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Boston Bombers Identified

The perpetrator of the Boston marathon bombing has been identified! After only two days, two men identified as Chechen youthes attending Boston University have been positively identified as the killers. Chechnan Boys Bomb Boston Early this morning , one of them killed himself with a suicide bomb strike when the two men got into a gunfight with two police. Both police officers were killed , but one of the Chechen terrorists managed to escape,  apparently seeking refuge in the city of Watertown, a few miles south of Boston. And what are their intentions? Well, for now you need to just understand, and hopefully educate those around you , that these men are not Russian. These men are a racial minority that exists on the Russian border with Georgia, the people that inhabit it are Muslim. They have for over 200 years waged war with their Russian occupants, and every time ,...
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