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The cutest YouTube Video of all time

Ok, so we tried to find something entertaining for you to see . And believe us, we know, news can be boring to some, and interesting to others, so we are also telling you we are only writing about "interesting" or "breaking" news, none of the bs that goes on like lame old politics or something mouth opening like that. So , today we will show you what we think is the cutest Video on youtube, and not just because we know the uploader ;)We know, you cant help but wonder why they would do that, we feel that envy, and the will to be there, in person.  

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Win a free car 2013! And Free microsoft points!

As you may or may not remember (we haven't been around long enough ) , we announced a contest where anyone that followed us on Twitter Or Facebook would be eligible to win a 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid. Well, we have tweaked things around a bit. Recently Honda announced the release of the new model: the 2013 Honda Civic Fusion Hybrid. Therefore, we have changed the prizes to comply with the newest models.As a show of faith, we also have added the chance to win 2100 Microsoft points every 500 likes or followers we get (just so there are smaller prizes). The standings are as follows for the first three months:15/500,000 Facebook6/100,000 TwitterWe hope you will all participate, after all, there is really nothing you can loose. The contest might expire tomorrow or in a few years, based on user -end activity.  Don't be shy to invite your friends ;) Regards, TheOrderOfTheIronPhoenix 

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Man gets arm eaten by gator and 6 months in jail

  MeowAn airboat tour captain recently went to a hospital after an alligator bit his entire hand off. One week later he was indited on feeding the gator, and was sentenced to 6 months in jail or a 40,000$ bond. Watch the official video here:So, the poor man looses his hand and his freedom. 

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Another lord of the rings movie in 2012

On December 14th, 2012, Peter Jackson will launch the first part of his fourth movie(yes, it will be split into two parts). This, of-course, is the long awaited "hobbit". It will follow the story of Bilbo Baggins, and will go along with the first book in the series. It appears that Gandalf and Elrond are still going to be present in this new move. But, will it live up to everything that the series has been in the past decade? Although it doesn't seem so long ago, the first movie was launched almost ten years ago. But, this is certainly a movie we at theorderoftheironphoenix are looking forward to! Here is a TRAILER: Read the review here : The Hobbit Review

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Toshiba Qosmio X870 Review

The Toshiba Qosmio X870 is a rather amazing edition to toshiba's now famous gaming laptop brand. Many would claim that the Qosmio series rivals dell's Alienware (and they would be right). So anyways, we got ourselves one the day it came out and will now begin to share our experience with you. Lets begin with a photo of the opened Qosmio x870 so you can get a visual. Qosmio x870 Now, the key elements of this laptop would be : * The 17.3 inch 1600x900 full led screen display (full hd) * Large keyboard with island configuration for a numb pad (in beautiful crimson red backlight) * HD surround sound speakers *The ability to turn off your touchpad by clicking th top left corner *4 usb 3 ports *blue ray reader (dvd r/w) * Gigabit wifi card * Ethernet port (if your old school) *Beautiful design, upgrade from the x775 because...

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Game Of Thrones George W Bush's Head On A Spike

Game Of Thrones George W Bush's Head On A Spike

Did you know that the awesome and epically entertaining HBO production "Game Of Thrones" placed a replica of George W. Bush's head on a spike in the first season? Well, we for one did not catch this (even though we love this series). Indeed, it's rather hard to not miss, but we got this image from another website.HBO has pulled the first edition season to rectify this error, they do deeply apologist to Bush and his family.

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