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Points For Everyone

Points For Everyone

The most major update to ocelot is coming soon. We have remastered the "point system" which will allow all of our users to earn points for activities on this website.The primary (and also the largest) difference between this and some other websites out there is the incentive payment for pageviews. Unlike some places where you are paid to do surveys or are paid to write an article (once) , here you can be paid per impression--meaning recurring,passive commission. This is basically a strategic move to add very high quality content to this website that will rank well , be enjoyable to external users as well as the community, and spur our output production towards a larger scope.The first step will be introducing the store (which we have been working on for well over a year) within the next few weeks. At that point in time, a few starter packages will be...

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Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving To Everyone

The Cthulhu Portal and The Order Of The Iron Phoenix would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this (now three year old) project. We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.In addition to your thanksgiving turkey, you will also find a coupon in your mailbox which will grant you 3,000 Cthulhu Points when redeemed (each code is individual and cannot be used more than once). Thank You, The Cthulhu Portal and The Order Of The Iron Phoenix Team

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The Cthulhu Portal Gets Festive

The Cthulhu Portal Gets Festive

In commemoration of the upcoming holidays, we have added a few holiday extras around the website. Additionally we will be holding a raffle for “Cthulhu Points” on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Christmas Eve and New Years Eve + Day. The End of the year is fast approaching and the Cthulhu Portal is reaching its third year in existence. We want to thank everyone that has ever visited this website and we wish you a happy holiday season! :) Cheers, The Cthulhu Portal Team

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The holidays are here again

The holidays are here again

Hello everyone. We have noticed that the year has completely gone by , meaning our lovely portal is now over a year old. Although we did not get the chance to actually celebrate our birthday , we are very happy to see the direction we have grown in. We have molded the portal as if it were clay , and there is always room for improvement! We want to wish you all the best in the upcoming holidays (whatever you celebrate). We want each and every one of you to come back to our lovely portal fully satisfied.  Now as far as changes are concerned , we still need significant time to implement holy war (we will release more information on this very soon). Our movie is also causing us trouble , setting us back months , if not years to make everything work (we told you most movies take years...

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The mobilization towards globalization

The mobilization towards globalization

The Cthulhu Portal has matured since the beginning of times. We went from a forum to a full-blown social network in less than one year's time. The fact that we have grown and will continue to grow does not necessarily mean we are capable to afford the server capacity that we need to run comfortably. In other words we are not making any money The anticipated solution to this issue is the addition of the store and the ability for advertisers to "purchase ad space" on the website. Which, although it sounds simple, is a difficult task to accomplish (we would need money to buy products to sell) :/ Regardless, we need your help in quite literally globalizing this website. You can help us by posting forum posts about relevant topics, asking questions on the Q&A , writing blog posts, adding some photos or videos and so on (especially sharing with...

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Blogs added!

Blogs added!

We make very good on our early, early promises. We told you, you will have your own blogs. Well guess what? Today this has come true! Just log-in , and under the "me" menu, click "blog". You will have your own personalized blog , of course you can't edit the appearance of it yet, but we might change that in the future. In your blogs, you are free to talk about anything, it's a free world :)   We also want to show you a few more additions we made to create a finer experience. These seem tiny, we know, but they impact your experience in a major way! First, we fixed up the classified ads, based on location, prices will now be in Euros or USD. Soon, we will support Canada Dollars. Remember, if you want to advertise, this is your place!   Now, we also implemented a "terms of...

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Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

We think that it is about time to write a "quick start" tutorial on the Cthulhu Portal. We will try to cover the basics in this tutorial. Keeping that in mind, this should be the first article any new user , or pre-registered user should read. Just to get a rough idea on why this website exists, and more importantly how to use it. Ok, lets start at the basics. When you hit that "register" button , that is your first step onto our wonderful community, you will be asked to supply a password, a username, a real name, and everything else is pretty much optional. You should, however, supply a gender (you wont be able to change this after registration unless you contact us). Once your registration is finished , you need to confirm your email address through the link we will send to your email address (basic stuff huh?)...

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Design Changed

Design Changed

*The Cthulhu Portal has changed again! We are very excited to bring forth a new, and more innovative design. The old one took us a long time to create, but it was ugly, we admit. The new design has been implemented to make the User Experience easier! Everything from navigation to outlines will now look bolder, and be more accessible!  Now for the technical stuff -_- , we added a few new emoticons to the forum (woohoo).   *We also fixed he bugs with the video sharing portion of the website, most major bugs have been addressed.    *Answers also received a "makeover" , which should be a fun twist on things, its definitely worth checking out. User profiles have been worked out, gaining points should now be automatic, but there is still the issue of "what to do" with them, post your suggestions on the forum  ヽ(*・ω・)ノ That is right...

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Changes to the Cthulhu Portal December 2012

Dear ladies and gentlemen, after carefully taking opinions from website designers, users, and a adding a bit of common sense, we have decided to move the main menu to the top of the portal. We also want to not that an issue is present with this, we wanted to leave the menus large, but creating submenus is a hassle, so there is a small green arrow below the "home" button, you can click this to access the main menu submenus. Now we also want you to note, the background image was changed a bit, it got distorted, we are not too sure how that happened, but you can ignore it for now. Cthulhu answers is up, and fully functional, the Cthulhu store is growing as we find more products that may interest you. We have also updated the "search function" so now you may search people's profiles, making it easier to...

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Cthulhu Holiday

As we inch closer and closer to doomsday, we have decided to name December 1st a national holiday to celebrate Cthulhu, right before Christmas so everyone gets extra presents.  In honor of Cthulhu day we are giving you this free Facebook background, which in time might become the top of our website.     We also invite you to listen to some Cthulhu-esque music through our friends Nox Arcana. Youtube it, and enjoy!

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The launch of Cthulhu Answers

Hello friends, we have a pleasant surprise for you, with the cooperation of a few external sources, we were capable of cultivating a question and answer section to this website. We know, we are trying to add everything imaginable, so this could be a nice twist on things, especially if you have never used a forum. Feel free to check it out, it is currently the last item on the menu! Regards, The Cthulhu Portal Team.

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Cthulhu Portal Made More User Friendly

Let us start by stating that we still did not get any solid users, perhaps we have made it difficult for you to register, perhaps you don't like the way the website looks, perhaps you fear this website will fail? Well, we did a few things to make your experience not only easier, but more enjoyable. Let us begin at the basics. We wanted to implement a wall, quite a while back, really, and so we did, feel free to check it out the next time you visit a user. Then , we added the ability to rate users. Yes, it's rather unnecessary, but it might make you happier. We then added the ability to register automatically using facebook , or twitter, you can then log in at the touch of a button, no more need to type anything in :) In general, we made this more community based, feel free...

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Making the Cthulhu Portal into an online community

We are sad to announce that the Cthulhu Portal is not doing too well. We have no active members, and we are very sad to see this happen. As a result, we have amped up production of our featured move "Cthulhu the Movie", and plan to release it in the second quarter of 2013 (if we live that long). Furthermore, remember that the forum is open for any sort of discussion, this website is not all about Cthulhu, you can talk about anything you want!  If you find this website, tell a friend or two, it could help keep us alive!

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The Cthulhu Portal Must Grow

Hello dear users. As stated before, the chat module was causing too many problems and the simplest solution was to suspend it until further notice. Aside from that, we are looking for people to spread this website to their friends. If you own a website related to Cthuhu matters, contact us and become an official partner. If we get 50 users by the end of July, we will put out a commercial for our brand new movie "Cthulhu The Movie" and give you an exclusive chance to get the entire movie free of charge the day it comes out (dvd and blueray). So please, send more people our way :D      

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We are now rigorously working on a Cthulhu movie

The Cthulhu Portal is proud to announce that we have begun creating a 3d movie based on the famous Mythos. We are working hard to get a preview out by August 2012. Also, note that if you want to sell something on the CthulhuPortal, you can always click here and we will get your product up as soon as we can. For any suggestions for The Cthulhu Portal , click here and start a new topic.     

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June 26th, 2012 Update

The Cthulhu Store has been launched (although this is not what the future one will look like). You can check it out in the menu bar to your left. We also have a poll running concerning the live chats we recently added. Vote on that here. Future plans:*Make website Faster *Add a wall*Add more emoticons*Get more people

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Facebook like chat integrated for registered users

The Cthulhu Portal now has the ability for any registered users to use a chat function to the bottom right to talk with your befriended souls. You need to be registered to see it, and a third party wrote the function for us, so their brand name will remain on the chat until we can pay them off. Until then, enjoy our free to use social media platform. *Still looking for people that want to negotiate a deal with us to sell their dark merchandise in our "Cthulhu store" prior to launch.

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Various Bugs Have Been Addressed, The Cthulhu Store Is Looking For People To Sell Their Items, Leader Board Enabled On Cthulhu Games

Ok, so recently there was a registration bug that would send you multiple emails to confirm your registration (and none of them would work). This has been addressed. Also, profile pictures following registration were unable to load immediately, so that was resolved as well. Furthermore, the Cthulhu store is seeking able craftsmen to sell their items. If your interested, please contact us here. Lastly, leader-boards have been enabled for the following games *Las Adventuras De Cthulhu *Cupid's Revenge

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The Cthulhu Gallery Is Up

The Cthulhu Gallery Is Up

Earlier today, we got the Cthulhu Gallery running. Simply click "Cthulhu gallery" from the menu to the top left" New images will be added weekly. Enjoy!

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How can I make a cthulhu emoticon?

A Cthulhu emoticon is difficult to muster, but we made the easiest one imaginable. Here is the final result: (;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)(;,;)

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