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World of warplanes closed beta review

After about three months of testing the closed beta, we decided to write a review. As such , we will disclose a bit of information, but not too much.First, we want to note that as of the beginning of this month, 60,000 additional beta codes were given out at random. This means most that will read this review will indeed already know what the beta is like. World Of Warplanes BetaA summary:World of warplanes is pretty much wargames' attempt to create a pre-world war II to Korean era flight simulator for combat aircraft. As such most of the early reconnaissance biplanes, and early jets are included. Most world war II fighters, bombers and heavy attack aircraft have already been implemented , and hundreds are being finished up before the "open beta" launches. AR 65 biplane We personally went down the "all German" line, as we did in world of tanks.Furthermore, the game...

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Does the soul exist?

For too long, religion has tried to prove the existence of the human essence. Simultaneously, scientific zealots, for whatever reason, have tried to the full extent to dehumanize people and have stated that much like other animals, humans are not unique, and the soul does not exist. Soul The first question you have to ask yourself is "why is it that unlike other animals, humans create their own, usually unique behavioral patterns?". This is an argument which science cannot explain, much like they cant explain how chemicals came together to create the first microscopic lifeforms, or why  humans and trees share a common ancestor, yet we are nothing alike.The simple question we will address today is the existence of a soul, or something that separates humans from lions, or pigs or praying mantises.  For the sheer purpose of not confusing you, we will call the "life essence" the "soul".Lets go back to...

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The Destiny Spinner beta release and video tutorial

As we have stated before, our new invention, the Destiny Spinner  has entered the "open beta" stage. Whether you are trying to make a tough decision, or you are unable to choose a name for your new child (ie you have like 10 choices and you can't make up your mind) , the destiny spinner  promises to make your decision a " do and forget" type of thing. Just check it out.As an added bonus , we promised a video tutorial, so here is your tutorial: Hit the "hd" button to the top right, then the fullscreen button to the bottom right.   And don't forget to have fun with this! Don't take it too seriously, or maybe you should, we leave that up to you :)   

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Tough choice? Let the Destiny Spinner make the decision for you!

The Order Of The Iron Phoenix has recently run a bit dry, we know, (the world is getting boring). But we are glad to announce that we have created another innovate little feature you may want to try. This feature is a party! Imagine that one night you cant decide which movie to watch with your friends, or even what movie to order off netflix (we all know how tough this can be) . Luckily, The Destiny Spinner  will make the decision for you! All you have to do is input your two choices, hit spin , and BAM! Your choice was made by a program that literally flips 200 coins in one millisecond, and gives you an answer based on what came out most often (your destiny).Now imagine that you got accepted into multiple colleges, or have a limited budget, and you don't want  to waste your money, pointlessly applying for...

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How to get a full background check on anyone!

Getting a background check is no longer something that major corporations and firms can do, yes it's become accessible to the general public! You too can be Sherlock Holmes Have you ever wondered if your neighbors were serial killers like in the horror movies? Or perhaps if someone you are about to fornicate with has the AIDS virus (and this can be helpful). There are millions of reasons you may want to perform one.Many Americans hire people to take care of their most precious assets: their children.  But how do you know the guy/woman your leaving your kids wont start fapping on the couch when you leave and ruin your good towels, the remote and your leather sofa!?How can you possibly know if a guy your interested in doing your shingles  is not going to put a nail in your skull, then rob your house and run off to Mexico!?There is one...

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Some famous cats

This is a list of some of the most famous cats on the internet!Number 5: Maus The Cat! Coming in at number 5 is Maus, the German male cat! His name means "mouse" in English, ironically. Maus is an iconic cat that  recently became the subject of internet memes following a sitting posture he did, resembling that of humans. Maus Number 4: Fatso The KeyBoard Cat:Fatso is one of those cats that upon seeing , you will remember fond memories. A man named Charles Schmidt created the original "keyboard cat" in 1984. His work has since spawned clones and has made Fatso an internet sensation. As once was said "old is still gold".And in case you think keyboard cat died, he retired and his son came out with a new song in 2010 under the nickname "Bento" :)Number 3: Banker CatSometime in the year 2009 of our lord, a beautiful thing came to...

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Why america never got the 99mpg car

Were you aware that as far back as 1993 , Volkswagen had been working on a top secret project. They planned to create the most fuel efficient car known to man, as did thier two top rivals: Fiat and Renault.Well, Fiat and Renault went to about 45-50 mpg and capped out. Volkswagen  , on the other hand, managed to create their amazing Lupo series of car. This car capped out at 99 mpg, using a 3 liter 4 cylinder engine. Thats the power of German engineering , we guess.At that time, and until it's last production in 2005, Americans claimed they did not need "small fuel efficient cars" , companies like general motors stated  "it would not sell" (funny how they failed because of lack of fuel efficiency in their vehicles?)Well anyways, the car handles well and its a two-door sedan, really. The car runs ok, and doesn't look too bad...

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If you ever feel like relaxing, please remember that we created a section for people like you here: . It is scientifically proven that white noise makes people relax, if you like rain , wind or the sound of whistling snow outside, you should definitely check this out!Remember, you click the arrows to move through the seasons, you don't have to listen to the youtube videos we selected for you. You can simply leave the "Relax"  windows in the background and listen to your favorite music!One listener emailed us telling us how much they loved the "rain" noise, and the music, they claimed that they played it on full blast, and fooled thier sleeping spouse into thinking that it was actually raining outside :)So, if you find yourself inspired, feel free to contact us ! Screenshot 

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New section: Video Game Review

We are adding a new section called "game reviews" , here we will try to give you detailed analysis of video games that we will test for you. We hope you stay tuned and check it out.Regards, The Order Of The Iron Phoenix   

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Why do people join the army out of free will?

It is baffling to most people why people would intentionally join the armed forces, and care little for the fact that they will be pigs for slaughter. But after years of compiling research, we have discovered why 80% of the army is made up of people with little choices left. Now lets imagine life as two rock paths. At some point, the rock splits into a crossroads,  this what psychologists refer to as the defining moment in your life. Now, the said person would have to take a chance by going to either extreme of the crossroads. Now imagine that this person randomly chose one extreme, and imagine that something went horribly wrong and that path crumbled, the person then falls into a pit.Somehow at this point, the other crossroads begins to pull towards that person, but he can never ascend it, and the crumbled rubble also begins to push towards the...

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Three popular myths that are actually true

Over the years, science has proven that certain things that man has taken to be fact (ie the world is flat) , are actually very far from the truth. But today we will dedicate this post to telling you that there are three myths that have proven very true, and they are time- tested, we assure you.#1) Pouring alcohol on a scorpion will cause it to commit suicide:It's true. For some odd reason, when a scorpion, of any species, is hit with alcohol, it begins to sting the afflicted area erratically. Some scientists say this is because the scorpion's exoskeleton is permeable, and the poisonous alcohol causes it to "twitch". Unfortunately. unlike snakes, scorpions have no immunity to their own poisons. This leads to a self-inflicted fatality. Scorpion#2) Oxalis flowers make you go blind:As common as they are in the continental North America, did you ever hear your mother telling you to...

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Amazon unleashes the hd Kindle Fire

Packing a stunning 1280x800 full hd screen, the brand new high definition Kindle Fire HD seems like a game winner for sure. And the price tag starting at only 200$ is affordable on any budget. Kindle Fire HD We just assume this is Amazon's answer to the now popular ipad 2 and 3.  Ironically, it beats the ipad in every possible way, unlike the whole kindle vs ipad 1 thing, this is proven by facts.Remember, the screen is fully HD! This means , unlike the ipad 3, you will be getting near 3-D images popping at you.The Kindle also comes with a 1.3 GHz processor, beating the ipad 3 once again.According to speed tests , it also has faster  wifi than any other tablet out there. Wifi tablet speed testAnd remember, the kindle gives you access to millions of tv shows, ebooks and movies, free to stream, or at least some are....

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Making your car's headlights shine like new

We are going to go off on a tangent here and attempt to simply describe some experience with a product that worked for us. We saw no other reviews on the product other than directly on the seller's website, so why not be the first to make a review right?Naturally, after 5 or so years, your prized car's front headlights begin to get all old and ugly. Worst of all, they don't function as safely or comfortably as they should.This is due to oxidation that occurs on the glass, nothing can really prevent this from happening to begin with. You may even be very disappointed to know that on average, a mechanic will charge you between 500 and 2000$ (US) to fix this issue.So, is there a cheaper alternative? Well, we at  The Order Of The Iron Phoenix  believed that if the mechanics can do it, so can anyone else.We began...

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Can cats teleport?

Does it bother you when one second you come through the door and see your cat on the stove, then you look behind you and hes already there, instantly? How is this possible?Well, after years of research, lead scientists have discovered that cats can teleport, yes  it's very possible. They can do this because years of evolution had to give them some sort of distinct advantage over other things in their weight tier. Here is a great example.  Disclaimer: this is a joke post :)   

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Legends Of The Fall Review

Recently, we found a good old copy of "Legends Of  The Fall" rotting away at some old book store. Naturally we decided to buy it, based on personal experience of watching it in the past. The movie basically starts out pretty merry , Captain Ludlow portrayed by Anthony Hopkins, a retired general from the Indian wars of old, runs his farm with his three sons. Already at the beginning, there is a creepy air about how the captain and his wife appear to love each other, yet they are so distant. This is a subliminal message that grows throughout this beautiful move. So basically, the Captain's youngest son Samuel, brings home a beautiful mistress (not so beautiful in our opinion) , that which he intends to marry. Basically , they seem rather happy, much like his father did with Samuel's wife (whom only returns to the farm once a year). Just...

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Cleansing BurnOn Social Media

After careful consideration , we have decided that BurnOn could use a second chance. We would be ashamed to see its capabilities wasted. So lets just share a few of them while we delete thousands of spam blog posts and accounts.   1) You can create your own personalized profile, with your own pictures, background, wall, and much much more. 2) You can use BurnOn's dating capabilities to find someone special. We know this is a longshot with all the dating sites now available, but anything could happen! 3) You can utilize our video sharing portion to share videos with your friends, and the entire community!, Try it, you might learn to love it! 4) Share photos with anyone, yes no need for something like deviantart or flickr, you can now share pictures you create with your friends and the community! 5) GOUPS! You can create and manage groups, much like...

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Toshiba qosmio x870 review (update)

As we have stated before, we will continue to update the section on our review of this toshiba x870 laptop. After a month of testing, we have updated this review, read the update from 08/20/2012 by clicking the image below. Toshiba Qosmio X870 

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Abyssinian Ground Hornbill

The Abyssinian ground hornbill is another odd animal we would like for you to hear about. It's one of those types of "larger birds" that inflate their frontal pouch to attract females. They live exclusively in Africa, so if you have never heard of or seen one, there is no need to fret. Abyssinian Ground Hornbill It's diet mainly consists of spiders, termites, snakes and other small animals. But, like most birds, it wont turn away a good fruit or grain. The strangest thing about this bird is it's disturbing breeding patter. Upon fertilization, a mother will always give birth to two eggs. She will leave the eggs for a week, when the babies will fight and eat each other(the stronger always survives), come back and feed the lone survivor for nine months, until it leaves the nest and searches for a mate (at which point it should be skilled at hunting). 

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Angler Fish

Today, we decided to tell you about a very odd animal: the anglerfish. This bony , and quite ugly, yet strangely attractive fish lives in the murkiest depths of the seven seas.  It's a stunningly different type of fish compared to what you may imagine, it usually has a small , glow-in-the-dark organ hanging above it's head. It uses this to lure other fish in, and then swallows them whole with it's shark-like mouth. AnglerfishAnglerfish are extensively carnivorous. They eat pretty much anything that lives underwater, and if your lucky, the next time you go scuba diving, one might bite you. Just remember, no matter how shiny the organ on it's head is, it's bite is like that of a shark or small crocodile, it can bite a finger clean off any man. So don't be too attracted to the light-bulb above it's head, simply leave it alone (give it some...

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An aardwolf is a small, fox-like animal, native to east and south Africa. It's diet consists of locusts and spiders, and mostly termites. It's name derives from the dutch word Aard (earth) and Vulf (wolf). Unlike it's cousin the fox, the aardwolf uses a long tongue to scoop up insects and swallow them whole.Luckily, this cute little creature doesn't live near humans, so interaction is rare, but continued deforestation and burning of fields to create farmland can be very negative for them. Especially since termite mounds are pests to humans, and destroying them would take away 90% of the aardwolf's food supply. Aardwolf    

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