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Schoolboy held captive in underground bunker for third day

A kindergartener was allegedly snatched from a school bus by a deranged man, and subsequently confined in a deep underground bunker.The man holding him captive, although we don't have the name disclosed. was suppose to show up to court for attempted manslaughter on his neighbor over small 4x4 foot piece of property.Instead of heading to court, this man found a school-bus, shot the driver (66 year old Charles Poland) , and abducted a child , sending him to his underground layer.We also know that the child suffers from some illness that requires him to take medication daily, if he fails to do so, he might die. Bus driver Charles Poland, 66 RIP*Update*The man is confirmed to bee Jimmy Lee Dykes, a retired truck driver and Vietnam Vet. Police suspect he might be suffering from paranoid delusions, and his bunker indicates he may be a "doomsday prepper" , like that show on...
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