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Is throwing trash in volcanoes a viable solution to a massive problem?


Trash has always been an issue within our developing world. Trash tends to accumulate rather fast, faster than we can manage to destroy it (it would appear). So, a few days ago a friend of mine brought up the idea of how anything that hits molten volcanic magma is instantly vaporized (chemically altered in sulfur combustion) , including plastics. Anything that isn't completely destroyed chemically would end up becoming rock after it re-hardened (anything in a dump will likely at least melt).

Scientifically, yes, this would be a wonderful and possibly the only solution to our problem (other than sending it all into space). Chemically, even radioactive supplies could possibly become harmless sulfurous compounds in seconds.

Regardless of how brilliant the idea sounds, it is probably impractical to melt our garbage in anything other than the magma pool in the actual volcano since moten magma is basically as dense as rocks (our crap simply would not sink into it). The issue with that would arise with our inability to place trash vertically into a volcano. You see , as the volcano erupts, more gas than anything is spewed upwards, making it impossible for our only vertically flying vehicles (helicopters) to position themselves properly.

Likewise, our most powerful helicopters ever built (the Russian made "Cow" super-heavy helicopter) is far from capable of actually carrying more than a few tons of garbage at any given time.

Combine logistic issues with the rarity of volcanoes (as most erupt under-water) and the dangers of going near a volcano (death lol) , this possible idea is far from practical. Yes, one day we may have machines that can crack the ground open , and we can begin to pollute the earth's core, but we are far from that solution for now.
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