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Pokemon x and y announced

The newest games to the Pokemon franchise have been announced for the new Nintendo handhold superplatform the 3-ds. This game will include over 100 new Pokemon, new playable characters, and -finally- the ability to see your Pokemon duke it out in 3-d!The three starter Pokemon in Pokemon x and y have been shown in the video below.A new adventure will await you, and a new era of pokemon will soon begin. You can also find Nintendo pre-released beta roms somewhere, we don't remember where, but they did this for Pokemon black and white 2 before release as well.

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Using cats as medicine

Ok, so a few years back I remember reading about some study that absolutely peaked my interest.  A dear friend of mine and I had a decent conversation a few days ago about how his widowed mother needed a companion. We both decided a dog would be perfect, save the amount of maintenance , a dog has been known to be an excellent companion to the human. But I decided to explain to him about a documentary I saw back in 2003 on using dogs as medicine. Animal Healing Powers! Background So in 2001, a clinic in Canada had a patient (let's call him Jim). This patient was around 73 or so, and he had a cardiogram done to see his status (because just looking at the heart, you can tell a person's current health status). The man's heart was abysmal, to the point where 21st century medical experts had to...

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Smart mouse pays for lunch

Mouse MouseOk, so a smart mouse decides to pay for his own lunch. It's rather odd watching this with that picture above, isn't it?

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Cat steals carpet

Ever wonder who goes under the doorcracks and collects your grandmother's fine tapestries? Well check it out!

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What if you could control your dreams?

It has always bothered my mind, so I will now dedicate a few minutes to write about the idea of controlling your dreams, and I don't mean your aspirations, no no. I mean the actual dreams you have as you lay in a state of defenseless slumber upon the soft , comfortable safety of your tempurpedic. --A bit of background-- Now, as I see it, dreams are usually the expression of concern and emotion people try to hide. For example, the really nasty dreams people experience are probably brought on by guilt, which is natural because guilt causes us to worry, and stress effects our bodies in severe ways (ie aging, metabolism, heart-health, liver health etc).Then, we have the types of dreams with unexplainable points, such as the ones where you are running down some hallway, all white and stuff with flickering light bulbs. There is someone chasing you, perhaps it...

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Happy 2013!

It has been our finest pleasure having you with us through our first year. We feel we have gotten much done, from the days we initially began serving you with news and services. 2012 is also going to go down as the year of the "Mayan calender doomsday" prophesy that we all survived -thank god-.We have also put a few touches on a movie we plan to release, along with demobilizing BurnOn social media.We have also taken PhoenixWiki into a no spam zone, now the only way to create articles, or anything of that matter, is to log into the Cthulhu Portal , then enter the wiki. This will hopefully rid us of spam entirely. -moving on- Now let us share that we were indeed strongly disappointed with the new years celebration in times square this year, it's almost as if no effort was put in to give it a sensation of...

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Most common pin discovered

Believe it it or not, more than 10% of all bank counts are secured by the pin "1234", yes, some people are just far too creative for this world. As a result of a census, an astonishing 11% was "1234" , and close behind at 8% was" 7777". So the next time you steal a bank card(please for the love of god don't), you already have a 20% chance at cracking the pin lol! PinPadIt really is as easy as 1-2-3-4!

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Cripple and the starfish

Cripple and the Starfish is a play, well known now for it's theme of painful pleasure, to a delightful status. It really pushes the notion of "pleasure regardless of consequence" and "danger is delectable".This play was written by  Antony Hegarty and first recorded in 1998. It was finally put to on sight review in 2003, where it was critiqued as "both marvelous and horrible". Other less uptight critiques claimed it was a "wonderful masochistic experience".After thoroughly reviewing the play ourselves, we thought it was ok. We dont have anything to say about how "odd" it was, we are into that type of stuff. Out of  all the live plays we have ever attended , this was the only one which did not make us sigh, so it did have a bit of "intrigue" and "suspense" flare to it.Feel free to see it yourself, and comment below! Cripple and the Starfish title...

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Shine On - The Ultimate Collection

On June 5, 2010 Laura Branigan and co released her hit album "ShineOn"  which was surprisingly popular in South Africa, and even nominated for awards here in the United States. Every track on the cd is edited, originally from 1984-2000, and therefore not the originals. These are all done by different authors. Some of the top tracks included "Cry Wolf" by Jude Johnstone , "Ti Amo"  by Giancarlo Bigazzi, and "Forever Young"  by Laura herself. ShineOn CoverYou can buy ShineOn here:

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Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat is an adorable creature that has recently captivated the hearts of millions. Grumpy cat is a rare breed of cat , with the type of perma-frown so many of us take botox to ward off. Grumpy Cat and Brother , Pokey (L,R)Grumpy cat is the happiest little kitty on the planet, and can you blame him when he lives with a genuine cat collector? Hes so cute that we predict he will rise in popularity faster than trollface, or spoderman.He has recently become a common meme amongst people, nd can you blame them?Hes just so darn cute! Grumpy CatWe also found an exceptionally cute picture of grump cat with his dog, whom seems so depressed compared to mr. Cat. Grumpy Cat with dog

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If this day was our last day on earth

We just made the following status on our facebook page ,hopefully you are one of our 27 followers :) :"We shall be with you dear followers, and although the world will not end, take some time to ask yourself "if today is my last, am I proud of everything I have done", "Do I live a life of regrets?". And at the dawn of December 22nd, change everything you do not like about yourself. Be who you want to be, overcome anything you might later regret, for this day may be your last :)"And since we only have 27 followers, we want anyone else that actually finds this post to hear our word of advice, and to simply come to terms with their existence. Life is very fragile you see, and if you think about it, astronomical comets and gravitational shifts are beyond our control.We may feel at the moment that...

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Space Based Solar Power

Have you ever wondered why on a sunny day, you don't simply incinerate in the face of the sun's relentless wrath? Not many of us would question why this would not happen, simply because Earth's atmosphere does not allow it to do so.You see , when the sun fires off heat and light energy, only a very tiny amount of that actually reaches us directly. 99.9% of that energy is either reflected , or absorbed by the earth's atmosphere. You can think about it in the same way as a water filter. If I was looking for iron particles in water, and there was a water filter on my tap, why would I mine that .01% of iron out of the filtered water?This in essence of using solar power is clearly a waste. Although land based solar panes have great potential, one must ask themselves "why fight for the crumbs when...

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How to create your own internet browser

Are you fed up with google chrome, mozilla firefox, apple safari, internet explorer, and my personal favorite, opera browser? Well guess what everyone! There is a web browser that you can literally make into whatever you want.You might ask how, why? Well "why" is so you have your own browser, duh.How? Well simply download K-Melon, although it is indeed a 32 bit program, by all means, make it 64 bit functional. The source code is open, and it is under gpl licence type a, free to redistribute, sell etc.Enjoy :)Download K-Meleon windows 32 bit: K-Meleon1.5.4en-US K melion logo

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The Hobbit Review

When we initially heard that another movie would be added to the Tolkien series, we jumped in excitement (source: new lord of the rings movie). In fact, we expected this to be a huge success, so we even spent an extra 4$ to see the 3-D version. The hobbit - an unexpected journey Let us share a bit about the story: The story begins with the old Bilbo, whom we see in every other lord of the rings movie, writing a letter to Frodo. We are indeed confirming that Frodo does get a few seconds of fame at the beginning of the movie. After that opening little scene , which lasts about 12 minutes, we go back in time, as Bilbo ponders about his "great adventure" 60 years ago. This, of course, then leads to the title being displayed, and thus, the main story is initiated. So, much like the first "lord...

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Time's new man of the year

We personally died when we read about this, so get ready for quite a surprise. This year's "man of th year" is not Barrack Obama, it's not Mitt Romney, nononono it's nobody you would expect! And here he is ladies and gentlemen! I'ts Lil Kim Jong Un!These polls were not rigged, and this is preliminary, but we guess this voluptuous dictator wins time magazine's "man of the year" award! Great job there "Lil Kim".

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The end of male fashion: male leggings

As with every decade, and century , apparel changes. Sometimes for the better, like skinny jeans, and sometimes for the worse like waist high "mom jeans".  But ever since the end of the male "short shorts" , everything has been cool, up to now.Apparently the newest male trend is "man leggings". And the one "man" thats making them popular is none other than child singer Justin Bieber.These things are like sweatpants that stick up your *** and , especial if you have a big one, your junk will be VERY visible, if you have a small one like Bieber, maybe nobody will notice.Meggings, as they are called would be a fashion disaster. It would be like tights, but with no crotch patch. The mere thought of people wearing these is more damning than man short shorts and manthongs combined. Man leggings

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Google safe search fails

As of yesterday, developers at google must have come drunk into work. You can no longer search words like "dick"  and get the good stuff. No , no, now you get stuff like this: DickI guess the problem is, the devs at google had one too many beers, and just came to work drunk.  So now your safety search button can say "filter explicit content" or "report image like so: Google safe searchSo, do you want the good stuff back? Well there are a few ways to do this.- Switch to bing/yahoo images after the thing below this is also changed or-Go to or , and you will see your good old friend, the "disable safe search" bar :) How to turn Safesearch offAnd that my friends, is how to turn safesearch back off, please also tell Google to wake the f up :)

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Happy 12/12/12

In commemoration of 12/12/12 , here is a Cthulhu statue! And don't forget to check out the Cthulhu Portal! We have forums now, question and answer, like yahoo answers, personalized blogs, personalized profiles, games, image galleries, image sharing, video sharing, and so much more! Check it out right here: The Cthulhu Portal 12-12-12 Cthulhu Statue

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New cacoon found

Scientists in Antarctica have done it again, they have discovered another one of god's creations, although we have to wonder why god made this one, we wont challenge his decision for sure!So what the word on the streets, directly from men in black robes selling this stuff on the streets is that this is some monster that was wrapped in a cocoon of mucus by some massive leaches.We also know that it is strikingly similar to the apocalyptic being Cthulhu, perhaps they are genealogically related? Here is the enemy of mankindWhat we also know is that this animal grew to a mature size, about the same as a human, every 24 hours. Scientists claim the the lifeforms only lived about 24 hours, so we fear this one may wake up, and perhaps eat those poor scientists alive.It would be fitting to start a donation for their families, because this doomsday parasite wont...

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The crazy future of contact lenses

If you even for a second sat down and wondered "how do contact lenses work" , well, you have simply asked the noobiest question on earth. The reason being is because contact lenses might seem like they are only created to help people see better, but that is completely irrelevant to what we just recently read, saw and watched.First, as a mark of good measure, all images you are about to see are properties of, we will simply show you ones that are available to the general public.Just as a bit of background, this is a concept called "coolviue 2020" , they are created as normal lenses, that change from day vision, to dimmed vision in extreme light, to night vision in the nighttime.They are capable of tracking people's faces , much like crimelab technology, or facebook image recognition software, this then goes through a database of known people, allowing...

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