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Attention Cthulhu Fans: Beta Tester Needed

Attention Cthulhu Fans: Beta Tester Needed

The Cthulhu Portal opened last week. It is still in its beta stages, but, we need people who can act as beta testers and bug-reporters. Beta testers may be given special privileges or commission for input and for growing the community. You can read more about the Cthulhu portal in our opening statement here

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Hosting24 Coupon Codes

Hosting24 Coupon Codes

Hosting 24 is a wonderful hosting service that has been around since early 2008 (operated by hostinger). They offer amazing customer services, cpanel options and some extras. You can get huge discounts for life using coupons for hosting 24. So we are going to post a list of coupon codes that work here:1) aardvark2) reddit3) pinterust4) stumbleupon5) KNIGHT986) fireironphoenix7) coupons4all8) newbsdestroyed9) knight10) krona11) conan12) phoenix10013) couponz14) nubs15) theorderoftheironphoenix16) QQnoobIf you have any other working codes, please, post a comment below.If you are interested in hosting your own website, feel free to visit hosting 24 by clicking here: Note: all of these codes will save you money for the entire life of your account.

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Top 5 error messages that made history

Top 5 error messages that made history

In our time, we have seen many crazy things. Some of these crazy things are created to scare people (especially when it comes to error messages). Most often, these are viruses that force people to buy a product or give away some sort of information. Here are the top 5 that made history. This message first came out in 2004 and would cause you to buy history clearing software to fix it. But honestly, who doesn’t love the penguin? This error message came out in 2008 as a joke. It was actually deemed a harmless worm, but it came at a sensitive time. It would have been worse if it said “you’ve got mail”. This error was actually a clever ruse by a flash game company to get traffic to their website. Clicking "ok" got you to the website, but it certainly seemed more intimidating. This was one of those blatant...

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The best gaming laptops of 2012!

We will be the first people this year to give you the lowdown of the greatest gaming laptops of the year! We have rigorously tested three primary creators for this trial. We have excluded asus after confirming hardware failure in their "republic of gamers" laptops. Out of the remaining three, we found dell and toshiba both shone in the department of gaming laptops! So, we decided to numerically put down the three best laptops so you know what to expect! #3) Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7384 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop The Toshiba Qosmio series is absolutely amazing. Here, we were actually very surprised at the fact that something with an nvidia dual hybrid 1.5gb graphics card (capable of adding more memory to the gpu through the ram [up to 6 gigs]) cost so little. The pricetag is significantly under 2000$, in fact if you order it from the link below ^, you will save...

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17 May 2019
Breaking News
Our dear friend and sensation Tarder Sauce AKA "Grumpy Cat" has passed away this morning at the age of 7. This came as a  worsening urinary tract infections caused the Internet sensation to be hospitalized. The owners reported that multiple...
08 February 2019
The benefits to employment from home are numerous and exciting to consider. Regardless of whether you are working for yourself or someone else.Being able to do your job from the comforts of your own home can have a lot of benefits. One of the most im...
03 February 2019
 In a tense game that seemed to go on forever, a stalemate was finally broken in the fourth quarter when the New England Patriots got the first touchdown of the game. That lead would not be overtaken by the Los Angles Rams ever again. To add ins...
19 January 2019
Cthulhu Portal Updates
Cthulhu Coffee   Because sometimes the great old ones want to be remembered even when you are having your morning cup of Joe. Image credits go out to Twitter user TP98. Thank you for this illustrious Cthulhu Coffee beverage. This coffee "ex...
13 January 2019
Breaking News
In the first ever instance of roboticide, a self-driving Tesla found itself to be the culprit of a hit which landed a self-learning robot in a grave. Located in the Paradise Road district of Las Vegas, security images captured a Tesla Model S crushin...

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  Meow An airboat tour captain recently went to a hospital after an alligator bit his entire hand off. One week later he was indited on feeding the gator, and was sentenced to 6 months in jail or...
If we told you that a cat-scan or x-ray of a human brain could tell us whether or not you were evil, you would probably flip a sh!# and also the coffee table in front of you over our heads , it's ok ,...
So some guy named Darnell (or that was his alter ego was) simply strolled into a WalMart in Canada, pretended to be a businessman, made friends with the manager, and had him give away all of his secre...
Human growth hormone is often attributed as the single most important and valuable amino acid when people (men in particular) attempt to lose weight (usually caused by estrogen increases in later year...
chucky goes to jail forever GG Peter Brown, voice of the iconic Charlie Brown has been arrested for stalking. The 56 year old man was arrested early today for allegedly following a woman, and making t...