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Pokémon Mega

Pokemon Mega Pokemon Mega

Just when you think you've seen it all, another hijacked series is reborn as a surprisingly addicting Chinese game. Pokémon Mega is a standalone game ...

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Fallout 76 Is A Survival Game

Fallout 76 Fallout 76

​ Fallout 76 has strayed from the typical "player versus environment" formula of the series and moved towards "player versus player". Fallout 76 has b...

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Fallout 76 Beta Goes Live Today

Fallout 76 Goes Live Fallout 76 Goes Live

 Hello, fallout fans! Everyone has been eagerly awaiting the fallout 76 beta to go live. Well, luckily for us it is about to happen in exactly tw...

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Skyrim Player Additem Full List

Skyrim Items Skyrim Items

The following is a long list of all of the items you can mod into skyrim using the console command (which can be opened using the (~). To use the command, type in:  [player.additem itemcode] [number] For example, if we wanted a daedric sword we would use this code: player.additem 000139B9 1 For more help finding items, you can type “help name [not code] 0” to get a list of matching items by name (if you can’t did not find the code) Good luck, and happy modding! Here is the full list: Note/Warning: Entering empty values can cause the game to crash. It is advised to save prior to using any of these codes! 

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Mount and Blade Warband Cheats

Prior to using any cheats in warband, you must click “enable cheats” on the game launcher. Failure to do so will result in all the following not working. We will categorize these by the nature of the cheats. In the game, there are two ways provided by the developers to cheat. The first involves a combination of buttons to perform certain actions (shortcuts), the others involve the use of a console command, like many other paradox games. The following involve a series of button presses to perform the action: While in a battle: CombinationEffectCtrl+HHeal yourselfCtrl+Shift+HHeal your horseCtrl+F3Damage yourselfCtrl+F4Damages a random enemyCtrl+F5Become an AI. Ctrl+F6Deliver damage to random allyCtrl+Alt+F4Deliver damage to all enemies (knocks out, does not kill)Ctril+F9Enable slow motionCtrl+F11Freeze time While in the inventory tab: CombinationEffectCtrl+XIf pressed when viewing your own character;'s stats, your character gets 1000 exp.Ctrl+XIf pressed on a soldier's stats , gives the soldier 1000 exp. This can be...

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When Will Mount And Blade BannerLord Be Released?

 After months, make that years, almost a decade of waiting for the much-anticipated sequel to warband, we finally have news to bring to everyone ...

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Xenoverse DLC Pack 3 Released

Xenoverse DLC Pack 3 Released

The Dragonball Xenoverse DLC pack 3 was released late last week. This update included characters from “the resurrection of f” movie, new moves, new costumes and new masters. The update also included emperor’s death beam, golden Frieza and a level cap raise from 85 to 99 (which should give anyone that has the game plenty of more time to level up). The update also included 7 new z souls and a few new parallel quest missions. There Is, however, no new story mode in this update which is a letdown. This is the final update for Xenoverse and thus concludes one of the best dragonball games made in the past 5 years. Feel free to check us out on steam.

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Dragonball Xenoverse DLC Pack 2 Released

Dragonball Xenoverse DLC Pack 2 Released

The second DLC pack for the very popular videogame “Dragonball Xenoverse” has finally been released early this morning. The DLC pack adds 4 new characters Eis Shenron, Nuova Shenron, Towa and Mira , new parallel quests, new story lines and even pan as a teacher (although who the f^&* wants that over omega shenron?)What’s even better is the addition of plenty of extra moves, costumes and Z-souls. Additionally, the level cap is now 85 so even if you have finished the game and tossed it aside, you can still level up 5 more levels (or 15 skill points) with this new addition.The DLC 3 pack will probably also be released within the next two months. According to our personal espionage reports, these will feature a golden Frieza and additional parallel quests.We honestly wish there would just be a pack that would only release all of the characters found in Budokai Tenkiachi...

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Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Released

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Released

The newest installation of the pokemon franchise has been officially released yesterday. These two games feature a re-introduction of of the Hoenn region which was originally hinted at in pokemon gold and silver and later put into realization in the original ruby and sapphire games. These two new Pokemon games promise to introduce some new concepts as well as the maintenance and re-introduction of old concepts. The games promise to bring back the old flair associated with the Hoenn as well as the introduction of some new unique features like dive battles (we miss dive). Another promising feature is the re-introduction of Pokemon contest. No , we don't mean the nonsense we saw in Diamond and Pearl ; we mean the same-style and feature contests we all know and love in the original Ruby,Sapphire and Emerald games. Are there differences between the two games? The largest difference is obviously whether someone...

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Skyrim Setrace Full List

Skyrim Setrace Full List

Here is a list of the different races available in skyrim when using the consul command "player.setrace [race]" or for other charachters "setrace id [race]". It can be fun to walk around as different animals or be a permanent werewolf. • alduinrace• argonianrace• argonianracevampire• atronachflamerace• atronachfrostrace• atronachstormrace• bearblackrace• bearbrownrace• bearsnowrace• bretonrace• bretonracechild• bretonracechildvampire• bretonracevampire• C00giantoutsidewhiterunrace• C06wolfspiritrace• carthorserace• chaurusrace• chaurusreaperrace• chickenrace• cowrace• DA03barbasdograce• DA13afflictedrace• darkelfrace• darkelfracevampire• deerrace• defaultrace• dogcompanionrace• dograce• dragonpriestrace• dragonrace• draugrmagicrace• draugrrace• dremorarace• dunmiddenemptyrace• dwarvencenturionrace• dwarvensphererace• dwarvenspiderrace• elderrace• elderracevampire• elkrace• falmerrace• foxrace• frostbitespiderrace• frostbitespiderracegiant• frostbitespiderracelarge• giantrace• goatdomesticsrace• goatrace• hagravenrace• harerace• highelfrace• highelfracevampire• horkerrace• horserace• icewraithrace• imperialrace• imperialracechild• imperialracevampire• invisiblerace• khajiitrace• khajiitracevampire• magicanomalyrace• mammothrace• manakinrace• MG07dograce• mudcrabrace• nordrace• nordraceastrid• nordracechild• nordracevampire• orcrace• orcracevampire• redguardrace• redguardracechild• rigidskeletonrace• sabrecatrace• sabrecatsnowyrace• skeeverrace• skeeverwhiterace• skeletonnecropriestrace• skeletonnecrorace• skeletonrace• slaughterfishrace• sprigganmatronrace• sprigganrace• sprigganswarmrace• swarmrace• trollfrostrace• trollrace• undeaddragonrace• werewolfbeastrace• whitestagrace• wisprace• wispshaderace• witchlightrace• wolfrace• woodelfrace• woodelfracevampire Yes, you can become an animal or a dragon ; however your...

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How to get free zp in crossfire

How to get free zp in crossfire

Crossfire is a cross-platform pc game created in the early 2000's by a group of people that decided it would be their "college project". Well, as of today, it has some 20 million registered users. You can check it out right here:, the issue with this game (according to the community) is that more often than not, people are asked to present zp or z8 points to buy in-game merchandise. In fact, you players end up wasting real money on a lottery when spinning crates to receive permanent zp merchandise (which is rarely won). So, as a follow up to the unfairity of this, we discovered a way for you to not only get free zp, but also in-game ribbons without using money out of your own pocket. Ok, so first, click here. After you have clicked on the "click here" link, and have went to the website, type in...

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