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Pirates steal ropes from Douala Port, Cameroon

On February 01, 2014 at approximately 1:40 eastern time(US) , a wooden motorboat carrying some 12 men approached a rope transport vessel. The pirates , using grappling hooks, attached their speedboat to the hull of the transport vessel.The pirates then proceeded to board the vessel one by one using additional grappling hooks. The crew noticed and alerted a distress call to the local officials.However, the response did not arrive on time and the pirates looted about one hundred containers full of threaded rope. The crew of the tanker locked themselves in the captain's quarter and were apparently unharmed.At approximately 3:30 eastern time (US), the pirates detached the speedboat from the bulk carrier and sped off. Officials did not arrive for another two hours.A "thorough" investigation has apparently been launched to not only investigate the incident, but also why authorities reacted so late. Rope stolen in Douala Port, Cameroon

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16 pirates with huge knives steal pounds of pork

Again , the coast of  Chittagong, Bangladesh has been hit by a strange pirate attack. Sixteen pirates armed to the teeth with what appears to be three foot long butcher knives boarded a Bangladeshi ship early today.The pirates sped towards the anchored ship going 12 nautical miles per hour on a twin engine , expensive looking speedboat. After boarding the ship, the men ran to the cargo decks below. The crew, however, were alerted quickly and rang an alarm.This resulted in the pirates taking what they had (apparently half a ton of raw pork) , placing it in their (probably stolen) speedboat , and running off.When authorities arrived, film image was acquired from a local dock speed monitor camera. An investigation has been launched , but the chances of finding the boat are probably "pretty slim" -- according to the local chief of police.The total monetary loss in pork is totaled...

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Vietnamese pirates steal anchors

A recent report off the coast of Cam Pha, Vietnam indicated a piracy in which multiple assailants boarded a bulk carrier using a tarp covered speedboat. Upon getting close, the pirates removed the tarp and fired lines onto the carrier. The pirates then preceded to board the carrier.After a few minutes of searching the bulk carrier, the pirates allegedly broke the freight (which was boxed in wooden containers). Apparently, there was displeasure with the content and the pirates stole the ship's anchor and auxiliary anchor instead , consequently and stealthily speeding off.The incident was reported to local authorities, resulting in a drafted and ongoing case to find the stolen anchors. the assault boat (close replica)

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Horrific pirate attack off Togo

Togo pirate disasterA truly shocking pirate attack occurred early today off th coast of Togo. A typical chemical tanker was spotted by a boat-full of pirates. The tanker could not outmaneuver the speedboat, and well over 20 pirates , armed to the teeth, entered the boat.The first man to be taken was the commanding officer. He was forced to take all of his men and order them to the deck bridge of the ship. All crew members were gagged and forced to kneel. One pirate took the butt of his ak-47 and began savagely beating the crew one by one. As a finishing touch, the lone pirate smashed a glass vase over one crew member's head, causing severe injury.The robbers then asked the captain what was in the tanker, when he tried to trick them by telling them it was water in the ballasts, the pirates beat him and forced him...

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Pirates near Nipah, Indonesia threaten crewman with knife and steal engine parts

In an anchorage off the coast of Nipah, Indonesia , seven armed men boarded a merchant ship. Four men went to the stowage chambers, and two went up to the captain's quarters.One man was present at the time in the captain's quarters. The man that was captured was beaten and threatened with a knife. The man was then released and all the pirates had fled the ship. Upon access of damages inflicted, the crew noticed spare engine parts were completely missing.Perhaps the reason why these are being stolen so commonly is that they can be used to build faster pirate vessels. The rest of the crew was unscathed , some did not even notice the "silent" intrusion. stolen boat engine

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Bangladeshi pirates with machetes and axes storm nylon ship

A group of Bangladeshi pirates stormed into a nylon chemical carrier early today. The men were wearing what appeared to be loosely cut ski masks and were wielding axes and machetes. Reports indicate a large sum of these pirates (roughly twenty five) stormed the chemical carrier using a wooden dinghy as an assault platform. Numerous men on board the ship raised the alarms at which point near-by security personnel advanced on the ship.Several rounds of assault rifle fire were set off by security personnel which caused the twenty five Bangladeshi pirates to scatter. The pirates abandoned the small boat and ran to shore where four were intercepted by authorities. The captives will now be interrogated in hopes of stopping further attacks in the area. Bangladeshi pirates

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Large bulk carrier stationed in Taboneo, Indonesia robbed by pirates

An exceptionally large wool bulk carrier was robbed today. Pirates, bearing only large knives, lunged onto the "in-port" ship using grapple hooks and ropes. The pirates placed multiple hooks under piles of processed wool and began to carry them out. After the wool was taken out of the ship , one Mercedes-Benz Axor truck and one Suzuki (model unknown by camera footage) light truck were used to quickly load the wool. The pirates then sped off into the general populous. One man on-board the ship noticed the pirates, but out of fear for his life, did not act against them. Authorities were alerted and the situation is under investigation. No further information in relation to the case is being released by Indonesian police and military personnel. Wool stolen in Mercedes Axor by pirates

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Another pirate attack off the coast of Belawan, Indonesia results in more chemicals being stolen

pirates steal pesticidesAfter the first reported pirate attack off the coast of Belawan, Indonesia, resulting in the thievery of many pounds of coal, another , more shocking attack has taken place. Armed men boarded an anchored bulk carrier. There were two security personnel on-board. The men allegedly gagged, beat and killed the security personnel.The pirates then went to the stowage decks below, plundered everything in sight, and made off with thousands of pounds of pesticides. The attack is further being investigated by port authorities a this time.No security footage has been present at the current investigation , primarily because this carrier lacked a security system. This is the second time this year pirates have made it out of a storage ship , looting dangerous chemicals. The first incident took place just four months ago , where "pirates stole chemicals used in bomb making".Indonesian port authorities have taken notice of this event and...

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Indonesians Pirates raid bulk carrier , steal all spare engine parts

Only four miles off the coast of  Cigading Anchorage, Indonesia, several armed men bearing American-made m-16 (identified by security image) rifles boarded a moving bulk carrier, ran to the decks below-- finally running back to their own speedboats and getting away.After security camera footage was looked over , local authorities confirmed these were  Indonesian Pirates , and that all spare parts for the main boat engine were stolen. Although the crew raised an alarm , the authorities arrived far too late to pursuit the attackers.Investigators believe the pirates made for land, deflated the boats, and began walking into the near-by populated suburbs. No injuries or conflict were reported. Stolen spare engine parts

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Pirates thwarted off coast of Buenaventura anchorage, Colombia

On the shored of Buenaventura anchorage, Colombia, nine individuals wearing ski masks began approaching a cotton carrying vessel. The "shore security" recognized these individuals as "obvious thieves". The watchguard signaled a call of distress, at which point local enforcement quickly moved in. The nine men , potentially armed, were nearly apprehended. Unfortunately, as the coast guard stationed in that area approached, the nine Columbian pirates scrambled in their speedboat. A more thorough search of the area revealed nothing but a few crowbars. Local authorities assume it was just a few locals looking to make a few easy dollars. Columbian pirate boat  

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Togo Pirate attack on chemical transport ship results in firefight

A merchant chemical carrier was attacked by a group of pirates only three miles off the coast of Togo. Upon identifying the approaching vessel as "potentially dangerous" , the crew of the chemical carrier raised the alarm, and began to move in "full motion".As the attempt to flee seemed futile , as the larger chemical carrier couldn't exactly outmaneuver a speedboat , the local Togo "navy" or maybe coast guard (information about exact entity withheld) intervened [responding to the distress call].A brazen firefight erupted , pinning the Togo sea protection vessel against the pirate vessel. The pirate vessel was nearly obliterated, taking crippling damage to the side lower hull and rear, although it was not scuttled.Traces of human blood in the aftermath indicate the possibility of excessive damage caused to the pirates. As of now, nobody other than the pirates were injured. Small bullet holes and  minor rpg damage was sustained...

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Piracy Today

Piracy Today

Piracy Today is an information center to put piracy (a form of terrorism) into the eye of the twentieth century man. We assure you pirates are alive and well in today’s world. Pirate raids happen every 4 hours. These go unreported in public newscasts simply because the owners don't know how to counter the multi-billion dollar threat. They have come to the conclusion that escorts are too expensive and firearms fired by crew members could result in internal explosions on most oil carrying vessels. Another problem is that the coast where these attacks occur (off South America, Africa and Asia) don’t have navies to keep pirates in check (technically owners can’t deploy their country's navies in international waters). The goal of this website is to show you what nobody else will. Hopefully some of you have ideas on how to stop this madness. This has been moved to here to conserve...

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Pirates Steal two boat engines

Stolen Boat Engines By PiratesOn the coast of Dumai Inner Anchorage, Indonesia , an oil tanker was stationed as the crew rested ashore. Upon return , the crew noticed that two diesel powered boat engines had been stolen. The culprits left behind muddy bare foot prints , likewise a few rounds of ammunition were located on-site indicating that these pirates were armed. Nobody has been hurt, and the incident has been reported to local authorities for further investigation. 

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Engagement off the coast of Eyl, Somalia results in injury to attackers

A Typical Somali SpeedboatEarly yesterday, approximately four speedboats, loaded with men, sped towards a Nigerian naval anti-personell battleship. The speedboats, for whatever reason, began opening fire on the sides of the thick ship.The men aboard this "patrol ship" fired an on-board deck machinegun, injuring about four of the attackers. Seven men in total were injured , one is reported to have been in "possible lifeless" condition.No crew on-board the patrol ship was injured. Unfortunately, an RPG did hit a petrol[gasoline] tank on-board the ship, igniting a tank which burst into flame. As of today, the patrol ship will be in port in Kenya awaiting repairs.

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Nigerian pirates swap coffee with boxes

In what appears to be another bizarre incident, about 12 armed men boarded a ship that was about 4 miles off the coast of Victoria Beach, Lagos, Nigeria. The pirates came through the crew compartment, catching the two man ship completely by surprise. Stolen CoffeeThe captain and his cabin-boy were taken to a freezer below deck and gagged.  The captain was savagely kicked around, but the cabin boy reported no physical abuse.The twelve men moved to the cargo department of the ship, replacing the cargo of home-grown coffee beans with empty boxes.The men sped off taking about 1/4 of the cargo. A patrol boat mounted the ship three hours later, apparently due to a lack of "signal response".The captain and cabin boy were found in the freezer compartment a few hours later, both seem to be completely fine. All naval defense patrols have promised to "amp up" security procedures against small...

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Men with knives threaten crew

Adang Bay, Indonesia early yesterday. About four men , armed with "kukris" -a Philippine machete also used to cut wood- , boarded a wool carrying ship. The crew was intimidated, told to submit or "limbs would be amputated". Adang Bay, Indonesia pirates loot wool shipThe crew, adamantly, rushed as one, spreading in all directions. Since the pirates lacked any real "ranged" weapons , the crew did the zebra trick and gave themselves ample time to pull the emergency/ distress alarm.When authorities in the area arrived, most of the wool was missing, all manufactured goods were either damaged or missing, and the ship was in utter disorder. Luckily, all the crew survived unharmed. Indonesian authorities will continue a manhunt for the pirates, although that will probably be futile.

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Strange incident: armed men steal toxic chemicals

Nitroglycerin stolenArmed men off the coast of India have been filmed boarding a Cyanide and Nitroglycerin Berth carrier. The men stole 500 tons of these chemicals, one of which is a chemical used to commit murder because it mimics human heart failure, the other used in making explosives, fertilizers and shampoos (rare).The men cannot be identified, and there is no understanding why they took these hazardous materials, but these pirates clearly don't intend to do anything noble with these hazardous , toxic substances.

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Attack of coast of Mogadishu, Somalia prompts helicopter to scuttle pirate vessel

Helicopter destroys enemy piratesAn attack on the third of January 2013 has prompted a universal defense helicopter to take aggressive action in thwarting the pirates' sinister plans. What we know is a vessel, marked with French oil marks , was traveling about 30 miles off the coast of Somalia. At about 14:30 , a unnaturally large 1960's style fishing vessel approached the French vessel at full speed.The French vessel responded accordingly, as it had a safety anti-pirate team on-board. Warning shots were fired once, the enemy defied and rushed boldly. A flare and audible warnings in French, Somali and Arabic were given, still the boat continued to approach.At one point the defense team could take no more, shots were fired to maim or cripple the oncoming vessel. Shockingly, the men on board the enemy pirate Vessel returned fire , using live rpg rounds, ak-47 and Isreali galil-arm rifles.The firefight became so...

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Nigerian pirates capture four men

As of December twenty third, four men of the Belgian merchant class ship have been taken hostage by rogue pirates off the coast of Nigeria. The pirates had climbed aboard, taken four of the men, and have fled. All the others on board are safe, and have been docked and readied for transport to meet with psychologists and investigators.The whereabouts and condition of the four unidentified men remain uncertain. God keep them safe. Nigerian pirate attack and kidnap four

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Thieves steal pounds of coal off a merchant ship near Belewan

About fifty men, without noticeable arms , wearing veils on their heads, broke into a Chinese merchant coal ship. The men plundered well over two tons of coal, and escaped noticed.Authorities and the crew noticed that something was missing shortly after boarding the ship at 12:00 Mariana time. Authorities have been notified, and action will be taken to seek the perpetrators for questioning. Area Of Attack

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