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Crazy Wiggly GIFS

Whats better than plain old boring GIFS ? Videos perhaps, but who has time for those? Here is a compilation of radical GIFS that will totally make you feel intoxicated! Part on brahs! cat gets stickThis cat is so happy! He finally can has that weird pink thingy. Just watch this when you're not all 100% ok, it looks way more amazing... if you know what we mean. dandelion babiesThese dandelion babies look very happy, stare into the mystifying mystique of this trippy GIF! doomsday wigglegramJust when you though the dandelions and cat were enough, this comes up to you and changes the meaning of "trippy reality bro". SauronThe eye of Sauron, or the heart of cthulhu ? This trippy gif is actually a few hands waving up towards the sky. Very Very trippy brah. tripiest image on planet earthThere are no words that can adequately describe this one... wiggly eyeballThis eyeball...

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Oldest living animal discovered

When you think of old age, 70 sounds about the right time to die, right? Well not for the Galapagos giant tortoise! The average lifespan of a Galapagos Giant Tortoise is almost 180 years!Then it comes as no surprise that these animals could possibly have this longevity due to the fact that they are so freaking slow. The average weight of these reptiles is just barely below half a ton!They tend to eat their weight in shrubbery , being dedicated vegetarians, on a daily basis. Not only that, but the shell is literally such hardened calcium , which grows thicker each year, that even modern rifle rounds might have difficulty penetrating it!We lied, sort of, this animal was not discovered. Rather, back in the day, Charles Darwin himself found them. Quoting them as being rather "amusing" in his work "on the origin of species".If you ever see one, gtfo out of...

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Princess Monster Truck

Following in the footsteps of Grumpy Cat , Princess Monster Truck promises to bring yet another cat into general circulation. You see, much like bub and grumpy, Monster is slightly unique, mainly the sharp fangs and rough hair.To commemorate this "rising star" , here are a few images of the "to be" Internet pop sensation! Princess Monster TruckThis princess has an angry , yet adorable look to her. Monster Truck angryEven ugly kittehs need to stretch! Princess Monster Truck upsideownAnd... like all other cats, monster truck often ponders the meaning of life. pondering the meaning of life

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The World's Largest Tree

The world's largest tree isn't a redwood in the forests of North America. No, No, it's actually a cashew tree is located in Natal, Brazil. It is , surprisingly a cashew tree.If you look at this thing from an areal view, it's pretty boring. In fact, it looks like a bunch of trees , bundled together into a small "forest" like structure.This however is just one tree. Largest Tree in the worldIf you don't believe us, why don't you check out some images of the tree from below. This will give you a "more clear" image of what your eyes are saying is "many trees closely bundled together". Largest Tree in the world below to above viewThe tree covers over 7,500 square meters --roughly the size of about four football fields. The tree is around 500 years old, and the locals call it "Maior Cajueiro do Mondo" which means "the largest...

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Stunning image of diver and whale

A stunning picture has surfaced! An extremely rare glimpse of a diver with a whale in front of him, caught on the purest of underwater imagery! This here is truly just a stunning image to behold!Also note, these occurrences are very rare , and even more rare are they documented in imagery! Diver With Whale

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Three things you should try putting on your cat

Dressing up your cat and taking pictures can be a very.... different experience. Some cats love to be dressed up, others become depressed. Some might even lunge at you. Anyways , here are three essential things to try.First, you must try a bow-tie.A bow-tie is simple, yet it communicates the message of "hey, I am human too" , not to mention any cat with a bow-tie looks so adorable. Cat With BowtieThe second item every cat should always try on is a sweater.What says "tender, soft , warm and fuzzy" more than a kitten or a cat in a sweater? Maybe just those words! Check this out, it's absolutely stunning! Kitten in sweaterLastly you should implement a top-hat.Nothing says "cover of cat fancy" quite like a gentleman cat with a monocle and a top hat. Not only is it cute, but it makes your cat look classy , sharp and flattering!...

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How to remove tree sap from your hands and clothing easy!

It's that manly time of year again everyone. It's time to cut dried out branches off trees to prevent termites. It's time to trim those coniferous "out of shape" hedges that push in every direction. And , its also time to pick up all the pincecones that have collected all over the ground--also those pine branches.Now as you may know from experience, all these plants leave their blood all over your clothing, hair and mostly, hands (and man it's sticky!).You probably tried the old "raw gasoline" trick , and therefore you know that it sort of fails. You could use all the hand-soap you want, and nothing will happen.Surprisingly, there is an easy solution to getting rid of this messy sap! Just use Hand Sanitizer!We don't exactly know what is in hand sanitizer (maybe it's better we don't) , but it works like a charm! Just remember that when using it...

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The Human Aura

Human AuraWhen you think of the term "aura" ,what comes to mind? Perhaps you watch anime, or even play video games , so the term "aura" already has a "de-facto" meaning to you?Instead of questioning what the term means , ask yourself this : have you ever felt some sort of pressure illuminating from a certain person?   Often , and for centuries, Buddhist monks have said "all people are united by invisible strings" , hence when something happens to someone , someone else can feel it.In Buddhism , these spiritual binds often link family members together. As an example ,  if your grandmother was dying of a heart attack , you might feel preemptive heart pains. It is the reason why sometimes , prior to being told the tragedy , you would "know something wrong happened".Ok, we are straying too far from the point here. As a direct response to our...

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Panzerkampfwagen V "Panther" The king of all mediums

What was the one tank that inspired people to shit their pants for almost five years? Of course, it must be the Panther. Often confused by people that don't understand the difference between the German word for Armour and the wild black cat , the Panther is (due to human stupidity) , the only tank that comes to people's minds when they think "German Tank World War II". Panther TankUnlike the more famous M4 Sherman and t34-76 tanks, the panther just doesn't get enough credit. The reason why the panther isn't called the "best tank of world war II" is because too few were produced, and the panzer mark IV was a far easier to produce and more widely used German tank.But at that time, every tanker of French, American, Soviet or English origin can tell you: if you saw a panther, you shat your pants. Not only did the panther...

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Plant-clad skyscrapers

Plant covered skyscrapers might be the next big thing. Not only has the idea of combining a natural look to the modern architecture flattered the eyes of artists, but it might yield economic benefits to cities suffering from CO2 overdoses.Coming from Milan, we see that this type of "organic" architecture is very appealing to the eye. Even though it is a relatively new concept to do this on a massive scale, because trees can easily destroy buildings over time, it might be perfected over time.These first prototypes are very attractive, and they are quickly becoming "international trends". What does this mean for a greener world? Well trees tend to absorb Carbon Dioxide and convert it to oxygen. Cities like Mexico City and Beijing might be able to recover from the severe smog which cripples the air quality.It has always been difficult establishing "habitable zones"  without having to level massive amounts of...

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Why you should get in the van

Lets think of all the best reasons why you should get in this van. We know, it looks crazy, and you just can't wait to get inside! We all want to be in a van with a guy dressed in a crash bandicoot costume , just because. yeah its really me kid get in the vanWell, if you get inside you might get the following:1) Freedom from your parents because you probably won't be coming back anytime soon!2) Free candy , yeah all vans have free candy inside, honestly!3) You get to see the inside of this pimped out van (we all want to)Now seriously, kids, stay away from drugs..... and this guy in the crash bandicoot costume. Free ice cream is just not worth it. But hey , you might never know what's really inside.

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Half life three confirmed

Ok, let's see here.... This cat wanted to eat this sushi, but it has a deeper meaning. You see sometimes you have to look at things in a different perspective. You know, you need to see the symbolism behind everything. Nothing is exactly what it appears to be. Three sushi unlicked half life three confirmedYou see now? Exactly three sushis were not licked. Three is half of six. And six plus three is nine. Nine is the number of the devil. You have to kill the devil. Half - Devil just doesn't sound right. Whats the opposite of being with the devil (dead) ? Being alive of course! So this picture is symbolically saying "half life three has been confirmed". Got it?

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Cat Theft Auto

Lolcats might be taking over the Internet with more momentum than google , but we never though this would happen... cat theft autoThis game will be very epic, just be careful when you're walking down the street, that little kitteh make you a cookie but eated it , now he haz a sniper rifle. This game will be epic! We don't have any word on any hax yet, sorry.Also featuring Grumpy Cat and Helicopter Cat !

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Chinese car left on destroyed road

Construction workers in central china released some huge conferences about , what appears to be, a pricey car that was left in a "to be demolished" road. The owner naturally said "f the police" , and told authorities to "make him" move his house and car.As a result, the Chinese construction company actually went around the car and house of this single individual. And this is the result. This car looks so sad, almost like it's about to QQ , perhaps it's a chery QQ. Car left on broken roadThe guy that actually left it there can have a ton of fun trying to actually recover his QQ now ahahahaha!

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Man threatened with dildo

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NASA captures a beautiful solar storm in pictures

NASA , through constant observation of our beloved sun , has captured some breathtaking photos of a solar storm , or flare. A solar flare is a burst of energy , in extreme measures of joules , which is exploded away from the source, in this case the sun. These are often caused by natural gravitational disruptions , which cause an unbalance in the seemingly perfect flow of hydrogen , which in turn excites the smoldering gas, causing it to break apart and spew wildly in any direction. solar flare capturedBecause solar flares are pretty much separations of hydrogen atoms, they release immense amounts of radiation in whichever direction the flare hits. Luckily, our atmosphere acts as a "barrier" , causing all radiation to spherically glide over our planet, keeping us from being incinerated every time our sun has one of these "flare-ups". solar flareImage credits: NASA

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (psp) Cheats

When we use the term "old but gold" , this game definitely comes to mind. Even in today's tablet infested world, this 7 year old game is the best grand theft auto portable game. So why not post all the hax ?  vice city stories psp Armor Cheat code: Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Square, L1, R1 Cars Avoid You Cheat code: Up, Up, Right, Left, Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square Chrome Cars Cheat code: Right, Up, Left, Down, Triangle, Triangle, L1, R1 Clear Weather Cheat code: Left, Down, R1, L1, Right, Up, Left, X Commit Suicide (lol why use a hack for this?) Cheat code: Right, Right, Circle, Circle, L1, R1, Down, X Destroy All Cars Cheat code: L1, R1, R1, Left, Right, Square, Down, R1 Faster Clock (trippy shit man) Cheat code: R1, L1, L1, Down, Up, X, Down, L1 Faster Gameplay Cheat code: Left, Left, R1, R1, Up, Triangle,...

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Man bites dog's nose off to save wife

Now hang on a moment. These headlines sound pretty freaking intense. They might even sound like animal abuse, but rest assured , it's not. A man was walking with his wife, and their little beagle. man bites dogs nose offAll of a sudden, this massive dog comes out of nowhere, attacks and kills the beagle, then (bloodlust boiling) turns on the beagle's walker. The woman , identified as Caren Henry of Madrid, Texas , - brutally attacked-. Her arms were practically torn off, her neck was ripped open , her legs shredded. Worst of all, her nose was completely taken and eaten by the wild dog.Coming to the aid of his wife, the husband attacked the dog. Although he suffered severe bite wounds to the chest , legs , neck and face during their epic bare body wrestle, he ended the fight by "biting the dog's nose off and swallowing it"....

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First solar powered airplane makes record 18 hour flight

It sounds like "the advent of the turboengine" in 1950 during the cold war. A newspaper, slapping you in the face, and the headlines are "all-solar powered plane makes 18 hour flight". This people, is us living through a VERY important piece of history. all solar pane makes 18 hour journeyBecause this plane used nothing but the sun to fuel the journey , future improvements to the concept will also only need solar energy to produce immense power. What we are trying to get at is: this is an enormous victory for the people of Earth.This is generally a step in the very proper direction of keeping our planet alive, at least long enough so that we may escape to other planets , and destroy them as well -_-.Ehem, yes humans might be a plague, but this swiss invention is probably the most "breakthrough" development or innovation of the past 40...

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Man wearing "jail sucks" shirt arrested

A Florida man was arrested early today on his way to a welfare party. Ironically, the man was wearing a "Jail Sucks" t-shirt, which made this case hit global headlines. Jail Sucks Shirt ArrestedAnother man was wearing a "f*** the police" shirt, he was taken to the backroom and beaten unconcious with a salami, if you know what I mean.The police caught both of these men in an undercover act , looking for people that were committing welfare fraud (getting welfare when they don't qualify). This was such a heroic "sting" operation , honestly. 40 other people will be joining these idiots in prison.

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