as our dear readers, how detrimental this course of action is to our existence. Just imagine, this is our only way of paying for everything, and now it's gone. So you can safely say, we will look for alternatives, but we are losing much time and money working on our beloved project that yields no income.We made you a promise, we will not allow this to set us back, we will come out of this turmoil...

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Standoff ends , Jimmy Lee Dykes dead

Jimmy Lee Dykes DeadJimmy Lee Dykes, the lone insane Vietnam vet -known for beating dogs to death- had taken a child to his underground survival bunker shortly after gunning down a bus driver, was fatally shot by police forces in the afternoon today.The sudden course of repercussion taken by the FBI seems to have been spurred by Dykes' irate tone of voice, claiming he would "shoot the boy in an instant". Apparently,  police forces saw Dykes put the gun to the child's head, or something they perceived as "do or die".This ends the almost six day long standoff between Dykes and police. The child is alright, and nobody other than Dykes and the busdriver, Poland appear to be dead. The police forces refuse to comment on how Dykes was killed, be it suicide or assassination, it really matters not. We can all rest easy tonight, another psychopath has been neutralized.

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Schoolboy held captive in underground bunker for third day

A kindergartener was allegedly snatched from a school bus by a deranged man, and subsequently confined in a deep underground bunker.The man holding him captive, although we don't have the name disclosed. was suppose to show up to court for attempted manslaughter on his neighbor over small 4x4 foot piece of property.Instead of heading to court, this man found a school-bus, shot the driver (66 year old Charles Poland) , and abducted a child , sending him to his underground layer.We also know that the child suffers from some illness that requires him to take medication daily, if he fails to do so, he might die. Bus driver Charles Poland, 66 RIP*Update*The man is confirmed to bee Jimmy Lee Dykes, a retired truck driver and Vietnam Vet. Police suspect he might be suffering from paranoid delusions, and his bunker indicates he may be a "doomsday prepper" , like that show on...

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Rick Ross' car targeted by drive-by shooters

Rick Ross possibly deadPopular rapper Rick Ross was identified as a passenger in his Rolls Royce , which was machine-gunned and drove into a building. He is probably not dead, but we cannot confirm anything. Rick was in the car with a woman, nothing more has been disclosed. Authorities claimed "no injuries were sustained" which is great, but is it the truth?

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French success in Mali

When France intervened in Mali a a week ago, we were never concerned with the outcome of this tiny war, nor did we expect there to be much loss of life. Luckily for us, the French aided attack has had success after success this past week. Timbuktu in ruinsFrance has helped regain about 84% of the country's cities within one week, and the barbaric extremists have been sent to the arid wastelands to the north. There, hopefully , they will starve and die off. Unfortunately, in order to assure full blown success, the joint strike forces will have to pursuit these barbaric people into the north, which as Afghanistan has shown us, may be costly.Timbuktu has literally been leveled. As a primary source of ancient scriptures, and human knowledge, this once thriving metropolis turned city fortress lays  in absolute ruin. The ware-abouts of all the ancient scriptures , artifacts and the...

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Boyscouts considering ending ban on homosexuals

The boy scouts of North America have proposed today that "perhaps it is time to lift the restriction on homosexuals in the boy scouts" -this includes members and leaders-. Many would argue that this is a move in the "right direction". We think otherwise, and it really has nothing to do with gays.We think it is a move in the wrong direction because people will refuse to allow their children to be sent away to these training centers due to the high probability of getting raped or being forced to play around with other young boys, effectively exposing them to something morally dangerous that can alter their psyche later in life.Again, we personally could care less, but this might be a detrimental mistake for the preservation of these organizations. There is a reason why men no longer willingly want to be priests, rumors are more powerful than one can fathom. Ask...

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Peter Robbins, Charlie Brown Arrested For Stalking

chucky goes to jail forever GGPeter Brown, voice of the iconic Charlie Brown has been arrested for stalking. The 56 year old man was arrested early today for allegedly following a woman, and making threats of decapitation against her.Upon deportation to the local police department, a background check issued on the spot yielded a criminal background, and an arrest warrant in another county.We don't have much more, but this sounds freaking hilarious, poor Charlie Brown, secretly grows up to be a rapist stalker.

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Lance Armstrong forced to give up bronze medals

Lance ArmstrongLance Armstrong has been forced to give up bronze his medals following his not so shocking confession of "doping" prior to the marijuana incident that forced the surrender of his gold and silver medals. The international community, and heads of fair sport and "doping" have concurred that Mr shamed Armstrong  should surrender all medals, even minor bronze ones.Lance Armstrong, as we have stated before, has literally lost all hopes of ever competing again, even though he beat cancer, he could not beat the all-powerful bliss of cannibus.Lance Armstrong forced to give up bronze medals? Indeed! Armstrong can't even have a bronze medal any more. What in the h3ll was he thinking, everyone knows dope shows up in random drug tests :facepalm:  

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A simple solution to gun control

Gun ControlGun Control: How about this ladies and gentlemen, how about before one purchases a firearm, they have to pay for a background check (59$ US -gangbangers will have less weapons and ammo-)? Let's also have something like a "renewal fee" this would be a 59$ fee at the end of the year for a 30 minute talk with a psychiatrist, just to assess if the person is dangerous. Furthermore people with birth defects of the mind such as depression, autism and bipolar disorder should never be issued firearms in the first place ( a background check should reveal the presence of these diagnosis and automatically disqualify the applicant from being allowed to purchase a gun? Households with known "diagnosed" will be rejected the right to have a firearm issued unless there is evidence that the person stated as "undesirably/diagnosed" is eitherA) Sent to  treatment center for the duration of their...

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French intervention in Mali

French intervention in Mali is immanent! French Eurofighter Jets brace up for strategic bombardment of enemy positionsThe first ever socialist president of France ,Francois Hollande, was backed by popular opinion in his crusade against Islamic insurgents in Mali. Over two thirds of the country has taken a firm stance against international terrorism, and the dissent into anarchy on the former French colony will not be tolerated by the international community.Ironically, the French were the only nation that by popular vote decided not to intervene in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. French diplomatic ministers stated:As with any other country that is overrun by militaristic extremists, the people will suffer severe oppression. Once the country is fully under insurgent control, the leaders will begin to look "onwards". This would directly threaten our (France) interests in neighboring Niger , which is rich in Uranium. As history has shown so well, there will be a domino...

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Secession denied for Texas

Following the return of president Barrack Obama , the state of Texas had over 100,000 people sign a petition for secession. Today this petition was denied, forbidding Texas from becoming an independent country, as it was for so long from 1600-1800.As we have told you before, many have warned of southern dissent and will to secede once again into a neo-confederacy.  This has been foretold by many preachers, businessmen and prominent politicians of Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico. It appears that the south is once again dissatisfied with the way things are being done in this country. Although we do applaud the lack of violence, we see it is futile to attempt to become a sovereign nation. Regardless of how large and resource rich Texas is, it has been in our country for well over a century now. Texas deniedThe following statement was released by the white house, and courtesy of news...

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Giant Squid found

Giant Squid foundHere we were all thinking "the giant squid is a myth" , "giant squids only exist in our imaginations" , "giant squids cant exist because I have never seen one" , well today a Japanese crew of scientist caught the monster in action.The giant squid has finally been observed in it's organic habitat, and heck, it acts like most other squids ,  trying to kill anything in reach with it's bony beak.We are very happy to see that such a majestic, fearsome animal does exist, and we hope to have the honor of reporting on it's existence,feeding patters, habitat, and all the good stuff in the future.

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Lottery winner killed

lottery winner killedAfter returning from Saudi Arabia, Urooj Khan bought a generic scratch ticket just to give it a try. To his surprise, he won one million dollars, which even today, is a hefty sum.But just one day before he cashed in his winnings, police found the body of Khan, foaming at the mouth, dead.As with any other inexplicable death, an autopsy was done. Men of the trade stated he had succumb to "natural causes". Which of course is strange since police found cantines of cyanide all around his house.Police have stated that "this was not natural" and that " there is probably a family member around that poisoned Khan with the intent to reap his earnings".Autopsy specialists have since withdrawn the "natural death" statement, concluding that this is indeed an act of homicide, and why not? The intentions (lottery ticket money) seem to be missing.Police will be continuing their research...

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Fight over ketchup leads to police call

KetchupIn a lonely Subway franchise located within a Walmart superstore in Orlando,Florida, there lay a feud today. A man named  Luis Martinez approached the clerk/cashier/cook named Lawrence Ordone. Martinez ordered a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich with ketchup. Ordone responded by explaining that they "didn't have any moar ketchap" , at which point Martinez asked "why?". Ordone had enough, he threw a chair and lunged at Martinez , telling him to "fight like a man". Instead, Martinez called the police and Ordone was fired from subway. Ordone remains convinced that he was correct , as does Martinez. This is truly bizarre.

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61 lay dead in ivory coast stampede following fireworks

It is a sad day today in the ivory coast, as soldiers gather bodes of youths, men and women. Apparently, a large crowd gathered to the town of Abidjan's Plateau. The crowd was excited, watching fireworks, and waiting for the last seconds of the year to end. The crowd was making barbecues, much of which was fish, and lobster. Lots of drinking also took place, mostly coconut rum and chocolate candies were consumed. Children ran around, playing, screaming, eating. And at midnight, the people went mad with happiness, hugging and singing became quite common. People shared this special moment with loved ones and fellow islanders. Following this marvelous celebration, something went awry. Everyone began to run home, like a stampede of gazelle , for no apparent reason, perhaps there was a lion on the prowl. What followed was horrific. Dust, and debris were left lingering in the air for half an...

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Norman Schwarzkopf dies

At age 78, it is unfortunate to lose a great general from the United States army. Norman Schwarzkopf, 78 died today in Tampa where he died from major complications following a sever pnemonia.Norman was the lead of all land forces, and the brains behind both Iraq wars(both of which were won , mind you). He was a great man, and served his country proudly. Although he is now dead, he has permanently solidified his name into the pages of not just American, but world History. God bless a true American hero. Norman Schwarzkopf dead at 78

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