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12 Hospitalized, One Dead Following Mass-Fentanyl Overdose

Fentanyl Overdose Leaves 12 Hospitalized 1 Dead Fentanyl Overdose Leaves 12 Hospitalized 1 Dead

 A recent report coming in from Chico, California indicated that a massive overdose of individuals using Fentanyl was reported. The report stated...

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UN,Russia and China begin mobilization into Syria

UN,Russia and China begin mobilization into Syria

It might sound utterly absurd, but early today, a Russian cargo ship arrived in Syria carrying troops and weapons. We can’t say for sure what they intend to do there other than safeguard their major seaport. Furthermore, China is refusing pleas by the UN to come in and sort out the chaos. As people that are only speculating, it looks like a repeat of Vietnam-Iraq and Afghanistan -Syria. Tensions are certainly on the rise, despite lack of coverage by our news broadcasters, there is an uneasy feeling throughout the world, an eerie gathering tempest is just mobilizing to erupt in a violent storm of fire.

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Mysterious yellow fog covers Wuhan , China

Mysterious yellow fog covers Wuhan , China

Early this morning, the three million residents of Wahun, China arose to a grizzly site: the entire city had been engulfed in a yellow fog cloud. As people flee the city, young and old are asked to wear gas-masks and stay inside ventilated units. Chinese officials claim that the cloud was caused by farmers burning wheat (ha, because we have totally seen that happen). External references are pointing to a potential chemical plant melt-down. Anyways here is a video of the horrendous site: We have reason to believe that this might be a chemical explosion near the city.China has politely asked us to stop talking about this matter. Dearest apologies, we respect china and hope they can deal with this in a professional matter.

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