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28 January 2013
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The boy scouts of North America have proposed today that "perhaps it is time to lift the restriction on homosexuals in the boy scouts" -this includes members and leaders-. Many would argue that this i...
09 July 2013
The world is indeed moving into the future. Now, wee have something much stronger than a hybrid : a fully electric sedan. Heck, these things can go 0-60 in 5.3 seconds (better than some v8's).We of co...
19 December 2012
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It has come to my attention that squirrels are op(overpowered). I think that due to their absolute invulnerability to everything around them, they deserve to be nerfed. Just the other day, a squirrels...
01 October 2012
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Accordingly, a man that lived in Wisconsin just came back from active service duty in Afghanistan. He was shot by an enemy sniper, with some sort of unknown round, the round did not penetrate, and the...
03 April 2013
Cyathocalyx is a relatively new aged-plant that has been discovered in the jungles of Borneo, south Asia. The plant is characteristically easy to identify because each leaf has exactly 6 wedges being ...

Holy shit chapo guzman is still alive!

Chapo Guzman Chapo Guzman

The infamous drug lord "el chapo" guzman , yes the guy that had like one thousand shows on his cocaine trafficking operation is still alive. Although reported dead years ago, he did not die.

No , no, el chapo went on to move to Guatemala , leaving a look alike behind, as a sacrificial lamb.  looks like the name Chapo Guzman will be back in the news for a while now, he is responsible for so much carnage between his drug cartel and that of the now dead Ramon Arellano Félix.

We don't know how to react to this. Maybe we can capture him alive and slap him around. You know, with a meat? Ah yes, anyways, shocking news story, yes, very shocking, yes yes, indeed...

Should you be shocked? Well unless you live in Mexico , no , chapo guzman has no beef with you, but all those living in Mexico, especially Tijuana , may god have mercy on your souls.

Maybe one day someone will ACTUALLY capture chapo guzman, yes maybe someday, yes maybe maybe...
Why does the American school system suck so bad?
FBI to murder the scooter store

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