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Contest for a free car continues

We are still awaiting that surge of people that will follow us on facebook and twitter (links to your bottom right) in order to win a free car ! As we stated, in the closing of 2013, we added a few small time prizes of a free car along with microsoft points . So, right now we are reminding you, along with sharing a change in the prize , unless you want a civic. We are announcing that the prize will be changed to a 2013 Honda Accord V6 ,heated leather, sunroof , chrome limited time wheel rims, a sports package rear tail spoiler, wood-trim with chrome lining  , and quite possibly we might install xenon headlights. Also note that it does have on-board navigation, which is pretty standard today, bluetooth synchronization, and like the 2012 civic , an ipod charger in the armrest/ center console. We hope that you join...
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