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Is throwing trash in volcanoes a viable solution to a massive problem?

VOLCANO POWER!Trash has always been an issue within our developing world. Trash tends to accumulate rather fast, faster than we can manage to destroy it (it would appear). So, a few days ago a friend of mine brought up the idea of how anything that hits molten volcanic magma is instantly vaporized (chemically altered in sulfur combustion) , including plastics. Anything that isn't completely destroyed chemically would end up becoming rock after it re-hardened (anything in a dump will likely at least melt).Scientifically, yes, this would be a wonderful and possibly the only solution to our problem (other than sending it all into space). Chemically, even radioactive supplies could possibly become harmless sulfurous compounds in seconds.Regardless of how brilliant the idea sounds, it is probably impractical to melt our garbage in anything other than the magma pool in the actual volcano since moten magma is basically as dense as rocks (our...

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If you shoot the drones that are spying on you, you go to jail

In something hauntingly weird, unmanned drones used to spy on people as they have sex and do other dirty work have become "targets" with cash rewards in various counties throughout the country. Hunters have had enough, they don't want some CIA guy jacking off at his desk while spying on a guy doing his wife. No , no that is just getting too personal.A town in lower Colorado began the trend of paying hunters for every confirmed spy-drone kill. This of-course seems fair -- who wants to be spied on 24/7 right? Killing the drones is pretty easy too , since they do use helicopter-like still motion hovering (you know so the guy with the remote can get really close and personal).Anyways, obviously shooting at drones in the middle of the city is sort of dangerous. I mean, the debris from the fallen drone could injure someone, worse yet a fire...

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The darkest myth in all of science

Science is darker than you thinkScience is a great thing, for the most part. We have built huge structures through scientific breakthroughs (we are also pretty decent at destroying them), we have nearly made child labor risk free, and most of our children live past the first month of their birthing.However as great as science is, it has come to our attention that there is a very clandestine struggle happening between the use of science to procreate cures (help civilization) , and the use of science for personal gain.You see, in our world today , we are left in the relative "dark" whenever a scientist discovers something. As an example, if someone was to discover that eating eucalyptus cured brain hemorrhages (and it by no means does) , how would that information get away from the said scientist or his employer?The fact of the matter is, perhaps performing an actual hemorrhage...

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Man defies death , walks 1400 feet across grand canyon with no harness

One of our grandest fears is the fear of falling. We all usually have a thirst for the thrill of falling, thats why we have amusement park rides that mimic this action, but few of us would take the risk of actually walking 1400 feet across a huge ditch-- let alone with no harness or safety net. nik wallenda defies deathWell, Nik Wallenda did just that, and on public television too. This man walked across the grand canyon with no harness, no safety net, and just a film crew on both sides. This is an absolute first in history, and we should be happy a bit of turbulence did not spell doom for him.In the past, a handful of daredevils have crossed the grand canyon or jumped it on motorcycles, and other handful died attempting to do this.Anyways, this is cheery and we are happy to see his success!

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Using plasma instead of a scalpel

an argon beam scalpelUsing the conventional scalpel might be a thing of the past. A team of scientists in Washington DC has begun tests of using plasma beams to cut apart humans on the operating tables.In essence, this would create an environment that is virtually blood-free, and surgeons would be able to be more precise when cutting a patient. This group of scientist claim that the plasma is not only more sanitary and antibacterial, but it is way more precise due to it's thin length (eliminating unnecessary collateral damage to surrounding tissues).Quite literally, men have used heat to mend wounds for a very long time in hopes of preventing infection. Heat also relaxes tissue (that is not incinerated) around the area of affliction , causing little to no complications.Ironically, this would literally be (and we quote the doctors) "a lightsaber" in that it cuts with a controlled jet of argon or...

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A fail idea "google glasses"

Google glass is an idea drafted by google for mass production circa 2014 A.D. These are glasses that you strap around your eyeballs and do tasks similar as you would on your lovely little iphone. The difference is mainly that it is all voice operated and the glasses start at 1500$ a pair. We can already imagine how cool you would be if you had a pair, people would totally think you were "uncool" unless you have your google glasses lol. you aint cool unless you have theseAnyways the google glasses will be running a fully voice operated version of android designed specifically for them. You will have a screen you could possibly look at above and below your field of vision. Unlike the more futuristic idea of internet glasses controlled by your brain, google glasses wont help you cheat on your exams , sorry , unless you put all the...

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Virtual Reality Conspiracy Theory

We know this sounds a bit strange but we recently uncovered what appears to be damning evidence of people wanting to stop the existence of virtual reality. Virtual reality is still in it's infancy and usually relies heavily on the use of three separate projectors to create three dimensional images, kind of like our own experience with creating three dimensional movies from flat shapes using a z axis. Virtual RealityGoing forward, this is going to sound a bit out of whack, but rest assured it seems to be a pattern. Gunpei Yokoi , creator of the gameboy color , gameboy pocket, and crosspad was on the verge of finishing up his virtual reality studies. He created something called the virtual boy , which in essence was the first attempt at three dimensional emulation. Although a bitter failure on the market, the concept was to be worked upon by Yokoi and his team.A...

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The most terrifying prehistoric animal of all time

When you think of the most terrible thing that has ever roamed planet earth, T-rex probably comes to mind. Today we are going to explain about something that ate t-rex for breakfast, something so massive that it could possibly be comparable in size to the largest things man has ever built (aircraft carriers). We are talking about Liopleurodon. Liopleurodon -SWAG-Liopleurodon was literally something of your nightmares. It was a crocodile type dinosaur hybrid with gills and lungs which could pretty much live in fresh or salt water. The jaws of this massive beasts alone are the size of a T-Rex. Then it comes as no surprise that as smaller dinosaurs, or any dinosaur would be taking a drink, Liopleurodon would be waiting, and unfortunately, there was nowhere to run from these 8 yard long jaws. The teeth alone could probably skewer an elephant on each individual tooth. For f***s sake! that...

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Darth Vader rides a flying cat

We are writing this from a distant location , yes it's another mobile post :) Here is an image of a Darth Vader riding a flying cat. We thought it was amazing. Darth Vader rides cat

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Xbox one slabbed 500 dollar pricetag

xbox oneSuch a bullshit! - These are the words of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of very disappointed xbox fan-boys amidst the cruel announcement by Microsoft at E3 today. Microsoft's new invention "the xbox one"  was announced two months after sony announced their plans for a "playstation 4".Millions of fanboys are more eager about this "xbox one" thing over the ps4. Through this craze, people don't exactly know what either the ps4 or xbox one will look like, but they want their hands on these "futuristic" gaming consoles.However, and to our own dismay, the 499$ pricetag seems like total bullshit. Naturally the system is probably not that great, only an upgraded graphic processor and some ram , nothing special. The idea of the 499$ pricetag is probably the same reason some people launch games with higher tags then reduce : to make more money from idiot fanboys.Unfortunately , Halo has also...

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Prisoner gets more time in jail for sticking his manliness in a salad

Anthony GentileThis coming right from various accountable sources in Florida: a man that was thrown into prison recently on "sex with a minor" charges is facing an additional three years in prison. And the reason behind this additional sentence? Well that is just the most bizarre of stories.The prisoner, 41 year old Anthony Gentile (ironic), had just taken up kitchen duties , possibly because the prison crew believed he was fit to make parole. Well, the first day on the job, Gentile just couldn't hold himself together. He took the salad he was making and slabbed his genitals inside, covering them with salad.He did this for well over six minutes , mixing them with sauces and oils. After Gentile was done scrubbing his meatstick with the fresh veggies, he spat into the salad. Gentile then took off his underwears and was readying to defecate into the salad. Luckily, he heard knocking...

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Cute Sad Kitten

For today's complete off-topic nonsense post, here is an adorable kitten that seems much older. This kitten is listening to Colors by Morandi. Obviously the persian kitteh needs a good petting to move it out of it's depressed state :/

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T28 Superheavy Tank

If you thought the Germans were the only ones that could field mammoth tanks, you clearly have never heard of the infamous project "T-28", which in all honesty was on-par with the mammoths of the German land forces. T-28-95 super-heavy American tank As world war two was appearing to be a similar standstill on all fronts to World War One, American tank designers began thinking like the English during that first bitter war , they needed something thick ! With tanks like the panther and tiger prowling around , the idea of sending swarms of ill-equipped M4 Shermans seemed doomed to fail. With the coming of the tiger II , the Sherman could no longer even penetrate many of the German armored units, let alone storm to Berlin. Similarly in Japan , the Sherman appeared to be getting bogged down and destroyed by anti-tank weapons with relative ease (by an army that barely...

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Wild alphamale monkey attacks tourist

Wild Monkeyman ape sasquatch goes bananas berserk angry kills manThere are moments in your life where you wish you had your recording videocamera with you. Unlike most of us, some people get really lucky and get some neat footage.Here we see a typical poop-flinging alpha male pouncing on an unsuspecting tourist, only seconds after doing some neat gymnastic work. Just imagine what would have happened if there was no safety glass. Monkeys can rip your face off pretty quickly.

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Cheerios commercial prompts racial discord

A recent commercial distributed by General Mills' own Cheerios brand has caused a wave of controversy throughout the internet. In a mystical land dominated by lolcats , minecraft fenatics , and pretty much anything else you could imagine , there are all sorts of people participating.Of course, since the internet keeps us all (for the most part) anonymous, many people have slammed racist comments on this commercial(due to the highlight of a mixed race family). And since the Cheerios company can't possibly handle these comments, they have withdrawn commenting from their new commercial.Here is the "controversial video" :As for our own personal input? We don't have one , General Mills and Cheerios don't concern us at all.

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Why died

Just less than a year ago, was a thriving website, the place for anyone that wanted a domain name to get it free! Yes, it was a subdomian of a guy that owned the entire network, but it was almost like a regular domain , almost like :)Well anyways , the entire thing went from a "generous project" to getting banned from google within one year. The reason behind that was , the casual spammer. People would take like 10 names and use them to spam and generate back-links to their own websites.Because google is the largest provider of searches , the devs of decided to call it quits, and in late 2012, the website was demobilized. Kind of reminds us of and Adbrite/Blacklabelads ...It's ironic, the order of the iron phoenix started out as a website you know :) , we naturally transferred over...

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Is the cashier going to disappear by 2020?

Robots will replace workers by 2020It has sparked my interest , in recent days I have visited the local grocery "super-stores" and have found an increasing number of "scan it yourself" registers. These are all automated , fully functional and semi-intelligent cashiers.It made me wonder : "if we went from signing paper to touch pin-pads, what's next?" Rather obviously I can't be positive that the pin-pads and smart-card readers will be ancient history compared to this new-aged concept of fully mechanized cashiers. In fact, a "Trader Joe's" somewhere in New England (I forgot the exact location, sorry) actually has a "scan it yourself" line where all the products are scanned, put on a conveyor, then they are bagged by a machine that separates them by weight, class (eggs for example would be in the "fragile" class) and content , then are bagged accordingly.All you really do is put all your items...

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How to make someone think you're looking into their eyes when they speak to you

Lets be honest, looking into people's eyes at times is painful. Sometimes it's your boss that makes you clean toilets all day for minimum wage. Sometimes it's your wife, giving you attitude and yelling at you.Luckily, we have discovered a trick that will give whoever you have to deal with the impression that you are showing them respect. This will not require actually looking into their eyes, or even wearing fake eyeball glasses.The trick is to just stare at the tip of the nose! Believe it or not, staring at the tip of the nose is indistinguishable to 100% of people compared to actually eyeballing them in the eyeballs.Now you can pretend to be showing respect , and never show a hint of hatred to whoever you are in contact with! EyeBall

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Man benches 772 pounds -do you even lift bro?-

eric spoto liftingHere is something for the records. Eric Spoto makes you look like an absolute wimp. To you, lifting 200 pounds is an achievement. Spoto can lift 772 pounds, that's almost half a ton!This makes us all think of "lifting" in a whole new way. This guy could literally lift about three guys his size without breaking a sweat. And you know what? This is a world record!This guy is truly a hero in his own unique way, but hell, one day I will beat his record :P

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Help me I really want to beat my wife again, but I really shouldn't!

I know it's wrong, don't blame me for being a bad sport. I beat her every time , she just doesn't stand a chance. We play checkers every night, and I just can't let her win!And here you were, thinking I beat her senseless , no , no, its just checkers. Maybe I don't even have a wife. Slap

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