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Chinese Fisherman Catches Massive Whale Shark

Chinese Fisherman Catches Massive Whale Shark

A Chinese fisherman caught more than a pond smelt today. According to sources directly from China, the fisherman reeled in a 4.1 meter whale shark (that’s almost 14 feet).The massive creature allegedly put up quite the fight, however, the fisherman somehow managed to defeat the behemoth in the long struggle.The fisherman claimed that the giant monster attempted to eat other fish already in a net, got stuck and died. The whale shark is endangered and illegal to harvest in China. However, the fisherman did not want to put the animal to waste and decided to sell it off for meat.The fisherman claimed that he wanted to make 20,000 Yuan for his catch. Nobody has yet commented on what the fish tastes like.

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Leopard Seal Kills Diver

Leopard Seal Kills Diver

In an unprecedented act unforeseen prior to yesterday, the “first-ever” death by Leopard Seal has occurred.According to the licensing company of the diver, now identified as 28 year old Kirsty Brown of England, there were no antecedents to this unfortunate and tragic event.A statement released by the head of Marine Biology in London (B.A.S.) stated that human infringement in new territories can cause these types of bizarre rivalries with local wildlife.Eyewitnesses to the tragedy reported that Brown was on a routine mission when a large leopard seal bit her and dragged her to the bottom of the ocean. Only hour later were biologists able to recover the body of the suffocated and mauled victim.B.A.S. reports that such tragedies are likely to occur again in the future with increased frequency as man-kind begins to encroach on the Antarctic continent.

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