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How to get free zp in crossfire

How to get free zp in crossfire
Crossfire is a cross-platform pc game created in the early 2000's by a group of people that decided it would be their "college project". Well, as of today, it has some 20 million registered users. You can check it out right here:, the issue with this game (according to the community) is that more often than not, people are asked to present zp or z8 points to buy in-game merchandise. In fact, you players end up wasting real money on a lottery when spinning crates to receive permanent zp merchandise (which is rarely won). So, as a follow up to the unfairity of this, we discovered a way for you to not only get free zp, but also in-game ribbons without using money out of your own pocket. Ok, so first, click here. After you have clicked on the "click here" link, and have went to the website, type in...
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