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Paranormal Radio Host Kidnapped By Aliens

Paranormal Radio Host Kidnapped By Aliens
68 year old paranormal radio host Art Bell has mysteriously disappeared after only a few weeks of hosting his show on paranormal activities, conspiracy theories and aliens.The 68 year old radio host apparently had a following of over one million people who are now pretty certain that his disappearance was, in part, due to unexplained circumstances. Quite possible, we can conclude that aliens might have had a hand in the kidnapping of someone that had “too much knowledge”.Although it is unlikely that he will not reappear in time, Bell has not been heard from for well over a week now. Is this the first undeniable case of alien abduction? Is Bell being silenced by something else? And why can’t the press get into contact with Bell? We will add additional information to his developing case as it progresses.
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