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Will the world really end in two weeks?

We all want to believe that something exciting will happen in our lifetimes, unfortunately, what we fantasize about , and what is reality are never one in the same thing.We were once obsessed with the notion of a doomsday, in fact we read articles, reports, examined real pieces of Mayan scripture. We studied the language, we studied their culture.We then went on a loop, studying "T he Book Of Revelation ". We really were genuinely interested in this, you could say we were a bit obsessed. We were so into it that we began paralleling things. Like the fact that ancient Babylon(Iran) and Israel were on a collision course, all prepped for nuclear war. We wanted to believe, we wanted to prove that natural disasters up to now have been all part of some uncertain destiny.Hell, we even wanted to add the North Korean Missile to this mess, assuring that somehow...

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Frankie Muniz gets a stroke

Indeed, the once talented, young child actor Frankie Muniz received a stroke this past weekend. His family and friends claim he was acting weird and began foaming at the mouth, this caused concern and panic, at which point he was sent to the emergency room. The doctor claimed it was a "minor stroke"Muniz does not claim to know why this happened, he claims to have never done cocaine, or so much as smoke tobacco products. Frankie Muniz

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December 2012 google update

Yesterday, as you may have all seen, youtube changed a bit. We see now that Google intends to merge youtube with Google-plus entirely, this is why the new update made it feel more like a social network, and less like the good old youtube. Im not quite sure whether what they are doing is a good thing , or a bad thing. With the near death of facebook, and it's certain impending doom, we certiany dont understand why google wants youtube to become more social. People might simply move on to dailymotion, for the restrictions on dailymotion are far less, making it feel freer. Youtube might have become too "child friendly" for our tastes.     See what we mean, new youtube  

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Hércules Florence

Have you ever heard of a badass painter named Hercules? Well if you have not, like most of us, today you will know, Hercules Florence, the most manly painter ever!Hercules began life as a child, although some may want to believe he never was a child due to his awesomeness. He was created in France, fathered by a Frenchman and a Brazilian mother. This already makes him sound exotic and sexy no?He , much like any Greek hero, loved the sea, in fact he had many revelations in his dreams in which god told him to use positive/negative light intake glasses to create a still image. He would begin his life aboard the French navy vessels of old, studying, painting and inventing.Hercules was fully pushed into his passions when the Russians began sending scientists to Brazil, with them they brought many Germans, and those Germans brought with them art, sculpture and...

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David E. Orton

David E Orton was the president of ATI technologies from 2000 to 2007. He was the chairman behind the planned merger of ATI and AMD. He was also responsible for the purchase of the smaller graphics company "artX".His merger made him seo of the entire merged company. In 2007 , he basically retired, stating he wanted to spend more time with the wife and kids.Mr Orton is rumored to have erectile dysfunction, we cannot confirm that. There he is (c) JapanToday  

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Niue is a small island, well kind of small, off the coast of New Zealand. Niue is actually relatively rich for being one tenth the size of rhode island, in fact they generate 17 million dollars a year from agriculture, tourism and much more. Niue- Oceana (c) mapquestNiue was founded in 1917 by the British, the natives were cleansed, converted to Christianity, and the country became free by the end of the first world war.Niue uses the new Zealand dollar as international trade currency, but the native currency, which is actually worth more per piece, features bizarre things such as English regents and pokemon. Niue Money (pokemon)

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Weird but true, the song of suicide

In 1933, following the collapse of the great imperial and royal Austria-Hungarian empire, the world was a changed place, especially Hungary. Hungary had become a paradox of a country, as it was not allowed to have a regent, it was still called "the kingdom of Hungary" , a kingdom without a king, the people lamented at the loss of their once great country.In face of being stripped to only the Hungarian borders, most of Hungary was ceded to the new Czech republic, Poland and Romania. Unity with the twin fatherland, Austria was prohibited. For this very reason, Hungary which was the economical center of Austria Hungary (Austria being the technological and military portion of the great empire) , had completely collapsed. It had suffered an even worse fate under the great depression than the twin fatherland.As fate would have it, the battered remnants of a once great country had reached the...

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Why do people still watch western movies?

It is a question that puzzles the modern generation, and seems ever more puzzling when someone from that generation actually also takes interest in this genre. We will dedicate a few words to explain this phenomenon.First, western movies are all considered classics, although we have seen about twenty different versions of" Custer's last stand" , each recreation is slightly different, there is absolutely nothing repetitive about western movies (lol). Second, the jokes and comedy are just too much. We saw one movie where a youth asked a bearded , large man "hand me over a gun" , the big man responds" i'll give you a gun" , next thing you know, the big man gunwhips the boy across the face, this is very classic and enjoyable.Third, the open drunkenness, and support for alcohol and tobacco is VERY manly, men love manly things, so naturally , manly men watch western movies rather than...

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Dear Millionaires

Millions dollars Millions dollars

This is an odd rant, but heavens knows, there are tons of people with millions of dollars in the world. We want to simply ask those that do, how would you like to venture the ultimate project, by donating massive amounts of money to us, not only will you let our dreams flourish (we always did want a Maybach), but you can also ave your soul when the end of the world comes in a month.Heck, the only reason why we have the audacity to ask on the internet is because we fear we have barely a month left to enjoy ourselves. And if the apocalypse does come, and you have all that money, how will you be judged?Why not share your wealth with us? If you do, this website can perhaps become greater than a combination of facebook and twitter , and we can have a Maybach hehe.We also wouldn't mind...

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Setting pepsi on fire

Do you want to dazzle your friends? How about making yourself look like some sort of pro alchemist? Well, there is an easy step by step guide on how to do this. Lets start at the basics.Pepsi is much more acidic than cola or any soda known to man, it is all carbonic acid, drinking it too much can cause your enamel to crumble, leaving you with sensitive teeth, kind of like a bolemic person that keeps puking, eroding their enamel slowly.So now let us gather some crucial ingredients.#1) A bottle of pepsi, a can, anything that contains pepsi, please feel free to use anything as long as it is regular PEPSI PepsiNow, you can't simply take a lighter and catch it on fire, no,no that won't work at all. Instead, back in the day there use to be a brand of candy called a "necco wafer". We only recently heard...

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Obama wins another four years

Barack Obama, the first African-American president wins a second term. Sadly, Mitt Romney was writing a victory speech a bit too early. And senator and former presidential candidate Gingrich's prediction of a "landslide victory" for Romney was "a mistake".We are happy that we PREDICTED THE OUTCOME OF THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION months ago :) And congrats, the bruthah won again! We hope his second term will be better than his first! Obama HopeWhat does feverishly surprise us is how one of the top three people the world would like to punch got into office : Elizabeth Warren!? I mean for the love of god, look at her haircut people, Scott Brown might not be perfect, but he doesn't quite look like a mushroom. Really , America? 

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Cheapest gas of the year

Hello peeps, we want to remind you that today, election day, gas will be a full 40 cents or so cheaper than it will be on this same day next year. It's a way to show how well this country is doing, and get the current president some more votes. What should you do? Well, since we already voted for the brotha, we couldn't help but fill the tank to full at 3.50$/per gallon.Remember, it may be 8:00 eastern western Atlantic time (easter time in the states) , but you still have a chance to get some of the cheapest gas of the year :)  Thats right boy, get that cheap gas in there

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Is hitting children bad?

Hitting children is a divided topic, most people would concur that it is rather brutal to beat the living f$%# out of some poor sap with your granddaddy's 3"x3' lead pipe just to teach him a lesson.But could we all be brainwashed by idiots, people that don't understand child psychology? People that don't understand progress?Let me go over some of the basic reasons why people believe they should refrain from hitting their child: 1) The child is special, something harmless, something much like a pet, something that requires attention and care, therefore hitting it is an act of evil. 2) The child is defenseless, and therefore hitting it is playing the part of god, you cannot play the part of god therefore touching the child in a brutal manner is not allowed. 3) Hitting the child can cause accidental permanent damage or death. 4) The child will bide the pain, and...

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Top three people we want to punch in the face

#3) Clint Howard Coming in at number three is Clint Howard! Yes, he might be dead, but every bloody time we see this guy, we keep asking ourselves how he became so popular. I mean for the love of god, have you seen this guy? Beady eyes, curly side hair, and a major baldspot, we cant imagine how he didn't get sucker punched for being an oddity. But we really  would adore to punch him in the face, just for the fun of it, have you seen his teeth by any chance? :P Clint Howard#2)Kelly OsbourneOh for the love of god when you see this picture you will understand. Sometimes, some fruity people are just so sick looking that a punch in the face could quite possible make one feel better deep down inside. Kelly Osbourne#1) Elizabeth WarrenYes, her ads are all over youtube, her hideous face is all over the news,...

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Tip for November 3, 2012

On Sunday, November 4th, at 5 am , set your clocks back one hour due to daylight savings. You can do this at 12:00 on November 03,2012 , turning it to 11:00, or you can do it at 5:00 am the following morning.  Tips the cat 

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Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Hello friends, even as Hurricane Sandy is pounding half of the country, the other half will still have the pleasure of celebrating Halloween! So, we will give you three little secrets on how to make your jack-o-lanterns look more dazzling than your neighbor's!  Warning: your neighbor may end up pouring benzine on your lawn in an act of Shakespearean revenge Trick 1) After you have carved a facing for your pumpkin, you can buy a 16 inch latex balloon from pretty much any recreation store, and shove a battery operated led light inside. You can then proceed to turn the light on, shove it inside the balloon , and put the flat balloon inside the pumpkin, with the hole area outside of the pumpkin.Now simply air inflate the balloon until you see and feel it to be firm. Don't allow too much of the balloon to exit through the actual pumpkin or...

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Windows 8 : failure before release?

Windows 8, the newest operating system created by the monopolizer of the computer world, promises to bring innovation, ease of use and much more to their newest operating system.As with everything before, windows 8 will come equipped with new (mostly useless) features, and the typical flashy , attractive designs most of us have long adored.But the major issue with Windows 8 is quite rather that it is a recycled concept from the windows mobile os, where the only innovation is being able to scroll through a sort of "iphone copy" type interface through a touchscreen.Now, if you have a touchscreen , good for you, but to 99% of us, 1400$ for a touch monitor is a bit out of reach.  This is the first strike against windows.The second strike is the removal of the beloved desktop, start button and the masking of the command prompt. Yes, windows 8 is visually appealing,...

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Scaphism -the ultimate torture-

Post has been moved here: Scaphism because it violated a hidden rule about gore, sorry about that :/

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Making a perfect country

Long ago(well, not that long), I personally wrote a book on the benefits of monarchy, I scrapped this book after I realized that 348 pages of boring text would never sell, even as an ebook. But, I will share three fundamental points I have established as being very beneficial to creating a successful country, with a global reach. Now let us start off with the first point. Economy:As you may know,  in paternally autocratic country, there is a middle class , mostly comprised of land owning farmers and craftsmen. The men above them would be lords, or the upper non-noble class, usually deploying middle class workers as craftsmen or farmers.Putting a now archaic concept into retrospect, imagine you (the reader) regardless of your economic status as a middle class craftsman. In todays world this could be a computer programmer,  a construction worker, a farmer, a cable repairman, or even a car mechanic.What...

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Wearing panda costumes may allow you to get closer to pandas, scientists say

We are getting word from our correspondents in Wuhan, china, the same place that hosts the pig lifting sport. They are telling us that members of the elite journalist block Reuters have uncovered a secret operation by Chinese scientists in the province of Wuhan  , these scientists discovered that upon masking their human identities in panda suits, the pandas no longer felt fear.In fact, they were capable of touching the cub right at it's mother's side, and were not mauled. This is great news in in the field of trying to preserve the rare creatures, here is a photo courtesy of Reuters. Men in masks can get up close to pandas 

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