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The World's Largest Tree

The world's largest tree isn't a redwood in the forests of North America. No, No, it's actually a cashew tree is located in Natal, Brazil. It is , surprisingly a cashew tree.If you look at this thing from an areal view, it's pretty boring. In fact, it looks like a bunch of trees , bundled together into a small "forest" like structure.This however is just one tree. Largest Tree in the worldIf you don't believe us, why don't you check out some images of the tree from below. This will give you a "more clear" image of what your eyes are saying is "many trees closely bundled together". Largest Tree in the world below to above viewThe tree covers over 7,500 square meters --roughly the size of about four football fields. The tree is around 500 years old, and the locals call it "Maior Cajueiro do Mondo" which means "the largest...
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