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Why does the American school system suck so bad?

murica fvck yeah!You know what has always puzzled us? We have always wondered "why is it that the American school system is so far behind that of Europe?". Well, after about one year of reading journals published by prominent economists, and leaders of coalitions for education , we have an answer.This answer is not very easy to understand unless you understand how America shifted it's political ideology following the war in Vietnam.Well, in order to completely get rid of any sort of feeling of school being government controlled (as was the case in Europe and the soviet union -our arch enemy?-) , we privatized sectors , most schools these days, although federally funded, are privately owned.Now this sounds radical, we know, but we will explain why this is, and how it is hurting this country. Furthermore, and quite off topic, who the f@#% can reverse this? ---> Imagine this: oh yeah, coffee...

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Playstation 4 announced -confirmed-

The playstation 4 has finally been "officially" confirmed by sony. The project will be headed by Mark Cerny in North America, and promises to be more epic than the playstation 3. Now we just need to know the release date, and some word on the xbox 720. Playstation 4 Confirmed By Sony 

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Do alpha house cats eat kittens?

You might be asking yourself "do male cats that breed with a female that already has kittens kill the kittens like lions do?". The answer is , luckily, no. Male domestic  cats are actually very caring to stray kittens, often if left in the wild, these cats will orphan stray kittens, and even share a majority of anything killed with them. Male house cat So no, male cats don't kill other male cats' kittens, although male cats will pwn the sh#$ out of other male cats to preserve their dominance over female house cats, this will never lead to death, but might lead to a few scratches.

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Young basketball player dies suddenly

Josh Level , age 17 , a star basketball player from North Carolina died suddenly today after taking a time-out during a basketball match. He died so suddenly, that nobody even had time to react. One second he was standing, the next he was gaping dead on the ground. Eyewitnesses couldn't even fathom that such a healthy looking guy simply dropped dead. josh level age 17 dies suddenlyAuthorities fear it might have been a major stroke , or perhaps an undiagnosed enlarged heart, which often ends in sudden and unexplained cardiac arrest. Today is a sad day for Josh's team and classmates. We are always stricken with grief to learn of such tragedies, our hearts are with everyone that knew and loved him.

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How to train your cat to walk on a leash

Have you ever dreamed of walking your cat on a leash? Do you think it's impossible to get your cat to do anything? Well, in reality it's actually quite simple, just follow our simple instructions and your cat will be the envy of the town for years ahead :) Cat on leashFirst , a cat is a free-spirited, and practically untamable animal, it will never simply allow you to force it to put on a leash. Not to mention, a cat will always find a way to escape a standard neck only collar. For this purpose, use either a specialized "cat harness" , or a harness leash made for tiny dogs, unless you have a savannah cat.Second , get the cat very comfortable with the harness. Begin by placing the harness on the cat without a leash. If your cat does responds negatively by sitting down, looking depressed, pet it under the chin...

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Scarborough Fair Ballad

Scarborough Fair is one of the few surviving original ballads of old England , Yorkshire province to be exact. It is often hailed as one of the few last remaining "medieval style"  pieces that are standardized.This piece is often performed through the use of an acoustic guitar or an old style "lute" -which is really just a more primitive guitar-. Scarborough Fair (click to enlarge)This man here performs some of the musical piece on a guitar, it's actually pretty good, check it out:No the background on the ballad is reminiscent of Hercules because it is about a single man that must go on impossible tasks , set by his wife rather than father, with the hopes of gaining  prize in the end (in this case it is a dirty old rag).The lyrics are as follows from the revision in 1888: "Are you going to Scarborough Fair?Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme;Remember me...

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All latin words and english meanings

Kindly press "ctrl +f" to find the one you are looking for :) I are roman catA:abbas abbatis : father /abbot.abbatia : abbey, monastery.abduco : to lead, or take away/ detach, withdraw.abeo : to go away, retire /depart from life, die.abeo : to digress / change / vanish, disappear.abscido : to cut off, to separate, take away.absconditus : hidden, concealed.absens, absentis : (adj.) absent, missing, away, gone.absorbeo : to swallow, gulp down, carry away, engross.absque : (+ abl.) without.abstergo : to wipe off, clean away.absum : to be absent, be away, be missing.abundans : abundant, overflowing, abounding in.abundantia : abundance, bounty, plentyabutor : to make full use of, to abuse.abutor : to use abusive language / use a word : =atque andaccedo : to approach, come near /(things) to be added.accendo : to kindle, illuminate, inflame.acceptus : welcome, pleasant, agreeable.accipio : to consider oneself indebted, receive, learn, take.accommodo : to...

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How to fix a flickering white screen on a laptop

First of all, I will note that I am doing this as a freaking favor to all of you. I just wrote this article in notepad, because I was going to write it on phoenixanswers , but I decided due to the importance of this information, this would be a better place to put it.Also note that mother f#$%^ing windows freaking restarted with a f***ing "system update" right when I was about to post my huge, detail ridden article on this wonderful trick here.  It prompted me to save it, I clicked "save" , but I might have been too late. No I have to spend another couple of bloody minutes trying to f****ing remember what I even wrote. I wouldnt lift a paw to help youLets start at the basics. You have your laptop, one day it's working, the next day you get a glitchy screen, all of a sudden it...

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Postal service to cut sunday

The United States Postal Service has been hit hard by the advent of technology, such as text messaging, email , epostcards and most of all , those "green" ebills we all love so much. As a result they have struggled like crazy to make quota, and each year it just goes downhill.An answer to this deficit has been established, an unpopular one, but a solution nonetheless. This solution calls for the eradication of delivery on Saturdays, which has been a post delivery day since the advent of this country. Sunday is properly given off in observance of church service, if you are religious. no more mail on SundaysThis is quite unpopular with older people, and especially the postal workers that are getting their hours cut. Although very unpopular with most, it might be the only way to preserve the existence of the us postal service, remember, UPS trucks bring you all...

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Finding evil in the human brain

If we told you that a cat-scan or x-ray of a human brain could tell us whether or not you were evil, you would probably flip a sh!# and also the coffee table in front of you over our heads , it's ok , it is in your nature to prevent discrimination.But today we are serious when we say "evil can be scientifically detected" through what German scientists refer to as "dark spots". Often found not in thieves, or people that kill in crimes of passion (over love) , but in people that kill for pleasure. Dr Gerhard Roth with brainDr. Gerhard Roth, a venerated professor of neurology , and professor of well over 20 years [in service] , has stated that "dark spots" are visible in the brains of all killers, and men that take joy in the torture of innocents (usually humans, but also animals).He sort of went on...

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Promising new band discovered

Heliosaga, a relatively new band I just discovered looks like it has a promising future. Their solo  hit "The Light of Ardor" has given me an almost nostalgic feeling prevalent in older gothic metal bands, such as Nightwish and Penumbra. As we have the tendency to share things of interest , such as lolcats and good music, here it is ! Their hit solo "The Light OF Ardor"! Enjoy!

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Dutch artist creates clouds

Berndnaut Smilde , an artist currently residing in the kingdom of the Netherlands appearantly had a vision, and his background in physics helped. What he did was simply adjust his personal studio's temperature and humidity, then he used a common fog machine, and bam! A synthetic cloud was formed.He did this over and over to show us it was no illusion. It might sounds impossible, absurd or whatnot, but it's real! A synthetic cloud! Berndnaut Smilde Synthetic CloudNo watch this video if you doubt the irrefutable evidences presented before you :) 

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Three best free apps for iphone 2013

Apps can have a variety of functions , effectively removing the need for having hundreds of individual devices. I know for a fact that my iphone go rid of my radio, mp3 player, alarm clock, timer, watch and so much more. So today, I will share with you three of my personal favorite free apps, these are functional and fun. Make sure to click the images to check out the apps yourself!Coming in at number one: a free voice guided GPS! That's right, why waste 100$ on a GPS when you can get one absolutely free? Thats right, people! A voice operated, precise GPS. Once you get the hang of it, it really is pretty freaking awesome. My only problem with this app is that unless you change preferences to avoid toll bridges and pikes, it will take you there every bloody time! What it does is: calculate traffic on each...

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Chris Brown punches another famous person

Chris Brown, the self proclaimed king of wife-beating has been found guilty of voluntary assault on rock sensation "Frank Ocean". Accordingly, brown had just arrived at some event , where an associate of Ocean was singing. Brown brought a few hoodlums with him to stir up some trouble (or thats what reports say). chris brown strikes againSo, what the TMZ report states is:"Brown tried to push his car into Ocean's parking slot, Ocean was jammed and could not move himself back or forward, neither could Brown." Instead of trying to talk a solution out, Brown and his hoodlums pounced on Ocean, leaving him in a pool of blood (shocking). Ugh, oh yeah, he got arrested, again, for ASSAULT. We are really shocked lol :P 

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Vision test

We are positive 99% of you wont be able to find the leopard in this picture withing one minute. Comment below if you even manage to find it :) Can you find the leopard?Now imagine how "at loss" gazelle, water buffalo and African antelope are compared to this master of evolutionary disguise.

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6 tips in life in pictures

Sometimes people say "certain people learn from others' mistakes" , we say "it's time to learn from others' success!" Here are 6 illustrated tips to make your life easier :) Use doritos to start a fire to dazzle your friends Poke holes in trash cans to prevent vacuum type suction that gives you resistance. The position of highway signs tells you the direction of the exit Dont know what to do with old juice cartons? make litterbox shovels Use an old Piano as stunning a fountain Never throw snowballs at your cat, he doesn't have any hands :/     

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I was abducted by aliens , where can I get the probes removed?

I was abducted by aliens? They placed probes and pieces of metal in my brain, liver, kidneys and spine! What can I do now!? We remove everything they put in! Many people begin to feel helpless after an alien abduction. All hopes of a normal life, existence or having children suddenly disappear. The worst part of it all is that nobody believes you, right? You may be asking yourself "where can I go?" "are there people that can help me?" "where the f^&$$ do I go to get all the implants removed?" . Well, The Order Of The Iron Phoenix has partnered with psychologists, numerologists, general practitioners and chemists to bring you the very best in alien probe removal and moral support! We will personally help you cope through comprehensive "man to man" talk, psychological testing and evaluation (we wont make you eat anything, you're not insane, people get abducted by...

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It has come to our attention that yet another year has gone by, and as usual, it is almost time to do our dreaded tax returns. This is difficult for some of us, and it's rather time consuming. TurboTaxLuckily, TurboTax is here to help us! TurboTax makes it easy to simply input your data for the year, click a button, and have everything ready to go in minutes. TurboTax will also do it's best (if it's not the free edition) to help give you all the savings and returns you personally deserve.So, if you don't quite understand how to file taxes, don't want to waste thousands of minutes looking through paperwork, don't want to go to jail for tax evasion, don't want to hire a tax return firm to do this for you, you can use TurboTax to "do it yourself" fast, easy affordable! What do you possibly have to lose?Since...

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Get to be a simcity beta tester

SimCity Beta open!Do you want to become a new simcity beta tester? Well you are in luck! We have a few hundred keys available for the few lucky people that can actually get into the game before launch.The simcity beta is now open for residents of north America! Try your luck today! Enter here ! Your chances of being picked are great since this was announced today! Good luck and have fun!

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Our newest logo

Ok our dear readers let's see what our new logo for 2012 will be (note all are trademarked).In the first half of 2012, our logo looked like this: 2012a The Order Of The Iron PhoenixIn the second half of 2012, we decided to go smaller and more simple, so we got this 2012 b  The Order Of The Iron PhoenixNow what you have all been waiting for , our newest logo for 2013 has now arrived! And it's right here! : The Order Of The Iron PhoenixMaybe it got a bit distorted there, but it looks great on a black background, as we designed. Cheers and we hope to see you here often!

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