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I was abducted by aliens , where can I get the probes removed?

I was abducted by aliens? They placed probes and pieces of metal in my brain, liver, kidneys and spine! What can I do now!? We remove everything they put in! Many people begin to feel helpless after an alien abduction. All hopes of a normal life, existence or having children suddenly disappear. The worst part of it all is that nobody believes you, right? You may be asking yourself "where can I go?" "are there people that can help me?" "where the f^&$$ do I go to get all the implants removed?" . Well, The Order Of The Iron Phoenix has partnered with psychologists, numerologists, general practitioners and chemists to bring you the very best in alien probe removal and moral support! We will personally help you cope through comprehensive "man to man" talk, psychological testing and evaluation (we wont make you eat anything, you're not insane, people get abducted by...
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