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The Addax is an odd antelope like animal with twisted horns. It is often referred to as the "screwhorn" due to it's large wine cork remover-like horns.The Addax is native to only small portions of Africa, it is currently in grave danger of extinction , and human settlement of it's feeding grounds are not helping to resolve the  problem at hand.Addax, much like elephants differ from most mammals because they live in herds  led by dominant females, rather than males. Usually the balance of males and females in a herd is even. Unlike antelope in general, all females and males breed, not just submissive males with the dominant female.If you ever confronted an Addax, and you kicked it in the face, it would impale you right through the chest with it's 3 1/2 British foot horns, so it is highly advisable never to kick, bite or punch an Addax when you...
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