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07 August 2012
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North Korea has experienced an extreme flooding recently , which has resulted in loss of crops, housing units and personal belongings of many of It's inhabitants. Luckily, only 400 have gone missing, ...
08 August 2012
2012 Olympic Summer Games London
Nick Delpopolo was expelled from the Olympic summer games after traces of  marijuana where found in his stool and urine.Delpopo claimed that he was given "bong brownies" prior to the game and therefor...
22 November 2012
In 1933, following the collapse of the great imperial and royal Austria-Hungarian empire, the world was a changed place, especially Hungary. Hungary had become a paradox of a country, as it was not al...
22 May 2013
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Early today two Islamic radical militants, residing in the U.K. , attacked and killed a British soldier with a meat cleaver. While screaming filthy blasphemy in their native tongues, they "chopped the...
05 June 2013
Amazon , the one company that has a reputation for "quality"-- and of course the smiley faces on the packaging boxes , has decided to move to a new niche : on line food distribution.Because amazon alr...

New Orleans mothersday shooting

Police gather evidence in new orleans shooting Police gather evidence in new Orleans shooting

We have many "reliable" sources pointing to another unexpected surge of violence; this time in New Orleans. Sources state that during a peaceful "Mother's Day" parade, a string of three individuals rushed the crowd, and poured them with lead.

At least  nineteen people were injured. Four suffered "life-threatening" injuries, but don't appear to be in "unstable" circumstances as of this hour. No deaths have occurred as of this moment.

Police indicate that this is most likely common "street crime" , probably over money. Not that it really matters, this is appalling.

Under these circumstances just remember , future tragedies will occur, and panic or action against anything other than the perpetrators is improper.

Likewise , the situation of "gun control" should not come up , because remember , even police offers pull guns on innocent people.
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