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Are Associates Degrees Worth Anything?

Are Associates Degrees Worth Anything?
You might have recently finished an associates program because it was “the cheapest option”. Now you have been seeking jobs for some time and it finally hits you: your degree is completely worthless!Speaking as someone that decided to do just that , my six months of searching for jobs have yielded only high school level positions with nothing paying more than 30,000 / year (in f$%^ing business for god’s sake). And here we were thinking that maybe that filthy college degree that you finished while working full-time would be worth more than a high school diploma. Well you were wrong! – as was I.The associates is actually completely overlooked by hiring managers that post jobs looking for someone with “a college degree”. The general idea is that associate level courses are easy and anything important is entirely overlooked.As an example, I recently applied for [censored]. I went to an interview totally...
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