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Top 5 most dangerous jobs

man dying In today's world , jobs have been made much safer, working conditions have been improved, and people are generally not afraid to go to work , for fear of losing their lives.So to commemorate our safe work environments, we have decided to rate the top 5 most dangerous jobs of all time, we did put a ton of consideration into this , so please appreciate our efforts. logger killedWhat is a job that has had over 30% fatality rates since the creation of man? Professional loggers! Thats right, more than 30% of all people that have been "professional loggers" have been mowed down by falling timbers. This should give you a new found respect for lumberjacks , they serve to keep you warm! Without them, your house wouldn't exist! , and yet even today, it is one of the riskiest jobs in the western world , fatality rates in 2012...

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Some guy is selling celestial land

If I told you you could freaking own a piece of the moon , or Venus, or Pluto for just 19.99$ an acre, you would stick a stake of wood through my putrid sinning heart. But, as absurd as it sounds, some guy in California, running a scam operation called the "Lunar Embassy Corp" made over 27 million dollars in selling people portions of every celestial body in our solar system. And why does this guy think that he owns all of space and can simply sell it?Who really knows. So after you purchase your acres , this guy gives you the deed to your newly acquired piece of "celestial" real estate.  You might be asking yourself who in the hell or what would fall for this blatant scam. After all , humans don't exactly own everything that we see, hasn't history taught us anything?.These idiots that have bought this land...

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Man loses 2600$ at carnival

The 30 year old New Hampshire man never saw it coming, a simple ball toss game cost him his savings-2600$ to be exact-. And what did he get with these 2600$? A stuffed banana with dreadlocks!The man, identified as 30 year old Henry Gribbohm , had come to the New Hampshire carnival with high hopes to win a brand new "xbox360 kinect " complect through a ball toss game. Gribbohm tossed and tossed, but luck was not on his side, and the ball kept coming back out. Rather than just walk to the average "Best Buy", Henry kept going. Soon, he spent 10x what the prize was worth, although he did manage to win a banana with dreadlocks.Henry is now considering a civil law suit, claiming the game was "rigged".At least he has that banana to keep him company for the rest of his life. guy spends life savings on stuffed banana 

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Removing Many Portions Of This Website

Because it is fair to assume that having duplicates on this site , which require anything but a single "login" , we are going to demobilize phoenixanswers , because we have created "Cthulhu Answers" on the Cthulhu portal. We are going to demobilize the "iron phoenix forum" , because we already have a forum right here "Cthulhu Forum" , we are probably going to demobilize "any age products" , and bring all posts into here. Iron eagle will also be demobilized, the reason is obvious : it's a rather pointless addition to this website, adds no value , and we really just don't need it :) We already demobilized "BurnOn" Social media, and "PhoenixGames" , soon this website will be one huge entity, rather than the mess we have created through testings. After this "merger and purge", this website will be more unified, under the banner of "Cthulhu Portal" and this...

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Is the mp3 player dead technology?

The mp3 player, something that has changed our generation could soon be phased out. Although the mp3 player , and especially the ipod, have become very common and still have large customer bases, ipod and mp3 player sales have crashed to an all-time low (since 2001 parse).At the rate that things are going, soon the mp3 player will no longer be available at stores or even online retailers. And what is the reason for this sharp decline in mp3 player sales? Well, after the phasing out of the cd player, mp3 players were just so much more convenient. The size factor was a huge benefit , but most of all the portability, no more disks to luggage around.And using that same reasoning, it is possible to assume that the cause for declines in mp3 standalone player sales is the huge focus (emphasis) on smartphones. Again, people prefer having less that can do...

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Cop pulls gun out at slow McDonalds line

Sargent Scott Biumi couldn't help himself, he really needed a big-mac! So, when he ran into the local McDonalds , there was a huge -ass line. And we mean about five or so people(sooo much).One guy got out of line, after ordering his food, and the cop snapped. He couldn't wait for four more people to get out of line!, so he pulled out his gun, aimed it at all the people in line, and told them to gtfo. All the people just got on the ground or ran for the exits.Well, he got rid of the line, and he got his Big-Mac, but then he lost his job and his freedom. Now he will be on 5000$ cash bail at a local jail, all because he couldn't wait for his big-mac and his drink with two ice cubes. Cop Arrested For Pulling Gun At McDonalds (so worth it)

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Rapper 50 cent loses weight to play a cancer patient

Rapper, actor and (national) icon 50 cent (pimp money) has lost an amazing amount of weight with the intent to play a cancer patient in the movie "All Things Fall Apart" -to premier soon in theaters.Just one month after the final shot, he was back to normal. Check out this picture! 50 cent loses weight

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Five Weapons You Wont Believe Are Legal

Gun KnifeSo, you really think that Obama being crushed in his efforts to control guns was a good thing huh? Well, wait until you see what kind of weapons are actually legal to purchase by anyone in the United States!Coming in at number 5 is the legendary flamethrower! A weapon used for many years now to mass-kill entrenched soldiers by quite literally "cooking" them out. This weapon of mass murder is readily available to anyone that wants one, and hell, if you don't have a license to have one, its only a 20$ fine! :) Oh , and you totally can use this to hunt elk and protect your home, like that lady that set fire to a snake and burned down her entire house. FlamethrowerComing in at number 4 is the legendary "minigun" or "chaingun" , yes we mean those neo-gattling type mechanisms that you can fire like 500 rounds...

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The PC will not die

Ok, I recently went through a "fair" amount of articles written by noobs that like to look at numbers. These n00bs all predict that the end of the pc is inevitable and on-approach.I want to assure the world to ignore what these ignorant n00bs say, Microsoft will not fail and the PC is still going to be the most common thing bought and used to access the internet. I have statistics right here : "browser usage on this website 2012-2013" that show me ios has less than 5% userability for two consecutive years. Windows will not dieAnd the reason? Because the PC is still the best place to have your own little cloud! I mean you have your photos, your music, your email, your work papers, internet , pron, what more could you ask for? Ipads and Galaxy tablets may be appealing to people with nothing better to spend their "hard-earned...

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How do you know if he is cheating on you?

uh ohThis is a step by step tutorial on how to know if your husband, boyfriend or friend with benefits is cheating on you. This is a very complicated thing to understand, but all people subconsciously make mistakes which are facades due to conscience or over-thinking.It's king of like when you really don't want to lie, and you tell yourself you are going to leave something out. Or maybe, you have just done something you are proud of, and you can just try not to tell anyone, it's practically impossible right?Well. now I'm going to show you 3 ways you can tell if your husband is absolutely being unfaithful to you and your children #sad. The first way you definitely know that your husband is cheating on you is the fact that he uses the word "yours" rather than "our" , especially when referring to pets, automobiles, children , or relatives. You...

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Woman files law suit against police for 105,000$ in tickets

A Chicago, IL woman is filing a massive law suit against law enforcement , who "gave her a pile of tickets worth 105,000$(U.S.)" because her boyfriend left her crappy 600$ car at O'Hare international airport for 3 bloody years!So the police just naturally piled up tickets. One dollar one day, ten the other, one hundred the other. I know that feel bro, I have had tickets to pay, and arguing with enforcement is impossible.As with most of us, the court ruled her case out, implying that the dispute was personal and that the said woman and local law enforcement should settle this one on one. The woman does not want to give up, but she probably will, and her life is pretty much over. GG. Tickets

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How to break into your own car

If you're reading this, then you're probably at where I was today. You probably foolishly left your keys in your car, because you don't have wireless capabilities to unlock your vehicle (it becomes a habit to lock the doors before leaving the car, I know). My car was probably stolen to begin with, so I don't mind sharing with you how I broke back into it. Now , as a disclaimer this is for people that have locked themselves out of their cars , you cant do anything if you plan on stealing a car today, the "key chip sensor" wire makes it practically impossible to hotwire these days, I mean you're just better off throwing some sparkplugs through the windshield and defecating (or beating the bishop) on the seats until the cops arrive to send your ass to jail. Okay, so your keys are standing there, on the passenger seat,...

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Texas noob tries to burn snake ; burns down house

"woman lights snake on fire and burns down house" A woman in Texas burned down her own house early this week. Authorities claim that the woman set a rattlesnake on fire, and the snake quickly slithered in an attempt to escape the pain. In the process, the snake took it's revenge, setting fire to the woman's entire house. Soon, this woman's house was burnt to a crisp, the snake was dead, and she realize she just lost her 500,000$ piece of real-estate because she wanted to kill a snake with fire before it laid eggs. Something sounds horribly wrong here....

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The most annoying word in the english language

For the 10th year running, the word "whatever" was dubbed the most annoying word in the English language. A study of over 100,000 participants yielded that 88% stated "whatever" as being intolerable and agitating. This does not surprise us. whatever -ugly picture of monkey from john hart -we all want to punch it in the face

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British Shorthair and Little girl

cat and girl play chessBecause this made yahoo headlines, I think it's worthy of being posted here, in an effort to show you all the skill of a really neat photographer. So let's just add a few really nice pictures and see what happens :) cat paints girl cat on tray cat reads book Cat sings cat sits next to girl cat steals nose cat takes photo cat wants to juggleYou can see more from this artist here : Andy Prokh ( -this guy is a wonderful photographer!-

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Browser popularity change from 2012 to 2013

Internet browsers have come a long , long way since the creation of the first netscape communicator in 1989. In today's world there is actually choice , generally ranging from simplicity, to performance, or to personal preference.In the years 2006 to 2008, firefox (a mozilla corporation project) was really uncontested in performance. Yes, those were the days that it peaked in the light, simply because it's only competition was internet explorer (ie).Internet explorer actually dominated user levels since 2000, mainly because nobody needed anything with more function, and it came pre-installed with every windows os from 2000-2013. Apple' safari on the other hand suffered severely , probably due to the lack of popularity of this browser and it's inability to run on windows until recently.Netscape communicator had it's day in the light before 2001 , being used by apple os and windows os systems alike. Today nobody knows anything about netscape,...

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Zé Arigó

Zé Arigó was a magic man that claimed he could perform surgery by simply closing his eyes, and the spirit of Dr Adolph Fritz would take his hands and do his godly work. Zé Arigó successfully managed to do this over 30 times. Zé Arigó distrusted traditional medicine, so he opted to instead use a rusty butcherknife , which gave him his famous name: "the surgeon of the rusty knife". Zé Arigó This psychic state was apparently incurred when Zé Arigó was working in a mine, after he had escaped schooling due to lack of funds. He witnessed an entity in a white apron, with an "unrecognizable" face, only identifying itself as "the spirit of Dr Adolph Fritz". Zé Arigó soon began his practice of medicine, usually on people close to death with terminal cancers. Strangely enough, nobody he ever treated died, he removed a few brain tumors , something that in...

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Dragutin Novak

Drukatin NovakWe have all heard of the wright brothers, they invented the first airplanes and started a new era of exploration and expansion. But do you know who the first person to ever start building iron and metal airplanes was?Of-course you don't! Dragutin Novak , aeronautics pioneer of the early 1900s began a private flight program for the Austrio-Hungarian crown in 1901. He theorized that the heavier a material was, the stronger the force propelling it would be necessary to keep it in flight. He created multiple prototypes of this "leading innovation" in aeronautics while all other nations were still building wood framed biplanes.Novak used titanium plates welded with an aluminum frame to produce something truly remarkable , and although the Austrian crown took note of his fine work, and his contribution to the municipality of Croatia, world war I came before any "mass production" of these prototypes could be built.Nova would...

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Cyathocalyx is a relatively new aged-plant that has been discovered in the jungles of Borneo, south Asia. The plant is characteristically easy to identify because each leaf has exactly 6 wedges being pointed externally from the stem. This plant is thought to be rather harmless to people, and some even say it might have properties found in blood pressure control medications.Two new species of this genus were discovered in 2010, most of it's existence, life cycle and etymology is still relatively unknown. Cyathocalyx

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Giant Marine Isopod

What happens when you mix all of your nightmares together? Darkness , depth , spiders, lobster, claws , teeth and eating decomposing bodies? You get a giant marine isopod, perhaps the cutest (eghem) animal in the universe.This Marine Giant Isopod is enormous, about the size of a housecat to be exact. It dines solely on decaying flesh, although with those nasty looking claws, perhaps being  a more active predator is not above it's morales. Giant Marine IsopodThe giant marine isopod is closely related to shrimps , lobsters and prawns. Believe it or not, its pillbug appearance is exactly like such because the common pillbug is a land isopod (the same thing but miniature).The giant marine isopod is only slightly related to the crab, which also means that they are slightly related to some extent to spiders , which are closely related to horseshoe crabs and regular crabs (do you follow?). Giant...

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Internet browsers have come a long , long way since the creation of the first netscape communicator in 1989. In today's world there is actually choice , generally ranging from simplicity, to performan...
The 30 year old New Hampshire man never saw it coming, a simple ball toss game cost him his savings-2600$ to be exact-. And what did he get with these 2600$? A stuffed banana with dreadlocks! The man,...