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Robot Hit And Killed By Self Driving Tesla

Robot Hit And Killed By Tesla Robot Hit And Killed By Tesla

In the first ever instance of roboticide, a self-driving Tesla found itself to be the culprit of a hit which landed a self-learning robot in a grave. ...

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The New Economic Medium Is Knowledge

Knowledge And Barter Knowledge And Barter

 Humans once bartered goods for goods, then the world began using currency, so what is the future medium of economics? To fully understand the di...

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How To Fix Failed Social Media Previews

Scraping Warning Scraping Warning

One day your website's social media previews work great, the next they do not—what happened? Social media such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Linked...

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Apple Phishing Scam 2018

Apple Scam 2018 Apple Scam 2018

A recent string of apple phishing scams has begun to plague the country. This scam involves the reception of emails claiming to be from apple support,...

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Yik Yak Dead

Yik Yak Dead Yik Yak Dead

​Yik Yak, one of the most frequently used anonymous communication apps on the market announced it's move towards dissolution today. This comes amidst ...

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The Cthulhu Portal

The Cthulhu Portal

The Cthulhu Portal was and always will be an integral and vital contribution to what is now and from this day on the uncontested blueprint for the future development of "The Order Of The Iron Phoenix" network. As a hsitorical referance , below is the default description of the project when it was initially release din 2011. "The Cthulhu Portal is a project website that tries to integrate all the basic functionalities of a social network into one large, and luxurious entity." Our work up to now has yielded a roadmap for the alpha development of The Order Of The Iron Pheonix Version 1. This will basically be our projected roadmap for development within the next year. Each update will be noted with a "changelog" and will be numerically noted with a .x . So for example , update 1.1 will be the first major update for version 1 of the...

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Should I Get An Iphone 6 Or Iphone 6 Plus?

Should I Get An Iphone 6 Or Iphone 6 Plus?

Rich people always seem to have the most complicated problems. Perhaps today you came here wondering whether you should get an iphone 6 or an iphone 6 plus… correct?Well, luckily we can be very strait-forward and tell you that there are only slight differences between these two monstrous excuses for “cell phones”. Can we start by saying that these phones perform 100% identically and therefore there is no performance difference between the “plus model” and the regular? The only difference between the plus and the regular is the size. Obviously, we can also say that the battery on the plus is larger and therefore the adapter is a different voltage. However, both phones should last the same period of time and be able to perform the same tasks interchangeably.So what now? Well, if you have pockets that can fit a tablet; please get the plus model. If you are anything like...

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Formula 3 Racing Car Powered By Chocolate

Formula 3 Racing Car Powered By Chocolate

Can you imagine a fully decomposable vehicle? Just take a second to consider how that could be possible. Even stranger, what If that car was a racecar?Such a model does exist. A group of students at the University of Warwick , England have created a racecar (formula 3) using a corn based resin. The car includes brake pads made of cashew shells, a steering wheel made of carrots and seats made of polymerized banana peels. And did we mention the emission could have you slobbering? This car runs 100% on chocolate. The engine is built to combust a chocolate-based oil with a catalyst that eliminates any emissions. This vehicle truly takes green to a new level, very much unlike a Prius.

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The Japanese have developed a keyboard that can be played in human!

Yesterday, Yamaha has unveiled a brand new invention: a keyboard that can sing in human! You basically use one hand to type in what you want the keyboard to say, and the other hand to play it at the desired pitch. Why is this so extraordinary? Well simply because this will result in a new revolution in the music industry! As you may remember, only 30 years ago, you would need a band to perform a simple piece of music. Then, the keyboard was invented (the minimoog), which made one instrument able to synthesize the sounds of other instruments. This in turn increased the popularity of the piano as opposed to any other instrument (save the resurgence of the guitar in the 20th century).   This killed a few instrument altogether such as windpipes , bagpipes and accordions. Although these instruments are stunningly beautiful, they where far too complicated for the modern man to learn, the synthesizer on the other hand...

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The Pirate Bay announces it will be conducting its business legally by using unmanned drones.

The Pirate Bay announces it will be conducting its business legally by using unmanned drones.

As of last week, the leading torrent site "" has announced a grand plan: taking it's servers into the air and over international waters. As you may know, has been closed down by the government due to it's excessive violation of copyrighted information (movies, music, software, programs, etc).Well, the next website that seems to be in such a predicament is the pirate bay. Why? Because the pirate bay has been seeding (not hosting) files for illegal content much in the same way that megaupload has (for almost a decade). Now, that the government has finally begun cracking down on copyright infringements, seems worried. The leaders and developers of have already served prison sentences and have paid fines for their alleged illegal activities. Naturally, they thought about the whole "freedom of the seas" agreement created after world war one. The end result was simple: since the pirate bay is a multi BILLION...

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No Shelf Required With E-Readers at Your Fingertips

E-Reader E-Reader

With frantic schedules judgment daily, we frequently under estimate the significance of the time and energy for you to curl up and re charge --even wh...

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iPhone Released

Iphone Released Iphone Released

"Every once in a little while a radical product arrives which affects everything," Jobs stated. Even the i-phone can arrive in 2 variants: a 4GB, $499...

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HillarysHair Closes

Hillarys Hair Hillarys Hair

 The satirical website "" has abruptly closed this morning  following 18 months of operation. The site , which took note of ...

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13 January 2019
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In the first ever instance of roboticide, a self-driving Tesla found itself to be the culprit of a hit which landed a self-learning robot in a grave. Located in the Paradise Road district of Las Vegas, security images captured a Tesla Model S crushin...

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