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PanzerkampfwagenVIII Maus

Upon initially discovering the project codenamed "Maus", we where naturally fascinated. We had heard of the Germans creating ufos, super submarines, jets, and even land battle ships, but never had we heard of the mobile bunker. And so we decided to share with you the intriguing research that we have spawned. Well, first of all the Maus, contrary to It's name, is not a small tank by any means, In fact, its far larger than any tank we would deploy today (for obvious reasons). So, as opposed to to the average tank of world war II, this thing could simply run over anything anyone had and just keep driving, and mounting a 128mm kwk 44 L/55 naval gun, it could blow anything to smithereens. A British reconstruction of a MAUS super-Heavy Tank Furthermore we want to stress the size of this thing because it was MASSIVE! Just imagine anything you may...
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