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Getting your first on line website or or e selling business or even retail business can be a huge hassle. Perhaps the most painful part about the entire thing is if your working alone, or just starting out , you can have the best website or products in the world , but nobody will ever know about you. Furthermore, ad campaigns take forever and usually are a "lose now gain later" type of thing. But there are cheaper alternatives, not everyone can afford a 30 second commercial running at 40,000$(us)+  , imagine running 10 haha. Anyways, we do have a simpler solution that will still spread and propagate your "word of mouth"  advertising campaign, and yes it's so simple anyone can do it. Its literally just giving out business cards, pens brochures and maybe getting a lawn sign or two to get people to check your stuff out. I have personally tried many places including office max, staples and even some other "professional printing" firms. All of these run the price of around 100 business cards at about 30-40$ (US). They also don't really do much of anything else, It's hard to get yourself some nice looking pens, car magnets and all the other goodies people would look at and immediately decide to check your website or stuff out.  Then I found VistaPrint. So, surprisingly this company will give you 500 regular business cards for only 10$, you heard it right folks, 10$! Thats 40$ cheaper than office max and staples. The best part is, these are professional quality business cards, nothing is left to chance, and it will certainly give your business more credibility. They also do imprinted cards, which have those fancy textures for only 5$ extra. again I cant stress enough how much cheaper this is than the average printing shop. They also do bulletin boards, pens, car magnets, flags and oh goodness, even custom baseball caps and sweaters. They even do custom teddy bears for around 10$ a piece. The trick here is what the world refers to as "word of the mouth" campaigns. This occurs when one person takes you card, pen teddy bear etc etc and finds your website business or anything else, then they tell a friend , that friend finds it and maybe tells another, that one tells another, the fourth tells some of his/her good buddies that also needs your product/service ,and eventually, we have a spiderweb of people interested in your products/services. You can try anything, from car magnets to lawn signs to get "passive onlookers" interested. Just sign up, its free to sign up, and custom make your merchandise either from your personal photoshop/computer-made uploaded designs , or the thousands of pre-made designs that you can use simply by typing in your information. Check out VistaPrint today! They will even make you a business website!

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Olympic gold medals top 5 countries as of 08/01/20...
Indian power outage leaves 600 million powerless.

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