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Fix your xbox 360 fast!

Why the hell would you waste 139$ to refurbish your xbox when you can fix it yourself for less than 20$?I am about to give you a lesson in common sense! Did you know that when you ship your xbox360 to microsoft to get it "fixed" they actually send you a refurbished xbox360 that some other person (like yourself) has sent in and they have "repaired". Now tell me, is that worth 139$? You're basically buying a defective pos that costs 1/2 the price of a brand new one. Refurbished does not mean it sucks, it just means it had problems before- heck this one might be perfect for all I know! Anyways, would you like to know a little secret ? You can actually "refurbish" your xbox360 yourself, quickly and accurately! Whats the best part about doing it yourself? ITS FREE! In fact the red ring of death and other such tomfoolery...
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