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Attention Cthulhu Fans: Beta Tester Needed

Attention Cthulhu Fans: Beta Tester Needed

The Cthulhu Portal opened last week. It is still in its beta stages, but, we need people who can act as beta testers and bug-reporters. Beta testers may be given special privileges or commission for input and for growing the community. You can read more about the Cthulhu portal in our opening statement here

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Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II

Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II

June 2, 2012 will mark 60th year of the crowned sovereign of the English empire (pseudo). We commend the queen on a brazen 60 years of awesomeness! May god be with her for another 60! :D We implore you all to take the day to celebrate her highness! And we wish all of our audience a happy Diamond Jubilee! :D

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Nigerian Piracy Problem Escalates

Nigerian Piracy Problem Escalates

Attacks by pirates in the east African portion of the Atlantic Ocean have escalated. The aim of the Nigerian pirates as opposed to Somali and south Asian pirates is the seizure of the vessel. The pirates seem to be interested in nothing but the capturing of the ship and kidnapping of the crew with the intent to either kill them or trade them for cash. The European consul of naval safety predicts that unless escorts are sent, the problem will only increase. Please note: these attacks go unreported by the press.

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29-04-2012 Mandeb Straits, Red Sea

29-04-2012 Mandeb Straits, Red Sea

A group of armed men in a compact boat armed with ak47s and RPGs began chasing a Ukrainian oil tanker. The men are reported to have been wearing Islamic headgear. Clearly they intended to attack the ship, but upon seeing men armed with rifles, they fled.

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Win a free car 2012!

This is what 2 lucky winners will receive!   As of 03/20/2012, we are officially announcing a contest! If you like us on twitter here and on Facebook here,you will be automatically entered into a contest to win a brand new Honda civic. The threshold stands as follows:   1/500,000 for facebook   1/100,000 for twitter   Good luck everyone and know this: the spinner we are going to be using is not bias in the least (The Destiny Spinner)! Anyone entering with multiple accounts will be removed from the contest. We wish you all the best of luck! Also note: you will be able to choose the colour of your new civic. Nothing is set in stone. The contest ends when we reach the thresholds!   The social links can also be found if you look above ^  

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The best gaming laptops of 2012!

We will be the first people this year to give you the lowdown of the greatest gaming laptops of the year! We have rigorously tested three primary creators for this trial. We have excluded asus after confirming hardware failure in their "republic of gamers" laptops. Out of the remaining three, we found dell and toshiba both shone in the department of gaming laptops! So, we decided to numerically put down the three best laptops so you know what to expect! #3) Toshiba Qosmio X775-Q7384 17.3-Inch Gaming Laptop The Toshiba Qosmio series is absolutely amazing. Here, we were actually very surprised at the fact that something with an nvidia dual hybrid 1.5gb graphics card (capable of adding more memory to the gpu through the ram [up to 6 gigs]) cost so little. The pricetag is significantly under 2000$, in fact if you order it from the link below ^, you will save...

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