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Happy 2019!

Happy 2019 Happy 2019

We want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2019. The ball dropped just short of 12 hours ago in Times Square, New York City, New York; welcoming ...

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New Law In Massachusetts Requires Headlights On When Wipers Are On

New Law In Massachusetts Requires Headlights On When Wipers Are On

What the actual f%^&? Massachusetts has just introduced a new law that will punish anyone that does not utilize their taillights and headlights whenever their windshield wipers are being used.Of course, there is a practical reason for this. You might have encountered one or two idiots in the middle of a blizzard (one with like half a foot of visibility) driving blind with no lights on. That can obviously lead to the death of an innocent snow-shoveler or a massive car accident with an oncoming vehicle. Likewise in conditions with great amounts of fog and rain, it might be a good idea to have headlights on to extend the line-of-sight.However, although this will increase safety, it is an overall stupid and pointless law. Almost everyone already does this, and the only thing that might happen from such a law would be some poor idiot getting ticketed for not having his headlights...

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Angolan oil tanker taken , captian beaten

An Angolan crude oil tanker went missing on January 18th,2014. The owner of the tanker immediately notified authorities about the situation. Authorities were swift to react and began a search operation. Regardless, their efforts were futile and the ship was never found. On January 25, 2014 the captain of the vessel made contact with the owner. Using an on-board two way communication radio, he notified the master that the ship was plundered and abandoned (with him on it). Search and rescue found the man , apparently beaten severely over the head with a blunt object. No oil was left on the tanker and a further investigation was launched. Angolan oil tanker hijacked , man nearly killed

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We have been away for a while

We are very sorry , life has really gotten the best of us. We barely have time to write anymore :( But anyways, we are always looking and plotting to add fresh content! Stick around, we will make a comeback soon! :) me gusta yum yum

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How to get tree sap off your car

Tree sap can be very annoying , in some situations your driveway might be directly below some pine trees , causing that "sperm effect" where the tree sap is all over your car like bird s$it every morning. Luckily, there is a "do it yourself" way of removing the sap rather easily!We do also know that the sap turns white , and is usually is full of needles --making it (the sap chunks)painful to try to tear off-. Worst of all, sometimes the sap on the windshield can cause you to lose focus , and maybe not see something you should see in front of you (wouldn't that suck major d1#k?).Ok, so, just like our tutorial on "how to remove tree sap from your hands" , this is pretty freaking easy. So easy it actually hurts! Just go down to the local shop , buy some green (works better than clear)...

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Fox baby in Russia asks humans for help

Fox Baby Helped Fox Baby Helped

A fox baby found in a Russian forest has asked local authorities to kindly remove a glass jar from it's head. Apparently this little guy wanted a free snack and got his head stuck in the jar.Luckily, the kind Russian authorities decided to help him out and get the jar out. Watch the video, it's pretty cutes. Anyways, let this be a lesson to all of you litter bugs out there -_- Further reports indicated that the fox happily went back into the forest with no further issues.

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DOSAAF is a Belorussian military regiment devision of the Belorussian  armed forces. This organization's sole purpose is to assure readiness in case of need to call locals to arms. The organization has it's roots in the Cold War, when an attack from the west would have certainly pushed to Belarus with extreme haste.Today, the organization works on training military-age men and promoting "join the armed forces" campaigns throughout Belarus. When not on the job, the men promote patriotism , and civic conduct. DOSAAF

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Huge pink slugs found on mountain

Large ping slugs If you thought that slugs were "disgusting" (for whatever reason) , you probably won't enjoy this news. Scientists and biologists in remote areas of the Australian continent have discover fluorescent giant mountain slugs. These things are literally over a foot long and five inches thick(bigger than most men -_-). Scientists believe these are left over organisms from a time before Australia became a desert. These new slugs are actually rather common. Scientists and observers claim these creatures frequent the mountainous region in the hundreds of thousands. Just imagine the horror of climbing up a local mountain , sliding off and falling into a pile of giant pink slugs.

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When you should switch from shared hosting to vps hosting , and where to get the cheapest (high quality) vps hosting!

We all now that when your website expands it's capabilities, you begin to grow your presence. More often than not, you might realize that shared hosts don't allow you to upload functional extensions like ffmpeg and flv2 tools, along with imagemagick (for online editing and meme generators). This is motivation enough to switch to something where you have more control over matters. vps serverAnother issue might be disk space , there are ffmpeg hosts that offer "shared hosting solutions" , but you will quickly run out of those tiny 5 GB they allocate you. Not to mention you still have less than half a gigabyte of burst RAM at any given moment. Going past this will automatically suspend your account for a few seconds , causing (your conversion maybe) your work to go down the drain.You might also simply have a blog or something that is getting tons of traffic, this...

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How to properly sparate egg yolks

Are you sick and tired of having to get your grubby paws into egg yolks every freaking time you have to separate them? Well, luckily, we just stumbled upon this neat Japanese GIF , which shows you how to do it properly: How to separate egg yolks The logic behind this is that squeezing the bottle spits out air, then releasing it forces it to suck up air. Since the yolk is nearly weightless, it is easily sucked into the bottle , then just push again to take it out. No more having to shove your hands in there , and probably also crushing the yolk in the process.

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Tip for 05/16/2013

Remember that regardless of your age, you can always look forward to something! Even if you are in your 50s, you can look forward to retirement. For the rest of us, just remember that the daily struggles of life  will be a thing of the past come tomorrow. Live your life and enjoy it! when i grow up i will sit at the big table

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Five Ninja Cats

 All cats are secret ninjas, or so we are told. Here are some blatant examples of ninja cats: ninjacat 1This ninja Cat has mastered the technique of climbing up walls, probably to attack anyone that exits this house, like a house maus. ninjacat 2This next cat takes all of our breaths aways, as it swings to throw in a roundhouse kick against the enemy cat -probably a shinobi cat-. ninjacat 3And you thought that the littergenie cat could only rap and dress in racy jewelry? Think again! The littergenie cat is also a ninja! NinjaCat 4Do you god honestly think you have what it takes to fight a ninja cat? Well think again, this cat does a little bit more than just "dance". ninjacat 5Not ninja enough you say? Can you god honestly say that now? I didn't think so! This cat is the ultimate ninja cat , hands down he's...

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Bird Blast

Ok, imagine this, some birds came to ruin your day of drinking , and ruined all f your crops. It's time for revenge. Check this game out and enjoy!Just kill everything in your way, there is no point to this game but to shoot and kill.

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Match Monsters

Its a horrible day today, we know, so why don't you match monsters instead of jerking off?Don't want to sign up? Use username:username and password: password

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Ragdoll Rumble

In an effort to kill off portions of this website, we are moving this kickass fighting game over here. Ugh, its intense , you kill other ragdolls, sounds really fun, right? -_-   Ragdoll rumble is a physics based action fighting game. Just move with the arrow keys , w,a,s,d, or the mouse and try to kill your opponent. Far away in the mountains of Tanzania lasts a fight between the two warriors. Choose one of them and go for the champion title. There are also two other game modes in which you can fight with chosen enemy.

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Do you enjoy killing swarms of innocent birds? How about swarms of vicious , ugly , no good killer birds? Then you might just want to check this game out!Just use your mouse to shoot down paratroopers before they overwhelm you! Make sure to kill the birds to prevent yourself from being overwhelmed.

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Soul of the Katana

Do you feel like becoming a samurai and saving the entire world in feudalistic japan? Well, then this might just be the game for you, mr hero. This is soul of katana, it's actually really not that bad :)Description:The object of the game is to survive and take out enemy units and bosses. Collect gold coins to gain additional lives. Unleash the Soul of the Katana and Destroy your opponents. Use deadly martial art and sword moves.Its kind of pointless. Move with the arrow keys jump with the spacebar, attack with z,x,c.

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Age Of War 2

Age of war was an innovative game when it first came out. It gave birth to the concept of "evolution" games that would later follow. It's really actually fun , enjoy it while it lasts :)Age of War 2 is a mix between a defense game and a strategy game. The goal is to destroy the enemy base while defending yours. You can build turrets to defend your base and units to attack the enemy's. All the controls are the mouse.You can also play the first age of war (and the best :) Right here : Age Of War 1

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Wpnfire is an old shooting game that was actually pretty intense in 2001. So , here it is, and its kind of funny, you will notice it will tell you "it is extremely gpu intensive" ahahaha, the good old days :) Note: if you are using an iphone, or something that does not support flash, you won't see anything.   Cheat codes: ownitup=invincible firepower=all weapons runforrestrun=fast rockedinface=infinite ammo savemejebus=you slide everywhere pwnagesince1337:double damage This is a game where you pwn everything you see. Don't do anything but kill and pwn anything in sight. Use cheat codes if you want to :D They are above you ;)

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The last stand 1

With the epic resurgence of the zombie theme such as the hit tv series "walking dead" , we are glad to move this game to this section of the website! You just get to shoot and kill zombie hordes that want nothing more than to eat your spleens.Just pwn those zombies :D -You wont see anything if you're using an iphone, sorry-

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