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Five Ninja Cats

 All cats are secret ninjas, or so we are told. Here are some blatant examples of ninja cats: ninjacat 1This ninja Cat has mastered the technique of climbing up walls, probably to attack anyone that exits this house, like a house maus. ninjacat 2This next cat takes all of our breaths aways, as it swings to throw in a roundhouse kick against the enemy cat -probably a shinobi cat-. ninjacat 3And you thought that the littergenie cat could only rap and dress in racy jewelry? Think again! The littergenie cat is also a ninja! NinjaCat 4Do you god honestly think you have what it takes to fight a ninja cat? Well think again, this cat does a little bit more than just "dance". ninjacat 5Not ninja enough you say? Can you god honestly say that now? I didn't think so! This cat is the ultimate ninja cat , hands down he's...
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