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Setting pepsi on fire

Do you want to dazzle your friends? How about making yourself look like some sort of pro alchemist? Well, there is an easy step by step guide on how to do this. Lets start at the basics.

Pepsi is much more acidic than cola or any soda known to man, it is all carbonic acid, drinking it too much can cause your enamel to crumble, leaving you with sensitive teeth, kind of like a bolemic person that keeps puking, eroding their enamel slowly.

So now let us gather some crucial ingredients.

#1) A bottle of pepsi, a can, anything that contains pepsi, please feel free to use anything as long as it is regular PEPSI

Pepsi Pepsi

Now, you can't simply take a lighter and catch it on fire, no,no that won't work at all. Instead, back in the day there use to be a brand of candy called a "necco wafer". We only recently heard of this item, and naturally we got some.

Yes, feel free to buy some off amazon, they are rare these days.


Now what we want to do is simply take one necco wafer, and drop it in a glass of pepsi, then , take out your lighter, and light it up. This will only last about 30 seconds, so do it VERY quickly. Feel free to comment below on how it worked for you!
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Woman found cut in half
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