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When you should switch from shared hosting to vps hosting , and where to get the cheapest (high quality) vps hosting!

We all now that when your website expands it's capabilities, you begin to grow your presence. More often than not, you might realize that shared hosts don't allow you to upload functional extensions like ffmpeg and flv2 tools, along with imagemagick (for online editing and meme generators). This is motivation enough to switch to something where you have more control over matters. vps serverAnother issue might be disk space , there are ffmpeg hosts that offer "shared hosting solutions" , but you will quickly run out of those tiny 5 GB they allocate you. Not to mention you still have less than half a gigabyte of burst RAM at any given moment. Going past this will automatically suspend your account for a few seconds , causing (your conversion maybe) your work to go down the drain.You might also simply have a blog or something that is getting tons of traffic, this...
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