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Lindsay Lohan pregnant

The word on twitter is that former star and now celebrity actress Lindsey Lohan is expecting a child. The general public is betting a few pennies, or more that this is just a blatant lie.This comes after Lohan tweeted something among the lines of "Im expecting" while on tour in the UK. We can't exactly confirm this , but hey, this is good news, right?

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How to get rid of all the waste plastic in the world

plastic eating mushroomPlastic, junk that is cheap to produce, and easier to mold than metals has accumulated in our waste facilities and underground for some time now. The problem with all of this common synthetic material is that it rarely ever decays , although there are some bacteria and elements than do destroy it over a prolonged period of time.What you probably don't know is that in 1950s , a Yale student on a journey to get his PHD , discovered a fungus that naturally ate polyurethane [plastic] , and did not require air to survive. What you probably don't also know is that this fungus is harmless to humans (or so research shows) , and will survive in any region of the world easily.Somehow, it extracts energy from plastic, and is capable of synthesizing the synthetic material to survive. This fungus does not require water either, so it may be...

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Anti gay marriage people respond to facebook image

We know we said no more on this matter, but breaking news! (lol) people that are against gay marriage just created their own profile picture symbol in response to the equal rights for gay couples symbol. This one is that = sign with a / through it, kind of like that aged "be different" sign used by hippies during the Vietnam war. This internet battle is going to be , dull and boring -_- anti gay marriage symbol facebook (click and download if you want it, we don't care)Seriously, how is the weather?

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What does the red sign everyone is using on facebook mean?

This red sign everyone is using as their profile picture is something fabricated by the typical fatboy in his basement to work as a symbol that symbolizes (thats a long sentence) equal rights for gay couples -primarily marriage. We really don't care, we just wanted to share with you our findings :) Its just lame and boring to us, so we wont talk about this uninteresting topic. weird red facebook sign -click it and download it if you want it, we don't care-So, how is the weather in your area?

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Squirrels start house fire, man vows extermination

Man vows to shoot them allIn the medium sized town of Rumford, England , something rather odd occurred. A squirrel fell into a opened gas casket on the side of a petrol operated cremation chamber , causing a fire.This couldn't have come at a better time, there was a precession occurring inside the building. The fire interrupted the funeral, and forced a quick end for fear of damage by fire that could have possibly killed everyone in the building.But one man couldn't take it anymore , 73 year old Alby Tebbutt vowed vengeance. Now, this man stated "I will shoot them all " , got his gun and went out on a shooting spree. He bagged a few, but luckily we hear he is a poor shot.Those poor squirrels, they will all be pwned , just because one old man couldn't stand to allow such an over powered animal to exist.

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Sick woman hides crack cookie in her lady parts

the womanUgh, ok , so we can't say the actual word for it because our sponsors will strangle us, but a Florida woman [Porcha Gross] was caught by police after she stuck a crack cocaine cookie in her, oh wait we don't have any sponsors, vagina. This woman tried to escape without jailtime, and being the stupid person that she clearly is, she thought they wouldn't search there. As police ransacked her car, she started wiggling, all of a sudden the cookie fell out of her vagina.The cookie tested positive for crack, the appraised value of the cookie is around 1000$ (us). This lady will now be facing a life sentence in prison, all because of one cocaine cookie.There is no excuse in life for such stupidity. 

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Hungry Lion Eats Little Girl

A poor male lion was videotaped trying to eat a little girl. But just imagine for a second, every day thousands of snacks just walk by the glass, and the lion gets more and more tempted to eat each and every one of them. girl eaten by lionOn top of all that, they all has cheezburgerz and stuffs. So, the king of the African Savannah decided to nom the girl, unfortunately, he failed :/ The ballistic glass made it impossible for us to see a male lion eat a baby chimpanzee, I mean a human. Watch the video below plox.Lions truly are the kings of the wild, that is why we must all not tempt fate.

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Are we human because of viruses?

VirusSo, we all know that the virus is the ultimate enemy, something that cant be killed by antibiotics because it is non-living. Something that can decimate entire populations, something that will kill you because your only defense against it is your immune system.But do you understand the true capability of these abnormal creations? Did you know that when you are afflicted with a virus, it attaches to your cells , combines with your current DNA and begins to create hybrid cells , which are usually dangerous. Then your immune white blood cells go out and kill these infected cells , although regurgitation and high temperature [fever] also aids in the extraction of this terrifying stuff.What you probably don't know is that when a virus infects you, sometimes there is a neutral affect. Sometimes we simply get a mutation. All that happens in this scenario is the infected cells are not attacked...

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Why do cats get double paws?

cat double pawDoes your cat have what appears to be "more than one paw" on each hand? Well, it sparked my interest when I met a cat that had this apparent mutation, so I did some research and was baffled at my findings.Scientists in the Netherlands wrote a study on this phenomenon about 30 years ago. What they found was that as kittens grew in the womb of the mother cat, at times two kittens would fuse together. It is hard to understand, we know, but in cats , it is possible for two fetuses to begin to bind together, kind of like how humans are just many different cells bound together to make one organism.The double paw means that your cat is actually two cats merged together, and as seen in the cat above, it appears this one was a black cat and a white cat made into a tuxedo...

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groudon found

Do you ever wonder what Groudon in pokemon was based off of? A godzilla maybe, or maybe something larger, and more realistic. Sakurajima volcano in Japan probably houses the answer , very close to the legendary suicide forest, it quite possibly harbors a groudon.Now how can we get it to come out? Look: groudon foundThat lightning is the life force given by arceus to make groudon come out of the ground. When it comes out, people will have to go find a kyogre in the pacific ocean, although it too might end up attacking these poor people.

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New pope elected

Im reporting a few hours late on this matter because I actually watched it happen. So after a few days of black smoke coming from the papal chimney, finally some white stuff came out today (god that sounds wrong). And much to my pleasure, he was not the archbishop of Nigeria , but rather a high priest from Argentina.Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio will now begin his term on the throne of the papacy as "Pope Francis". And yes, waiting for this guy to come out was like waiting for the fireworks to go off on new years eve. Pope Francis is 76 years old.And what of the resigned pope Bnedict ? Well, he will be mentoring Francis for a bit, and then probably retire to a local monastery where he will live out his life in silence , which really is not as bad as I make it sound. He will also...

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AIDS cured

aids curedThis outside of Mississippi : the first ever documented complete annihilation of the AIDS (HIV) virus has been removed from a child that was intrinsically exposed at birth to this virus.This is a great step forward for all of humanity, we can only marvel at what humans have left to conquer? Cancer should be next on our hit-list,  we must go at it with everything we have, we must destroy it at the core , with a vanguard of scientific formulas.Now, the results with this child are not typical, and there is no guarantee that the substance used (mainly comprised of bee stinger poison -lol-) won't bring up other conditions or side affects. Also, doctors say that although the "current status of the patient shows no sign of the aids virus, it may resurge at some point, therefore this child must be kept for testing for a few more months".The...

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Cat and (cat), the (Carnivore) eye cat in the narrow sense - domestic cat is a medium sized carnivorous mammal classified in the genus cat - subfamily cat - feline - Feliformia: is the common name of the (scientific name Felis silvestris catus) . It is widely kept as pets in the world, along with typical dog because they get easily attached to humans.The origin of the cat is the domestication (Felis silvestris) (in a narrow sense). The wildcat began to be kept for the purpose of capturing the evasive mouse, and is one of the wildcat subspecies , although in more recent years genetic modification has yielded thousands of variants.. People often get attached easily [as they did in the past] with domestic cats, and many have been kept as pets. wild housecatOn the other hand, the "cat" in the broad sense of the term refers to the comprehensive name...

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Old lady makes expensive guy's airbag deploy

So this mother was filing her kids doing skateboard stunts, then this happened. Classic fail ahahaha.

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Why is North Korea back in the news?

Imagine this , a bunch of hunters are chasing a fox, the fox is backed into a corner, but the hunters cant enter this small , confined area. Furthermore, other foxes can't come into this area because the hunters would overpower them. What will the fox do? Well, as with anything, being backed into a corner will mean fight or run.And since the siege cannot be bypassed, the fox will bite.This is exactly the situation with North Korea, they fear they might be a fox amongst hunters. They feel that old allies, and supply chains through China and Russia have been severed due to hunter pressure (UN). So, now they may or may not be threatening to preemptively strike.Do we really need to give a f***? No, because the men that took part in the Korean war are either dead , or close to death. So, if you can imagine, the...

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A Bunch Of Fat Cats


So, I see that there is a trend going around where people are just reposting all of these fat cats, so we will do it too.[gallery ids="2121,2122,2123,2124,2125,2126,2127,2128,2129,2130" orderby="rand">Now people , please don't let your cats get this big. It's unhealthy and kind of sad, imagine the cat's feeling towards being immobile :/

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A Bunch Of Fat Cats

Please Let Me Eat You

So, I see that there is a trend going around where people are just reposting all of these fat cats, so we will do it too. Now people , please don't le...

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The new Myspace

Just when the name "myspace" has begun fading from the pages of history, someone has begun reviving this slain behemoth. And how exactly? new myspace profile cover (click to enlarge)Well, it appears that the new myspace "" only has the concept of a profile with profile music left. It looks nothing like it did in 2004 as an example.We actually kind of like it, as oppose to facebook, you can have a profile background that spans an entire page. Also, the mouse wheel is the only way to move "across" a person's profile.Now this seems entirely different, but it still comes standard with a status page, tons of customizable profile fields, and an array of music to add to your profile in your very own customizable playlist, which has always been the largest plus of myspace over google + and facebook.It might not catch on because it still lacks many customizations...

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Man arrested at Gatwick airport for hoarding 207 pounds of dead caterpillars

"They were for eating" claimed the 22 year old detainee that was caught trying to smuggle 207 pounds of caterpillars. This guy was from Barkina Faso, where accordingly this is a delicacy.He was allowed to carry this eerie stuff from a port in Burkina Faso, and also from a port in Istanbul, Turkey. Unlike these two countries, england has safety regulations, for purposes of keeping the public safe, items of animal origin cannot be imported without a special permit. The 207 pounds of caterpillar meat were taken, and incinerated. Caterpillars found incinerated eaten

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Justin Bieber takes his shirt off in London

Let's add some gossipy shjt to this website! Ok, so the 19 year old tween pop star, and internet idol was caught naked outside of a suburb in London. Unfortunately for us, he didn't go all Jason Russel on us and jerk it. No, No, he just took his godamn shirt off.Oh, so sexy, and spicy, yeah, keep reading this post for no reason. Well, anyways you can just imagine the sexual tension of a boy taking his shirt off, so here is the picture. Justin beieber jerking it nakedYes! We are s proud, this is our first celebrity based post :)

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